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March 27, 2001
Mike you are the man. I love your work. MY brother and i watch Eddie and the Cruisers about 1000 times when we were kid. every Saturday morning that was the first thing we did out parents hide the tape form us finally. but we ended up buying a new copy. I have seen most of your movies that are at our local video store. Never seen streets of fire. but as soon as it comes out on DVD i will rent it for sure. good luck you are as good our better than most actors in the main stream and i have been waiting to see you break through for along time. hopefully it happens soon. God Bless you and your family.

Michael K. McCoy Seattle Wa.

March 27, 2001
The other day i saw that they virgin suicides was on cable. But trying to get my friends to record it,looks bad. So i called up Hollywood Video to see if it was renting also. It was, but none would probably be for sale. Then i checked my horoscope, just for fun. It said "Consumer luck,be the envy of you friends" so i thought "I'll test this" and called the Hollywood listed, which was farther away. They had just gotten theirs to sell that day! I had her reserve me a copy. (yay!)

Much Love,

Suzanne Boyajian

March 27, 2001
dear Michael.i love you. I love your movies eddie and cruisers 1 and 2. part 2 is my fav. i watch it all the time. i just love it. i got my pc and i downloaded all of the songs you did in the movies. i think you are so sweet and cute. i have always wanted to let you know how much i enjoyed the cruisers so now i can thanks


March 25, 2001
It's Oscar night! I hope to see you there some time in the near future, Michael!

Clerance Dream

March 25, 2001
michael, i was a little girl when i first saw "streets of fire" ha ha-and i think i developed puppy love-then i was at blockbuster a couple of days back and i saw the "streets of fire" box-i had to rent it. I remembered how much i liked the film when i was a younger girl. i saw it and oh my-when they show that first shot of you on the subway-i realized you were the first actor to make me stop. my oh my..that puppy love went into overdrive when i saw you..i didn't realize how hot you were...by the way ..you were great in that film and i saw you and recognized your voice in hope floats.....to the hottest actor i have ever seen (especially in "SOF") wow


March 24, 2001
I can't stop watching STREETS OF FIRE. My video I bought for the first time was worn out and the new one will be gone away soon. It's now a part of my life. I don't just know how attractive your are in that movie. I love all of your movies but your Tom Cody is my special.

Kelly T. Moore

March 24, 2001
I liked on the Fan Cub interview where you mentioned "Light" iron wood furniture and that you'd deliver on Saturdays. That must have been a fun interview to do. (such a cutie!) :o) I also liked on another interview, where you described the elaborate April fools day joke you did on the Eddie 2 set. Sounds like movie making is very enjoyable. Keep up the good work!

I Love you,

Suzanne Boyajian

March 22, 2001
I am very much excited about your coming projects. I believe you are finally walking into the prime of your career again. Go get it!

Selma, Tokyo Japan

March 21, 2001
I'm very happy to can talk with my favorite actor. My favourite movie is Streets of Fire. You are a excellent actor, and the Starhunter series, I'm waiting in Brazil, but the series don't came to here. God bless you!!!

Renato Goncalves de Souza

March 21, 2001
I wish to you a heap of work, sea of love, a lot of money, and a plenty of time to receive a pleasure from all of it. Thank you for... you.


March 21, 2001
Hi My name is Kellie I am 23 years old and I have written to tell U what a great actor you are and congratulations on all your success as I have leukemia I have just written to tell U this as I have wanted to meet U and talk to U for a long Time now my wish has come true.Keep Up the good work.

Love Always

Kellie Scott

March 21, 2001
I'm very happy to can talk with my favourite actor. My best movie is Streets of Fire. I saw 23 times this movie (Tom Cody). Please answer me, i will be a happy man with you write to me. God bless you!!!

Renato Goncalves de Souza

March 14, 2001
Yes, I like your movies. Someday I would like to meet you. You born the same year.


Pam, St. Joseph, Mo

March 11, 2001
Thanks for all the many hours of entertainment. I've been a fan since I was ten years old when Eddie and The Cruisers was first released. I just recently saw Moon 44 and I LOVED IT. I hope to see you in many more projects. Thanks again.

Linda E. LOgan

March 1, 2001
A terrific day of 2001 has started with your special message. I finally catch your true smile together with your message. I can't wait for that day I will see you again on screen. It must be very special to me, oh, yes, to you as well, I hope.

Paula Nouri

March 1, 2001
Hi Michael! Listening to your message, I am so happy not only just because you are so generous in nature but also your career is going up and up. This is really what we wanted. You are very much talented and you deserve it. Keep going up and up to the sky high. Your time is coming!

Grace, Tokyo

February 28, 2001
Dear Michael! Have you ever seen an actress called Krista Allen? She is a Bay Watch babe. She was in Emmannuelle First Honor & Raven w/Burt Reynolds. She's beautiful & sensual, and of all the leading ladies I've seen you with; I'd give a month's salary to see you two teamed up together in a movie on screen or even a video. You two would be fantastic together. I just bought "Men of Means" video - loved it! Also 4 more Starhunter episodes and Deja View music video. Can't wait! Love & hugs to you & family.

Ciao Baby,

Gloria Zig, Milw., WI.

February 27, 2001
First I couldn't believe it. Then gradually I came down to the earth - A wonderful message from you! Your velvet voice with that sweet tone. Then, the news is GREAT! It's your new start. I feel like I'm in seventh heaven.

Gillian A. Wryth

February 19, 2001
Dear Michael. I was now already longer no longer here. But you tighten one nevertheless more strongly, and therefore I visit you, at least also again and again here virtually; -) I hope that you have also once a time-out, in which you from the whole Business to recover can. If not then wuehsce I it you very much. I announce myself soon again here and require to you up to then all love and until soon.

Greetings and more for you

February 18, 2001
I'm only 15 years but my favorite is "ISN'T LIFE STRANGE" (The Moody Blues). And I can see what it says. The song overlaps the image Michael gives me. The two, Michael and the song, are so beautiful that I almost cry. Sweet tears and the extreme beauty go together, which may be light and shadow. I love you, Michael, for your very gifted talent.

Charlotte, Montreal

February 18, 2001
Yes, Madonna, I love that son because of such a sweet melody and such sweet words as if they are just for me, "Wish I could be in your eyes". Keep on going, Michael, you are such a precious thing in my life.

Susan Del Rio

February 17, 2001
Dear Michael I saw an interview where you said that Eddie had gone on vacation in Europe and all that. You are so funny. I like to collect all the movies you have made things people have said about you and things you have said. You seem to be such a sweet person and I hope life is treating you well. I Can hardly wait to see Starhunter!

Much love,

Suzanne Boyajian

February 15, 2001
 Dear Michael, Happy Valentines Day!!!I just love you and your work so much!! My all time favorite movie is "Streets of Fire". I even went out and got the Eddie & The Cruisers soundtrack so i can picture you singing while i drive!! Take Care & May you be blessed where ever you are!!


February 15, 2001
 Luv, ALI.

Alica Talone

February 14, 2001
 Happy Valentine's Day. You have been the only one for me in my heart!


February 14, 2001
 I wish I could be in your eyes as Moody Blues sings. Happy, happy valentine, dearest Michael!


February 10, 2001
 A Happy Valentine! Have a nice time with your family and god bless you!


February 10, 2001
G'Day Mr. Pare. You wouldn't believe what I received as the BEST Birthday present ever!?... Both EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS soundtracks! I've been playing songs from the soundtracks over and over again and I totally LOVE them! Apart from that, I'd like to say: You have 'real talent' in you, which many people don't have as a gift. But what you have is very precious and I believe that you can do anything and everything! Every time I see your face or hear your name, I'm filled with happiness and delight, which makes me smile. You are a special friend and even though I've never met you, you bring joy to fans who like you as much as I do. I wish you all the best in 2001 and in the future.Take Care and Keep Smiling.

With Love.

Sara Geremia, Australia

February 10, 2001
I became your fan ever since I saw "Streets Of Fire" a long time ago.I want to meet you. Please come to Japan, again.

With Love.

From Tomoko

February 8, 2001
 Hi Mr Pare, I don't really know the meaning of valentine's day, but I hope you and your family have a good day. TAKE CARE.


February 6, 2001
Michael: I have always loved your work and think you have a tremendous amount of talent, presence, and as important, you pick quality films. I have always thought you were one of the few remaining gifted actors, who are in the business for the art, not the commercialism. Too bad Hollywood doesn't focus on this first. I'm glad you maintain your artistic integrity. When I was an English major at UCLA, in the gifted writers program, I wrote a story in your honor, which received professional kudos from industry professionals. I'd like to send this to you if you let me know where you will receive it.

Robin Feje (Another LIBRA like yourself)
To Robin's lovely poem- Assistant to website concierge

February 4, 2001
Dear Michael, Keep up the good work - I enjoy your films and have quite a few in my video library. Best wishes and good luck with your acting in 2001.

Jill, Australia

February 4, 2001
In these ten years I watched so many movies. In spite I could not find any other actor. I just realized again you are one and only actor for me. I look forward to your next work desperately 'cause I was told it's a great story.

Love, always

The script you mentioned is just wonderful! - Assistant to website concierge

February 3, 2001
Dear Michael, I just finished watching eddie and the cruisers 1 and 2 for the 5th time this week, you are so hot and sexy. I love all of your movies and I am going to try and start looking for some of them that are listed here on your site. i would love to be in your fan club, but don't know how to join it on line. If you happened to see this message, please send me some information.Hope to see you in more movies and hollywood takes notice of you soon. Did you really play the guitar in EDDIE movies? God you are definitely hot for a tough looking guy.

Love Wanda in Ga.

February 1, 2001
To the greatest actor in the world Mr. Michael Pare, The first time I saw you act in one of your excellent movies was "Eddie and the Cruisers". Other than falling in love with you, I even cried when my parents had to take it back to the video store! (I was only ten) But then I realized as I got older you were a lot more other fantastic films! I have seen most of your films and usually hire them a fifth time because they are SO well done! You make your character so real and I would like to say "CONGRATULATIONS ON ALL YOUR EXCELLENT WORK!" You really put a smile to my face every day! :)

Love you always Michael

Belinda Scarpella

January 30, 2001
I had a gorgeous chance to see SANCTIMONY at Cannes 2000. Your acting is terrific! The very impressive first scene, your softly transforming performance in every scene, a good humor and a nice chemistry with your partner and Mr. Roberts, all of your scenes saved the movie. Who-is-the-lead was behind me. I am one of the audience that clapped and cheered at the last scene with your close-up. And I knew by the club interview that you've changed your way since SANCTIMONY. I felt it and verified it was true. You are just great in that movie!

Chang Hanson

January 29, 2001
I have been a devoted fan of yours for about three years now, since I discovered you thru your videos. Since then, I've collected about 35 of your VHS videos. I love them all! To sum it up....it doesn't get any better than MP! I can feel your energy right thru the TV tubes. I sent you a pkg. Jan. 12th thru your Darryl Marshak address. I hope you enjoyed it and enclosed a letter & some photos. I hope it made you laugh.

Love & best wishes to you & family.

Ciao Baby, Gloria Zig, Milw., WI., USA

January 28, 2001
Dear Michael, Thank-you for your talent and the many movies i have enjoyed watching! I think you are a very gifted actor, not to mention the fact that my heart goes fluttering when I watch your movies. Sunset Heat, you are truly hot hot hot there not to mention that chest! God bless you and I plan on my movies collection with you in them to grow bigger over the years to come. You truly make the bad boys look great. I hope if i ever got kidnapped by some gang that it would be you coming to safe me. Thank you Michael.

Susan Birkeland

January 28, 2001
I have been a fan for a very long time. My all time favorite movie is Philadelphia Experiment. I also love Streets of Fire and both Eddie movies. I can't wait for your next movie. I hope that you are doing great and having a great year.

Your fan forever


January 28, 2001
Hi Michael, Your recent roles are a bit different from those you started but you still keep your unique and original atmosphere. It's very special to me. It's a kind of spice and flavor that render your roles very original. I hope you will get the very role you want. Personally I wanted you to do The Gladiator.


January 27, 2001
G'Day, Mr. Pare. I recently rented 'Eddie and The Cruisers 2 Eddie Lives!' and I LOVE THAT MOVIE! I watched it over and over again about 7 times in total! I love the way you sing and especially the way you play the Guitar! I loved both characters; Joe West and Eddie Wilson. I hope to see you in more movies which involve Music-especially Rock 'n' Roll!! All the Best in 2001 and Keep up the great work, your doing Magnificent! Take Care.
Sara, Australia

January 20, 2001
I've been a huge fan of yours since I was 13 when my brother and I went to the movies and saw The Philadelphia Experiment, I've only seen a few of your movies, as not everything gets released down here (Australia). Keep up the good work, I won't ever get tired of watching your movies.

January 20, 2001
I love all of your movies just because you are in. Of course, I love two Eddies but Sworn Enemies is my recent favorite. Your atmosphere no other actor ever has desperately attracts me. You need just one hit to attract media attention. Until then I keep supporting your career.


January 18, 2001
Hello Michael! I just wanted to let you know that you have spectacular talent. I know my opinion doesn't mean much but it is the truth. My two favorites of you are Eddie and the Cruisers and Streets of Fire. I watch them over and over again. I hope that one day I will be able to meet you. Hopefully my modeling and singing career will go where I want it to so I can. Until then I would just like to tell you again how spectacular your talent is and how absolutely gorgeous you are. God Bless!
Much Love!

Danyelle Bragwell

January 17, 2001
I just wanted to say that I have admired you for a long time and wish I could see you in more films,I think you have a wonderful gift that is very rare ,looking forward to seeing more of you in the future.(I fell in love with you in Eddie and the Cruisers)

January 17, 2001
Hi, Michael! I felt quite the same as Kalleigh said. Why Hollywood has not paid more attention to you! It's a big mystery I feel the same way as everyone points out. You really have a gift and the gift is so rare. I am definitely sure of my feeling. I have been watching many many films for more than 60 years. You have a style as an actor. Someday I would love to hear your Academy speech.

January 15, 2001
Hola. The next minute I'm going to be your motivational speaker and tell you how great of an actor you really are. Why you haven't won the big award is still a mystery to all of your fans. I have hope in your achievements. Good luck and break a leg!! P.S. Your Bad Moon performance was A++.

January 13, 2001
Hi, I'm from Korea. I watched Solar Force by chance on a cable and fell in love with you last December. Every day I am watching your past works since then. I finally reached this official site via many other unofficial sites. This is the best! I am now resting on your official site.
Much love,


January 12, 2001
Hi..Mr Pare, I am a fan of you..and I am from Turkey..I keep watching you from Turkey..I hope you will sign more of films in the future...

with respect...

Baris Cevikcan

January 12, 2001
I am confident I am #1 fan in the world. You are so talented, so attractive. My dream is to watch your Oscar speech, which must be touching. Until then I keep my eye on you.

R.G.Philip, Rome

January 11, 2001
I am a great fan of yours. The first movie I saw you in was Streets of Fire. I think you have the most wonderful eyes, a person could get lost in them,they have such sparkle.I think you have great talent and should be in major roles. I enjoy watching you.What movie was your favorite to make?I hope your career keeps moving forward and I hope you have many great years professionally and personally. I will keep watching.

Janice M. Parson

January 11, 2001
G'Day Mr Pare, It's a shame that America is on the other side of the world from 'Down Under' because I was hoping that one day I could meet you, but I guess the only way I'd ever be able to met you is watching you on T.V! But, I'm not worrying because I can rent a movie you've made, watch it, and say "WOW, wasn't that great!" You are my 'Favourite Number One' Actor, and I wish you All The Very Best in 2001 and Keep Up The Magnificent Work and Good Luck now and in the future!


January 10, 2001
hello, Mr. Pare. what is your birth date? I'm curious about your natal chart and your age. What project are you working on? It is a beautiful moon tonight, and it was last night. Just wondering if you saw the eclipse today.



January 2, 2001
Hi I'm Justin from Bedford in Westchester County, NY and I'm a huge fan as you know from my christmas greeting. I'm planning on auditioning for my school play "The Crucible" and I'm a bit nervous but that's how I am for auditions. You're my idol and I like the way you act parts. I would love to meet you someday. Since you're my idol, it would be a dream to meet you. I wish u the best of luck Michael and you're doing a great job.

Take care.

Your Fan, Justin

January 1, 2001
I have watched again all of your films released in the 90's. And I believe that you deserve to be more paid media attention because of your excellent performance. If you play the roles of hit movies,they will be much better. You have that power to make them better. I truly hope that someone with a good eye finds you again.

Your big fan Cathy, England