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Michael Pare
Dear Michael,
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December 24, 2003
Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and Happy and peaceful New Year.Have enjoyed your films since Eddie and the Cruisers were released and really enjoyed the Phil. Experience.Look forward to seeing your new films in the New Year we are a little slow getting them here in the bush. Take care

Robbyn Alback Nanango Australia

December 28, 2003

Hi Mickael, Merry Meet! I've been reading all the messages left for you, and I hope you get to read them. I have a photo of you by a laptop computer, so, perhaps you do see them. There's a lot to say,but everyone here seems to have said most of it. I do know that It's good to see your site here,after so long. I've followed your career since Streets of Fire,and am sure glad you keep it up. It would be sad without your face on screen. It's too beautiful a face to be without. It's also nice to know that you are a spiritual being. There's a lot more to this world that most realise, right?

Blessed Be, Michael.
Sandra L. Kleinschmit, USA

December 27, 2003

x'mans and happy new year michael!!!! Feliz Natal !!! Feliz ano novo!!! kisses!!!:*
Patricia, Brasil

December 26, 2003

Merry Christmas and a happy new year for you and your beloved ones!

Best wishes

December 24, 2003
Merry Cristmas and Happy New Year, dear Michael

your Heike from Aschersleben/Germany

December 23, 2003
Dear Michael,
I wish You and Your family a wonderful Christmas and a healthy, happy New Year!
You are my favorite actor.
God bless you

Your Elke, from WUERZBURG /Germany

December 22, 2003
Dear Michael,
I liked your message very much.(smooch*) I consider you a very Godly person in general so I hope all goes well for you in the coming year. I really like The Letter video, bounding over hills to say hi to somebody, how sweet. Like Carvers Gate I consider it almost prophesaic. Lots of work to do in the world we live in. (Yow!) May Santa bring you lots of toys for Christmas & lots of peace of mind from God. Merry Christmas!
Suzanne Boyajian, USA

December 17, 2003
hello Michael,
you are a very good actor.i like watching your movies.i saw one of your movies last night i give got witch one it was.merry chirstmas and new year.

rickie, united states

December 17, 2003
Dear Michael Paré,
I didn't know you had a web site I was looking for "Eddie and the cruiser" part 1 and 2 on dvd and linked on to it. I have had the vhs copy's for years I love them and have watched them 100's of time. For some reason when ever I get sick I put on Eddie and the cruisers part 2 and relax for a while and start to feel better. You and you movies have been a big help for me and I love the music it's just like you say it is in the movie it really gets in your soul. Well thank you again for even having this web site and I wish you the best.

Mike Capenegro, United States

December 17, 2003
Hello, dear Michael,
now, after a long time , I must write to your some worde again... you're my favorite actor, still yet....
and I have 30videos of your movies, you made.....
Now, what can I say, simply I love you!!!
You are the one and only!!

Wolfgang, Germany

December 16, 2003
hola michael,
me llamo patricia y quiero decirte que te felicito por tus exitos y espero que seas muy feliz en tu vida. soy asistente social de la fuerza aerea de chile y tengo 31 a?os. me encanto por lo tanto la pelicula into the sun, te ves espectacular en ella.tengo muchas fotos tuyas y me alegraria que pudieras leer este mensaje...

patricia, chile

December 15, 2003
Dear Michael,
I admire you so much and my mom and I think you look really hot in "Eddie And The Cruisers" and "Eddie Lives". I try to find pictures of you to put up in my room and I decorated my locker with a few pictures of you, but I would like more. You really put your heart and soul into all of the movies I see you in. "Eddie And The Cruisers" is my favorite and when you lip-sync I melt because I believe it is you singing with passion. I am only 11, but I know real talent when I see it and you have got it. Ever since I saw you as "Eddie" you have been my favorite actor. You get so into the characters I feel like I am right there with you. I can't describe how highly I think of you, but I hope you found my letter interesting. All I really want for Christmas are movies featuring you and your pictures. Make another movie soon please!!!!!!!

Calliie Krieg, US

December 11, 2003
Dear Michael Paré,
My family and I really like your style, I have not seen all your movies but we liked what we saw. I have no idea what is like being an actor (I am an R.N.), but I can immagine that it can be pretty difficult in some shootings. Take good care of yourself (we would like to see you in more movies)
and MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours!
P.S. Have you ever done a movie in Florida? Most people love the gulfcoast when they come and never leave!

Brina D., Sarasota

December 2, 2003
Hello all, its been a long time since I've been here. I must say I've been busy. TSIB is finished (The Sleep In Between) The screen play is in the works as we speak. I wrote a character for Michael named John Maxon. I know this seems like a shameless plug but really I believe he'd enjoy the character. Anyway best wishes on all projects Michael hopefully one day we'll work together. Any interested parties feel free to read TSIB I post daily. http://us.imdb.com/name/nm0001595/board/threads/

Genise Overton, USA

November 29, 2003
Hi, Michael, It's Thanksgiving! I hope Love and Peace will come down to the earth again for all of us and especially for you. Any way I'd love to see you on a big screen!

Much love

Carol, USA

November 28, 2003
I hope you have a nice thanksgiving. I'm planning to watch Starhunter that day. I'm glad that you plan to star on that show again ,very enjoyable to watch. Have fun!

Suzanne B., USA

November 16, 2003
hi michael, my name is jeremy pare, i think we're related somehow,, ,,, my grandfather is Lorne Bruce Pare, his brothers are Lloyd and Leo Pare, and their fathers name is Leo Pare as well, i believe.... anyway my dad rented one of your movies quite a while ago, " into the sun " i think, and told me we were distant cousins, i was bored on the net, and just thought it would be neat to make a connection, anyway, later,.....

Jeremy David Pare, Canada

November 9, 2003
birthday flower to Michael Happy Birthday Michael You are my favorite actor./ I Love Eddie And The Cruisers Movies Especially 2 Where you make a comeback. Any way Happy bithday I hope To meet you some day....Happy Birthday....Eddie

Mike Hembree, Cleveland Tenn

November 9, 2003
dear michael,!
theres a world in your eyes where i want to be, in you heart and in your thoughts , in your eyes, its a perfect place where we could talk one on one, and with your tender voice you take me to the skies, youve been my inspiration and my heart will always be yours, i wish i could know you not only by words, i think of you and hope maybe one day youll think of me, knowing its not real , it hurts, but , i can dream of you and i can read of you , and when i do im your girl.
love your biggest fan

Shelley Trudeau , Sudbury,Ontario

November 8, 2003
dear michael,!
birthday flower to Michael happy belated birthday,i hope u enjoyed it, i am a huge fan ,i love your eddie and the cruisers , i must have seen them over hundreds of times,lol.i jus wanted u to know your my inspiration that i can do what ever i put my mind to.thank you for that . i wish u could answer emails i would jus die .bu ti guess your a busy man and i understand .i hope your doing good and wish for the best.
love your biggest fan .

Shelley a.k.a. Kitten, ontario canada

November 6, 2003


October 31, 2003
hi mike. god its like writing to my brother he's also called mike.i'd really love you to get the part of the real, all american hero dirk pitt (you are him in every discription) but obviously better looking than how clive cussler has described him. mike there is no doubt that you have a very strong screen presence .ive just watched the world gone wild with my 15 year old daughter and i must admit it was'nt the matrix. But your presence made it worth keeping.and by the way u were skinny in streets of fire and then all of a sudden got very bulky please send your gym routine, would be very gratful. take care michael paré.

david j mcglynn. (not gay). big fan since phili ex.

October 31, 2003

ana karina torres cons, Mexico

October 29, 2003
I hope you have a nice Halloween with lots of fun treats. I'm thinking of watching Bad Moon that evening with a couple of friends and popcorn. You take care! Enjoy!

Suzanne B., USA

October 26, 2003

It's good to know that this site is available. I enjoyed your performance very much in 'streets of fire',and recently rented 'bad moon' on videotape. I realize this is 'after the fact', but i would have liked to have seen you play in several of the roles that were chosen instead for sylvester stallone. You bring personality into an action character,which is as important as brawn

birthday flower to Michael Happy Birthday, by the way.
Scott, United States

October 17, 2003
birthday flower to Michael Happy Birthday Michael Pare for 9th October 2003.

I just watched Eddie and the Cruisers for the first time in many years. (Just out on DVD at my local Network video store) I am astounded by your portrayal of Eddie Wilson. When I watched the movie for the third time I was grappling with understanding what makes your acting so great. I think I know now. First of all, I believe it is your interpretation of the character; secondly, your level of literacy (ability to read between the lines); thirdly, the ultra open honesty of your heart (soul, charisma); fourthly, your physical fitness to enable your performance. I am so impressed all over again. I would like to see you in a Sci-Fi movie like The Matrix.


October 17, 2003
Hey Babe, how are ya these days? Good hopefully. Remember your '84 video Philadelphia Experiment? Well, I rented the new release DVD The Core starring Aaron Eckhart, Hilary Swank & Bruce Greenwood, Produced by David Foster, Directed by Jon Amiel, Paramount. Your flick very was similar, about a time warp taking place, affecting the earth's magnetic field, causing static discharges, etc. The Core is much the same. If you haven't seen it yet, get it. I'm sure you'll see the similarities. Was great, suspenseful. Yet, your story was on the scene first, they just enhanced it, some. Thought of you immediately.

Gloria WI.

October 16, 2003
birthday flower to Michael Micheal, I just have ADORED you for so many, many years...you have no idea...I just saw your beautiful face in the movie "Blackwoods" today and it made me just have to write you this note. You are one of the most stunning men I have ever seen, simply gorgeous. Id love to curl up with a hot mocha and just pick your brain for a few hours! A girl can have dreams, yes? Anyway...much love and light to u

xo Lisa, USA, Hawaii

October 10, 2003
birthday flower to Michael I would like to wish you a very happy birthday, i would have got to this sooner but i had to study and take a pshcology test I passed i hope, anyway to get to the point i think you are one of the best actors i have ever seen and love the Eddie and the Cruisers 1and 2 i agree with you about parenthood i have a little boy, he will be 3 on valentines day. Well happy birthday and keep up the good work.

Lori L. Bird, USA

October 9, 2003
birthday flower to Michael Wow - who would have thought I'd get a computer, come looking for you and it would be your birthday. So - happy birthday!! Loved you in everything - wish you were more visible on non-cable since I'm too cheap to buy. And good grief - you are still looking so fine!

Shanna Lee, USA

October 9, 2003
birthday flower to Michael Dear Michael,
I wish you a very happy birthday and may you act in many, many more movies. I have been a fan since you began and it has been a joy to watch you perform. I believe you have always had what it takes to be at the top and you should have been there since Eddie and the Cruisers. I wish you all the best on your birthday and your future endeavors.

Stacey Vidal
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

October 9, 2003
birthday flower to Michael On your birthday, I send my heartiest congratulations to YOU. I do hope you will be successful for a long long time! I am surely one of your enthusiastic fans!!

YUMI, Japan

October 9, 2003
birthday flower to Michael GOOD LUCK
wherever you are and whatever you do.......
God save you

Elke, Wuerzburg/Germany

October 9, 2003
Dear Michael.
birthday flower to Michael From Japan with love, birthday flower to Michael

Yedos Kaleidos,
Masumi, Emiko, Michiyo,
Yojo M., Takao, Chiyo,
Mie, Fumio, Yuki,
Maki, Sanae,
Lynne, Michiko G.,
Fumiko, Hiroko, Takae,
Chisako, Yoko R.,,
Yoshie, Akiko, Manami,
SHUSSEUO-Nipponia Nippon,
Mieko, Tomoko, Akiko,
Mami, Hiroko, Akiko,
Misako, Kiko, K-ko,
Hiroe, Kayako, Kimie,
Kadzuko, Hisayo,
Setsuko, Hisako, Junko,
Yukio, Retsu, Kazuko H.,
Masako, Chio, Atsuko,
Topolino, Chako, Miyuki,
Yuko, Noriko, Mizuho,
Chika, Minoru, Akie,
Yoko N., Masayo, Callie,
Gary, Deko, Hironori,
Sandy, Masako, Yasuo,
Yoko W., Miyuki, Kae,
Yoda, The Yoshidas

October 8, 2003
birthday flower to Michael Happy Birthday dear Michael.
You are the best Actor. God bless you.

Heike of Aschersleben/Germany

October 7, 2003
Mr. Paré
birthday flower to Michael Just a fan of movies in general and wanted to let you know Streets of Fire is one of the coolest flicks on record.
Hope you have a happy birthday & hey -
See if you can get in a Jerry Bruckheimer movie or something, we need you back on the big screen! :-)


October 6, 2003
birthday flower to Michael Hello Michael. A happy birthday. Hope alls well and good.

John, USA

October 4, 2003
birthday flower to Michael Hope you have a Happy Birthday.
All the best

from Robbyn Alback, Australia

October 4, 2003
birthday flower to Michael Dear Michael,
I hope you have a very fun birthday with lots of cake! I like showing all my friends your movies cause you're so neat to watch. In one shot in october 22 & the beginning of Triplecross it's like sex in motion, just darling! I adore you lots. You're invited to lunch at my house anytime you like! (Yow,Yow!) .
Enjoy yourself!
Suzanne Boyajian, USA

October 4, 2003
birthday flower to Michael Happy Birthday to a great guy. Have enjoyed your movies, have several, you are great to watch, easy on the eyes. Sorry to hear your not on Starhunter, really enjoyed the show, it is not the same now. Have a GREAT DAY.

Linda, USA

October 1, 2003
birthday flower to Michael michael,
best wishes from 1 libra to another-just saw Eddie...again with my wife marg and she is after me to find Eddie 2 and whatever! keep believing in you, your talent and goals. look forward to seeing you on the big screen soon in Austalia

Bruce, Australia

September 30, 2003
birthday flower to Michael happy birthday michael, i hope you get everything you wished for.

lyn, usa

September 30, 2003
birthday flower to Michael Happy birthday...
Glad to see you back on the screen again, hope to see more of you.
Have a great birthday

from a fan...., Australia

September 25, 2003
birthday flower to Michael Dear Michael
I want to take this oppertunity to wish you all the best and hope you have a GREAT BIRTHDAY!!!! I think you are the best and my favorite movie is Eddie and The Cruisers: Eddie Lives, you just ooze sex appeal to this day. Love your smile. Look forward to seeing what you do next.

Your Canadian Fan

September 22, 2003
birthday flower to Michael Happy Birthday, Micheal. You're like wine. You just keep getting better.

Tresa Lamb, USA

September 21, 2003
birthday flower to Michael Hi Babe! Doncha know celebrating birthdays makes us a year older? Gad, what a horrible thought. Ha! Just funnin with you Michael. It sure takes long enough for your recent projects to show up here in the US of A. I'm still waiting to see Homeroom. Anyway darlin....HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and best wishes, success and prosperity as well!!! When are they gonna give you a series guy? I'm thinking, it's gotta be all about politics. My question is, who do we write to, key people, to make our preferences known???

Love & Hugs,

Gloria, WI

September 21, 2003
birthday flower to Michael Hi Michael! Your birthday is coming soon! It's my very special day, too. Yes, I was born on the same day, October Ninth! I'm so lucky to be here to celebrate our special days together. Happy Birthday, Michael!

Love Always

O'Dowd, Texas

September 20, 2003
birthday flower to Michael I have been in love with you since I was 17. You always lighten up my life with your disarmed smile. Happy Birthday, Michael!
Sandra V., Washington

September 18, 2003
birthday flower to Michael Happy Birthday Señor Michael! I wish you the best, always the best. I hope this year all of your wishes will come true I'm sure of it becase you are a good actor, the best actor.
Mariela Ayala

September 17, 2003
I think you are one of the best actors in the world. I loved Eddie and the cruisers, both of them, and my all time favorite, Streets of Fire. I like your attitude in them. I hope to see you in many more movies.

Good luck,

September 15, 2003
birthday flower to Michael Bonne fête Michael. Beaucoup de bonheur et d'amour!

Ghislaine Sabourin, Quebec

September 13, 2003
birthday flower to Michael Dear Michael!
Biggest hug for your Happy Birthday!!
There is no better present, but our love! Deeply believe you feel it. You're blessed in so many ways: breathtaking action hero with pure soul, noble voice and that flavoring sophisticated sadness in the eyes, which creates even bigger mystery, then story on it's own... Universal actor, great personality, unique combination of radiant talent, love to what you're doing, irresistible physical attractiveness and "All about You" fan's crazyness... Do you have any idea, how much we miss you? You represent the harmony in man and you care it into the real life. That inspires. For this is my personal Thank You, and Happy Birthday again. Big time sorry for spelling -this isn't my native language.

Vladyslava, (almost half-life time fan).

September 13, 2003
birthday flower to Michael And even a hundred words never will be enough to describe our love to the greatest Hero of the screen upon the celebration of his Birthday! Well, just learn, that "Starhunter" will let him go on his own journey... What can I say...
"I think You will need, probably,
Someone, or at least somebody
To say: "Please, don't go
But stay,
Look up,
And recall
Your name..."

Happy Birthday, dear Michael, and my special Thanks to creators of your Official Fan Club website, which allows us to get, keep and admire our connection with You. They're really creative and devoted people.

Sincerely yours,

Vladyslava Glenn, Louisville, KY

September 8, 2003
birthday flower to Michael dear mike,
i love you!!!
happy birthday!!!
kisses so much!!!

Paola, Brazil

September 7, 2003
birthday flower to Michael Hi i would love to say Happy Birthday. I hope you have a wonderful day for yourself and with you love ones. :-)

Dorris, USA

September 7, 2003
birthday flower to Michael happy birthday to youuuu!!!! Michael I love you i like your pictures and yours eyes, lips..allthings in you!!! kisses kisses!!!! bye!!!! sure, but speak bad english.

Patricia, Brazil

September 7, 2003
birthday flower to Michael hi mike!!!
I 'm from brazil. i like your pictures, you very same with Ken's Barbie...you are beatifulll!!! your eyes, lips, smile,etc. commmon visit brazil!!!!please kisses kisses byee in portuguese...um beijo!!! tchau!!

Patricia, Brazil

September 7, 2003
birthday flower to Michael happy birthday to youuuu!!!! Michael I love you i like your pictures and yours eyes, lips... all things in you!!! kisses kisses!!!! bye!!!! sure, but speak bad english.

Patricia, Brazil

September 5, 2003
birthday flower to Michael Time flies like an arrow! Your special day is mine, too. Happy Birthday, Michael! I am always here for you and always with you forever!!

Much love
Inori, Fukushima

September 5, 2003
birthday flower to Michael Just wish you from the bottom of my heart a wonderful birthday! May all your wishes come true and my God always holding his protecting arms over you and your beloved ones!

My best wishes!
Your Sue

September 2, 2003
Just watched Eddie and the Cruisers for the 12th time probably, and it still amazes me! I love the songs and the mood the movie puts me in. Thank-you for another wonderful time.
n2dep2care, USA

August 29, 2003
Can't say Iv'e loved every movie you have done but I'm a fan of yours maybe it's more of your good looks.

Elaine England

August 18, 2003
If you gave your heart to me you'd never be alone, I'd try to keep you satisfied & give your heart a home. I'd keep it in a little box all wrapped in silk & lace. And then you could enjoy yourself while traveling outer space! ^^

Like Muchly,
Suzanne B., USA

August 15, 2003
hi mike, i dont know about all this love sxxt but i am a big fan, anyway i am really dissapointed that you have not been cast in the clive cussler film sahara. you are dirk pitt, ive read all the books. i hope you know what im talking about. anyway no disrespect but break a leg mathew mcConaughy and if he does, get in there dirk, i mean mike. look forward to your next movie, whatever it is. regards david and me chick.. all the best from england... ps feel free to reply back and with regards to my favorite mp movies it is difficult to get most of them in the uk for some strange reason so i have only ticked the ones ive seen.

cheers. oh and im not gay......................
david j mcglynn, england

August 14, 2003
Hi Babe! Haven't left a message in awhile, been busy busy and traveling - did China before SARS showed up - awesome! My traveling buddy & I are thinking of Africa next. Ever watch Globe Trekker? One can arrange to travel & stay at hostels very reasonable and sightsee w/rangers & see animals up close & personal & get awesome photos. Exciting! How've you been Michael? Good I hope. Saw you recently on IND Chan 41 here in WI in Sworn Enemies and also Starhunter shows up too. Still searching for your latest Homeroom. STILL looking good Michael; have those killer eyes.

Gloria WI

August 11, 2003
OK, Michael...Lets just face it.You're the best actor ever known. Period!I am such a huge fan,always have been-always will be.Just wanted to let you know I will always be a MP supporter,no matter what.And just to let you know how big of a fan I am.I recently bought a UK version of EMPIRE CITY just because I couldnt find one that would work on my US vcr & I just wanted it for my collection! Michael, you're the best...God Bless you and your family.

Cody Pittman

August 3, 2003
I just wanted to send this quick e-mail too let you know how much i enjoy your work in "Eddie and the cruisers"  films which is my all time favorite movie with you in them. and hope to see more of you in the years to come. I have seen your new show and i like it very much.

Dennis, Ontario

July 30, 2003
The original Cruisers' film still is my favourite one. i'm a big rocknroll fan and also love john Cafferty (and Springsteen etc), his early songs suited the style of the Cruisers perfectly. Why didn't they push for the sequel earlier? (when Eddie was still young) why doesn't Wendel Luton speak a single line? Did Eddie sing live or just mime the words? [it's lip-sync] i've watched other films by Michael (Philadelphia experiment, cruisers 2, streets of fire) but in my opinion he is never going to be as awesome as in the original cruisers. I passed a stage in my late teens (i'm 26 now) that i was trying to copy the ! :) any eddie fans in the UK? email me!

Thomas, UK

July 28, 2003

SARAH, Japan

July 27, 2003
Michael Michael Michael, how the hell are you lol. I, like others on here am a very big fan of yours, really love watching you act and in one of my favourite movies Eddie and the Cruisers. Actually just got round to buying it this week. We all know your a great actor Michael, so keep showing these teeny actors how it's done and here's hoping and praying Hollywood see's sense and makes you the star you are. Keep up the Great Michael Paré magic.

John, Northern Ireland

July 24, 2003
Hey there Michael, I've been a fan for years and really like your movies, (especially the Sci-fi stuff) "Carver's Gate" I thought you were awesome in that, and "Moon 44"..totally cool. one of my best friends, Michael, also, thinks you are a cool actor and should get more exposure. I do too. Just thought I'd let you know. Keep up the good work!

Andy Greenhouse

July 21, 2003
Wow, I can't believe I am able to communicate with you. You don't understand, my whole family is nuts about your films and your work in them. Such big fans that we have named our dogs McCoy (after the soldier in s. of fire), Cody, and Joan (Carlino). I am only 19 but I used to use my hockey stick to sing tender years. Then I went through my quit bad ass stage trying to imitate you as Tom Cody. Every now and then I see you in a new movie or one I dont notice its very exciting, Keep up the good work and I hope all is well.

Chris finnerty
Lake George, NY

July 22, 2003
2 things i would like to say, first someone told me that michael is going to be in eddie and the cruisers 3, is that true. [Hollywood always talks about Eddie 3] i think michael would be cool if michael would star in the up coming horror movie....halloween 9 and maybe play the sheriff in haddoenfield taking on the masked killer michael myers.


July 14, 2003
I have been watching some Greatest American Hero & you are so cute in it. I liked the one where it was "custom by crash". Anytime you'd like to dent my lower quarter panel, you're invited to. Course, you gotta wait till I get a car... (!^^ Heh,heh) I liked the voice message & can hardly wait to get a laugh and a thrill, having the nice IMDB village of the darned photo on my wall is pretty thrilling in itself, more is just icing on the cake (^^) I totally adore you & am hoping you're having tons of fun. Take Care,

Suzanne Boyajian

July 4, 2003
I would like to say that you did a Super job in both Eddie Movies. I have watch them at least 50 times each. It reminds me a lot of my life. Part 2 gave me a lot of strength to search for my lost family. I haven't seen my mom, brother or sister for over 30 years. I always put myself in Eddie place in part 2. Now I have my lost family. Keep up the good work. Philadelphia Experiment/Streets of Fire are also one of my favorites. Thanks for the GREAT Movies!!

Don Stuck
Germany (I'm a Proud American living in a foreign country)

July 3, 2003
Dear Michael, I hope you are doing well and are in good health. You have changed many lives through yours. Thanks for everything you've done and all you will do. Remember that what makes life worth living, is life itself. Thanks for being a great friend.

All my best,

June 27, 2003
Just to let you know, I live in England, have collected your films since I saw you as Tom Cody, think you are great, Pleased to find this site.

Patsy Campe

June 22, 2003


June 17, 2003
Dear Mr. Paré I have been a big fan of yours for quite some time. I especially enjoy your work in Streets of Fire and Eddie and the Cruisers. I am also a big fan of your fellow actor Michael Beck. I was wondering if there were plans to release Houston Knights on DVD. I wish you and your family good health and look forward to your future projects. Thank you for entertaining me for over two decades and keep up the good work.


June 12, 2003
michael Paré is the hottest guy i have ever seen, and he is so incredibly talented!! i have a massive poster of him on my bedroom wall, he is my idol. i love you michael!!

love, alex snaith

June 9, 2003
dear michael Paré, I just got done watching you movie eddie and the cruisers and I would have to start out by saying it was a wonderful movie to see, your movie was a great movie that I would watch over and over again. you are a great person and just to let you know I fell in love with you when I first saw you two or three years ago! Well at least thats what my friends say. your movie made a great inspiration to me and "I love you" you are the best. you are a wonderful singer let alone an actor. I cried during the movie when you went over the bridge and disappeared. I loved it at the end when you were there watching every thing you did 18 years ago in the movie that was awesome. We all love you.


June 4, 2003
I am the biggest fan of "Streets of Fire". I went a long time and couldn't find the movie. Finally found the DVD and have watched it dozens of times. I love Michael's sexy voice and those killer eyes.


May 30, 2003
Dear Michael,
I love the movie Bad Moon the best and I really think that you should have more movies out. Well take care and have a great day!

Robin from Warren, Michigan

May 30, 2003
Hi Michael,
I'm 17 and I'm from texas. Well a few months ago I went to visit my dad and he bought me the movie Eddie and The Cruisers, well I fell in love with the movie from that point I knew, so then i had to get Eddie and The Cruisers part 2 and then the album, and since then I've come across several movies you starred in. You are truly a great actor. Streets of Fire was another great one, too. Well I'm now your official number one fan:)

Bye Bye Lynn:)

May 26, 2003
Hi Michael,
my name is jessie and i'm from austraila and i was wondering how i could find more about eddie and the cruisers because i want someone to produce part 3 and i have some great ideas. thanks and good luck with your career.

jessie, melbourne, austraila

May 22, 2003
Hi Michael
I have loved your acting since I first saw you on the tv show Greatest American Hero. I loved you in "Streets of Fire". I think that you are one of the most talented actors that the world has been blessed with. Recently I bought the movie poster for "Streets of Fire" and I vow not to get it framed until I have your autograph on it. Hopefully one day that can happen. Until then I will keep on being a fan and loving your movies Best wishes to you and your career!


May 18, 2003
Michael, You need to be the next James Bond.......


May 12, 2003
hello michael from england.
i doubt that you will get or receive this message. but have you ever read any clive cussler books,the main man being dirk pitt,i here now after a long while they have cast matthew mcconoughy.i would like you to know that i am an avid fan of cussler and pitt, i have read all but one of his books and that no one should play dirk pitt other than MICHAEL PARE` break a leg mcconoughy..

david j mcglynn

May 7, 2003
I was listening to your voice message today and can hardly wait to see some of your new movies so I can have my laughs and thrills (^^ heh) or even catch you at a film premier, I'm sure that would be a laughter filled thrill.(not to get too redundant) In the meantime I'm enjoying some of the older movies, like "Into the Sun" with "Cigarette King" and stuff in it. (If I can have this much fun writing to you I am sure it would be a blast to talk to you) Enjoy Lots!

Suzanne B.

May 5, 2003
it's me again.. i just wanted to say to michael i just watched hope floats... and i think the best scene of the movie is when he leaves and his little girl is crying for him to take her.

take care

May 3, 2003
Hi! I may sound stupid but I only saw 2 movies with Michael: Philadelphia Experiment and Houston Knights... some 12 years ago. Here in France , we don't have much luck with seeing Michael any... i grew up, I'm now 24 and i still have some affection for Michael (in my fave role of him... Joey LaFiamma). Hope I'll see him more... Just a question : does he know any french? this site is the best one i found on the net... Thanks

Julie C., France

May 1, 2003
Hello Mr. Michael Paré!
Finally I had the luck, that I could watch your movie *Blackwoods*.It was a great movie and your played really good. Now I hope, that I can watch really soon your movies *Red Serpent*,*Heart of America* and especially *Fate*.But surely it will take really long until the movies will be available here unfortunately. It would be great, if you would make a second movie with actress Sandra Bullock some day. You both played nice in *Hope Floats*.It would be nice to see you in a comedy perhaps. I wish you all imaginable best!

Your fan Susi

April 30, 2003
Dear Michael,
You have always been my idol since then. I really wish that you'll be doing a lot of big movies this year.I really miss you a lot. You're so gorgeous.


April 27, 2003
Dear Michael,
I Love You!! You Eddie And The Cruiser Movies I Can't Stop Watching. I Watched Then Two days In a Row Now! Your Just An Awesome Person And An Awesome Actor. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Come Out With A Eddie And The Cruisers 3!! PLEASE You Biggest Fan!!

Kelly, Alberta, Canada

April 26, 2003
Dear Michael,
I wanted to let you know that your letters don't seem to be getting through your agent. I'm glad that I can write here. Anyway, I was watching "World Gone Wild" The other day & it was a pretty fun movie. I liked your jacket on it & the scene where you met Angie in the 'cave'. Pretty neat, dancing. Just sweet. You take care.

Much Like,
Suzanne B.

April 23, 2003
Hey you all I had this dream last night that would make the perfect movie . I think I'll write it down on paper and see what happens,thank god I have a few connections. The point is It had Michael Paré` in it. It was the kind of role we all would love to see him in it was great until the knock at the door woke me up. Anyway any dream is a good dream with mike, by the way you would be great for the fith installment of phantasm (think about it).

True Fan genise overton Pa.

April 22, 2003
I just watched Eddie and the Cruisers 1 and 2 for around the hundredth time and it never fails to take my breath away. You were so amazing in bringing Eddie Wilson to life, it is almost impossible to think Eddie doesn't really excist. You in the role of Eddie Wilson has to be the best casting ever. Don't get me wrong, you are just as incredible in all you do, it is just Eddie and the Cruisers is were I first fell in love with Michael Pare. Why did I have to be 12 years old in 1983, funny thing I did end up married to a man with eyes that are blue, green, hazel? depending on his mood or what color shirt he is wearing. Best Wishes for what ever the future holds.

Kassie Saine

April 21, 2003
I just wanted to let you know that you are the most gorgeous human being I have ever laid eyes on. I am now 19 and I have had a huge star crush on since I was about 4. I think, like the rest of your fans, that I am your biggest fan. If there are any contest I can enter to win a chance to meet you, please e-mail me. Thank you.

Amanda Jewel Landrum, USA

April 18, 2003
Hi Michael I have been a fan or yours since Eddie and the Cruisers and Philadelphia Experiment. I had been wondering why I had not seen you in recent years and only now found out that you stared in Starhunter which I plan to tune into. You are a great actor (one of my faves) and I really do hope to see you more soon on the big screen.

Much aloha and best of luck always,
Rick Mayberry Maui, Hawaii

April 15, 2003
Hey Genise here again, it's been a long time since my last line. After watching a michael movie I was inspired to write a story it's kind of sci fi . It's very cool . Any way cant wait to see you on the big screen. The camera loves you and so do we. keep up the good work. P.S I'd love to see you in a phantasm movie.


April 12, 2003
Good day Michael from Australia.
I absolutely enjoyed Eddie & The Cruisers, have both of the soundtracks. You are a fine actor and I would dearly love to see you visit Australia one day soon.

Howden Family Central Coast N.S.W

April 6, 2003
Dear Michael,
I'm one of your youngest and biggest fans you'll ever get the chance to here from.I own both movies of "Eddie and the cruisers". I love every minute you put into them. I now can recite the entire movie, because i have seen it so much. My mom and i both agree that you looked very handsome in those movies. I am getting pictures of you to put on my wall in my room. Thank you for your hardwork and talent...Good luck and keep up the good work.

Luv You Alwayz,
Trina Rhae Osgood

April 6, 2003
Hello Michael,
Just some words for you.... after a long time new many greetings from Germany.... and I hope you and your family feel good and I send you herewith "easter-greetings" and all the best for my great idol or should I say for the sonyboy from amsterdam??!! Hope, to see and hear from you on television and cinema, to do much more good films for the future, and I'm happy and it's a honour, to have "MICHAEL PARÉ" as a hobby!!

Your fan,
Wolfgang from Freising/Munich/Germany