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Dear Michael,
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Nov. 5, 1999
Hi Michael,
Just wanted to say I've been a big fan of yours for years since Eddie and the Cruisers and The Philadelphia Experiment. Keep making movies and have a good day.

Jeri Unselt

Oct. 29, 1999
You are one of my favorite actors because you put so much enthusiasm and commitment into every role you play - that's what makes your movies so enjoyable to watch, the characters you create in each performance are so real and believable. I first saw you in World Gone Wild (still my favorite of your films). My other favorites are Philadelphia Story, Eddie and the Cruisers, Sunset Heat, and Streets of Fire. I look forward to all your future work!! PS How did you get so lucky as to work with Adam Ant (my favorite musician) twice?

Lisa Diedrich

October 24, 1999
I love your EDDIEs and STREETS OF FIRE, of course. But I also love your recent works including BAD MOON, BACK TO EVEN, etc. I am glad you are extending the gift to your next stage. Thank you for giving me a joy of cinema.

October 22, 1999
I hope you had a fun birthday! You seem like such a nice person you really deserve only the best from life. Maybe they'll start showing "The Greatest American Hero" on "Nick at Night" and I can be able to "see" you every day/week or whatever! (How Neat!) I think you're so sweet, dashing etc.(Yow!) Don't forget to stop and smell all the roses!
Forever Yours,
Suzanne Boyajian

October 21, 1999
Ever since first viewing Streets of Fire you've been one of my favorite actors. I wish you much success with your career. May the "once in a lifetime" script appear with your name on the cover. It's time the world became aware of Michael Pare.

October 17, 1999

October 16, 1999
You are a really good actor. You are talented, kind, friendly, funny, and smart. I have seen some of your movies. You are doing really good work. Keep up the good work.

October 16, 1999
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I've been your fan since STREETS OF FIRE.And I saw BACK TO EVEN.Could you please come to Japan when your next movie coming?
Kyoko Enomoto

October 15, 1999
I am sorry that I'm late to wish you a happy birthday, but I am happy to find this web site and tell you the amazing emotions I have experienced from your acting on screen; never has a man been so good-looking, and able to project, sweetness, vulnerability and feeling on screen like you, except James Dean maybe! forever amazed by you...
Andrea C.

October 13, 1999
To some people it's only October 9th, but to me this day will always be remembered as the birthday of my BEST ACTOR. Happy Birthday, Michael!
Antoni, Venice

October 13, 1999
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MICHAEL! With all my heart I wish you happiness! You're the reason I believe in beauty and talent!

October 12, 1999
May I join the chorus of hearty congratulations on this milestone in your life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Michael!
Clara Steinmann

October 11, 1999
You're the reason I believe in beauty and talent! With all my love, I wish you Happy Birthday!
Snezha Petkova

October 10, 1999
Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! You are our sunshine and moonlight. You are our days and nights. See you soon on screen.
A lot of love
Kuni, Lee and Cathy - Canada

October 9, 1999
Happy Birthday. Feliz Aniversário!!!

Love, Rita - Brazil

October 9, 1999
Happy Belated Birthday, Michael! Love you, love your flicks. I've seen them all but you really make my heart race in EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS!

shasta12 (aka Mary Ann)

October 9, 1999
May the love of God follow you everywhere, Happy Birthday!


October 9, 1999
I hope you remember your photo book produced when you visited Japan in 1984. The club handed it to you. It's me that found the drooling rare item. We know you love to visit "winter" Kyoto - the World Heritage - with your family. Please visit again in the very near future. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!


October 9, 1999


October 9, 1999
May my love fly to you with this message.

Michiko, Japan

October 9, 1999
I wish you love, happiness and sunshine in your heart- and I want to thank you for one of the greatest films I know: STREETS OF FIRE!!!! See you soon in your next movie?!?!

kisses, xxx ANETA

October 9, 1999

Love, Yo-Ho Yoshie, Hanks Setsue and Sunshine

October 9, 1999
On your BIRTHDAY as on every day we are thinking of you with love. A very happy birthday and many more of them to come.

From Japan with love

October 8, 1999

Matsui, ST and Cane

October 8, 1999

Donovan, Gene, Jackie, JJW, Yasunori, K-Ko, Miranda, Luc from Paris, Jean S. from Washington, D.C. and Mark

October 8, 1999
I am studying to be an actor. Again and again I realize that you are a very talented actor. You attracts even a man like me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

YT, Yokosuka

October 8, 1999
Your movie character changed my life happily. When you are on screen, you talk to me with your silent words. It is an extremely rare gift you should be proud of. I thought it was my special ability to hear the words but NOT. Now I know your fans can hear such words. I believe Y2K is your time. Happy Birthday!

Eugene Ando, KC and May now in Heaven

October 8, 1999
We are over fifty. Since we saw your STREETS OF FIRE, we have been talking about your talent for last 15 years. It's just fabulous! Lyricism you put in all of your works proves it. You do this hardest part very naturally that no one else can do. It keeps attracting us so long. One of us, Kate, went down to New York to see your excellent performance in THE BLACK MARBLE SHOE SHINE STAND. We again believe that you are a gifted actor and should be known to be talented. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Love, Kate and The Kellers

October 8, 1999
I'm old enough to be your big sister, so I feel a little foolish adding my words to those of all the young folk here. Still, I do wish you a very happy birthday! You've a rare talent and magnetic appeal combined in a wonderfully attractive package. All you've lacked 'till now, that I can see, is that indefinable thing we call luck, which could have - SHOULD have - made you a major star. So that's what I wish for you beginning tomorrow: luck for a new year, a new decade, a bright and shining future! God bless you!

Chris Austin, TX

October 8, 1999

Kyo, Haruka, Nino, Jinger, Mark, Kei and my newborn boy "Aki"

October 8, 1999

The Motchys, Takae, Emiko, Michiko, Michiyo, Claude, Caroline, Kazuko, Jenny, Linda, JJ, The Nakanos, Clara, Akira & Kusaka

October 8, 1999
Thank you and thank you again for giving me such a joy of life. We always enjoy your movies. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!

Your #1 fan
The Ruchs

October 8, 1999
It is the very moment of joy and happiness to see you on screen. There I can hear a song of silence, I can feel a power to go forward. Now it's the time.

Your loyal fan, always
Yedos Kalos Eidos

October 7, 1999
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! Tanjobi Omedeto Gozaimasu.


October 7, 1999
I have every scene and every word of your movies in mind. "And I shall have some peace there, for peace comes dropping slow..." - William Butler Yeats. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

A lot of love,

October 7, 1999
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I am very proud to be your fan.


October 7, 1999
Happy Birthday To You!!! We now get together in Italy since the last World Soccer Game to celebrate your birthday of this century and wish you a great success for the coming millennium.

Lots of love from Venice
Antonella, Bonito & Hirota

October 7, 1999
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! It's wonderful to see you on the screen. It must be a gift from the whole planet.

Your fan since STREETS OF FIRE,

October 7, 1999

Your loyal fan,
K.Kong, Tokyo

October 7, 1999
"The most beautiful thing is justice, the best one is health, but the pleasant one is to achieve whatever you are looking for!" - Aristoteles
This wisdom - more than 2000 years old - expresses all my wishes for you on this very special day! Happy birthday,


Oct. 1, 1999

Jean-Paul, Paris

Sep. 23, 1999
It's been five years since I received your picture book with your warmest and even long handwritten letter. Today, 100th day of the millennium countdown, I have cleared a so-called 5-year-bar. I am alive! When the book was delivered to me, I could not believe it - Your words gave me an incredible power to live. I just want you to know that I am tasting the joys of life and the happiness of watching you on the screen. Thank you and thank you again.


Sep. 23, 1999
Ooo la la! I watched "Sunset Heat" over again. I love its sense of humor in addition to your excellent presentation. Moreover, you had very good supporting actors. How did you feel when you were with Little Richard? He is great, too.

To my best actor,

Sep. 22, 1999
i maybe a man (or so i thought) but with your eyes, im lost, as to what you could always be in my heart, you have a certain ways of touching things, and giving life to the role you portrays both on and off the screen.
believe my man, you don't know how much, everyone can identify with you the way you handle things, and that's one thing of the so many, that i personally admires in an actor, as a person.

keep it up and more power..

Sep. 22, 1999
Hello, my name is Sativa and I just wanted to thank you for being such a great actor. Personally I liked you in "Eddie & The Cruisers," because of the struggle your character under goes through his story. I am also a "Performing Artist," Everything from choir to plays so I know the feeling. Keep up the good work!!!

Sativa Schroder

Sep. 5, 1999
I don't really believe you'll read this but I share the same feelings that drive crazy your female fans with an exception.I don't love you cos' I've never met you and perhaps the real person has nothing in common with the incredible heroes I adore, but THANK YOU for giving them life and face this is your talent and it's GREAT!
At last...I think your parents should share their secret recipe to get such a handsome son with the rest of the world.

Monique Freire

Sep. 4, 1999
I really liked you on "Eddie and the Cruisers" (the "look" you gave Diana!).I'd seen "The Philadelphia experiment" before,(Good story!), but not noticed you.
I've rented/bought several of your movies, and like "Carvers Gate" the best.I think you should re-release that, but this time in the theaters. (Super stuff!)
I decided to name my cat "Flash" from your pal on the "Merchant of Death" movie.(Because I'm a sincere fan!) Flash is living up to his name.(He sends his "Meow")
Hope you and family are healthy and happy!

Enjoy yourself!
Suzanne B

Aug. 29, 1999
I first saw you in Eddie & the Cruisers, but I fell in lust with you in Streets of Fire & The Philadelphia Experiment. I really loved the Tom Cody character & hope you will work with Walter Hill again. I am an actress & a writer. I am currently writing a screenplay & you have a lot of influence over the leading male character.
You are a wonderful actor & I hope to see your work for many years to come.


Aug. 29, 1999
I was maybe 9 years old when I had first seen you in the movie "Eddie and the Cruisers". I loved that movie, I talked about it often. Just last year while shopping at a local store I came across the video and purchased it. There is not a month that I don't watch it. I didn't know what had happened to you or if you were successful in you career until "Hope floats". My heart fluttered, my child hood crush was on the screen. Just keep up the good work, I am so glad I found you again.


Aug. 27, 1999
This is great, I can write to you. I think you're great, not to mention gorgeous. I loved you in The Philadelphia Experiment, and especially in Eddie and the Cruisers and Eddie and the Cruisers II Eddie Lives. The pictures on the net from Eddie are so small, but I have one on my computer as wallpaper so I can look at you all the time. I just wish the picture I chose was larger. You're a great actor and a real babe! Keep up the good work.


Aug. 24, 1999
I don't know why you attract me like this. It happened when I was watching WORLD GONE WILD. Every move you did was amazingly attractive. I finally find that you are a talented/gifted actor. I am still in love with you on screen. One of my favorites is THE CLOSER. Please keep challenging.


Aug. 24, 1999
Mr.Pare, Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I don't know how to start. We love & adore youuuuuuuuuuuuu We have watched nearly every of your movie when we were young. Well, we ain't old now though, we are twenty six yr's of age but the times when we watched your movies we were in our teens and we saw "Streets of Fire", and "Point of Impact", oh plentyyyyyyyyyyyy. Rite now, we don't believe we are ritin' to you. We love ur'e hair's your ahhhhhhhhhh captivating eyes and olalalalal your mmmmmmmm lips.We love you and wish you all our loving best for all the time to come . Well, we have to much to say, but words don't come easy as we are so excited.


Aug. 24, 1999
It is nice to see you on video, much nicer to see you at theaters. I was so lucky to catch MOON 44 and LUNAR COP at a theater. I loved both very much because you added something very special to these movies. You are the first and only actor I want to keep watching since INSTANT JUSTICE.

Love always,
Claire Argyll

Aug. 23, 1999
Mr.Pare, you are a wonderful actor. Once I saw the movie, Eddie and the Cruisers, I was hooked. Hope to see you in a lot more movies. There is only one word to describe your looks.....HOT!!! OK, enough of that. Just hoping that flattery will get me everywhere.

Donna Bucher

Aug. 22, 1999
I first came to know of Michael from the TV show "Houston Knights." I was a sophomore in high school and would never miss a single episode. I was lucky enough to have salvaged 3 episodes on tape and I know them by heart. I just want to say thanks for being my "teen idol"!


Aug. 22, 1999
Mr. Paré, I am 16 years old and I first saw the Eddie and the Cruisers movies in grade 5. I haven't stopped watching them since. It is really hard to find any of your movies in Australia. But somehow they always seem to turn up when I need to watch them. Thank you. You are brilliant.


Aug. 14, 1999
This may be a bit outdated, but, I love the movie "Into The Sun" It was the first (and only) movie I've seen with you in it. The moment I saw you in that F-16, I fell in love. You are in fact, very sexy. I'd better not say anymore, for I may get in trouble. I just wanted to say, "I Love You."

Heather MacKinnon, CANADA

Aug. 13, 1999
Mr. Pare, I could go on and on about how wonderful you are. But I won't. Instead, I'll just say you have something very special and very unique about you. It must take a lot of courage to be so public, so visible, and I commend you on that bravery. I don't think I could handle it, if it was myself. Good luck with everything and have lots of happiness.

Kim Freels

Aug. 13, 1999
I think you are so handsome. My husband and I love your movies, we have both of the Eddie and the Cruisers 1&2 in fact we just got the second movie back from a friend of ours. Never again are we going to lend your movies out to no one because we will never see them again we were lucky to get Eddie and the Cruisers 2 back after 3 years. I have been reading the fan mail, and I think that they are right I think you should make a sequel to the Eddie and the Cruisers. I love you, and your movies too.

Terri Smith