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Sep. 30, 2001


Sep. 26, 2001
Though the World Trade Center event was really a tragedy, your movie EDDIE & THE CRUISERS released now saved me. I realized again how much I loved Eddie and you, Michael.
Many thank you, Michael

Kosha Acrinokve

Sep. 25, 2001
FINALLY got Sanctimony. You look GREAT...shaven!! Great storyline, yet a different role for you, playing a driven, stressed, paranoid kinda guy. What would you guys have a pregnant lady do, send it back & get a refund?? Huh?? Loved J. Rubin's strong woman role! Everywhere one looks it seems men DO interact better w/women they work with and open up more than to their own wives, no matter HOW beautiful! However, I wouldn't have taken kindly to the crack, "not everyone can hang out all day eating kitkats". Have worked from sixteen on, thru pregnancy, back six weeks later till now. Also,am not afraid to stand up to men w/my opinions & issues. Discovered men LOVE challenging women & the chase even more than the catch. Great ending closeup Michael!!! Good job!

Ciao Baby,
Gloria Zig., Milw., WI., USA

Sep. 25, 2001
I feel so much relieved when I heard of your message through the club. I believe strongly that entertainment is essential to the health of our society. And for me it's your movie. You make me smile at the end of your movies. Keep on going.

Your big fan,
K. D. Clarith

Sep. 25, 2001
First sight of the straw hat put me off. Then, a friend said "Undercover" is good. So thought, "What the hell" and did get it. Michael promoting corsets?? Can anything be funnier? Yet, your take-charge character really impressed me.
Yet, the battle for recognition STILL rages on to THIS day. Who, saved Fred Burley's reputation w/her courage; whose resourcefulness provided the liquor; and whose idea re sizing & follow was it? Libby's! WHO got the credit tho? I DO give Fred Burley points for LISTENING & saying, "What do we do?" I'm not saying a women should be president but MANY TIMES women DO get the job done, which YOU must have realized when you kissed her. There's hope for you yet, Michael, (ha!)!!

Ciao Baby,
Gloria Zig., Milw., WI USA

Sep. 22, 2001
hey! hows your life going, hope great? you are my would and i enjoy all your movies. are you going to make any more movies or are you calling it quits for a while? i hope not! i've been watching your movies this month on tv, i enjoy seeing them. i hope one we can meet, ive been dying to meet you since i was 11 years old and now i'm 29 years old and still waiting. maybe one day ill have my chance.

with love, hugs,and kisses,
nellie gibbs

Sep. 20, 2001
Oh my goodness! I can't believe this! A few days later I began to watch your videos. Then I started smiling a little by little. I still see tears in my eyes but you smile me back on screen. Thank you, Michael, I realized again you have such a power.

Lots of love,
Julie V. Keenan

Sep. 20, 2001
My office is located in midtown Manhattan and was not affected by the events in World Trade Center. I am so glad to hear that you are all right. In this chaos EDDIE & THE CRUISERS gave me peace in mind, actually your Eddie, not anyone's Eddie. I bought Eddie's DVD. I feel just like, your Eddie cries with me. You are a great, great actor! Thank you so much again.

Christina Johansen

Sep. 19, 2001
Had to have my Cruisers fix again the other night. Both movies back to back and TV cranked. Also have all the CD's.
I'm 48, an Eddie fan for about 10 years or so. I can't imagine the talent it takes to present Eddie. In changing time-frames and the 'dual' personas of Eddie and Joe. You had a great supporting cast too, and the music is fabulous. I've watched rock bands for decades now, and nobody would guess Eddie and the Cruisers weren't the real thing. You and the others blend so well, and I know you've heard it before, but I wish I could see the original Cruisers back together in present day!

Love and blessings -
Oh I hope this wasn't over 100 words - this old gal's mind looses count easy these days.....

Sep. 4, 2001
I love you very-very much 16 eyes:)))) Hello from Siberia, Dear!


Aug. 29, 2001
Hey Michael! What's to worry when you were posing in the "buff" in Sanctimony?? Your words, "If anyone is less than impressed w/what he is about to see, I'd like to make three things perfectly clear..."....not necessary. BECAUSE in 2103 The Deadly Wake, the "little something" parting gift that Martine gave you upon leaving the Lillith looked SUPERSIZED. Besides, every female on the planet KNOWS you are ALL man, Michael!!! Hey! Cute a-- tiger!! Next time turn around, we ALL appreciate THE ARTS. You know??? (Just funnin Michael).

Ciao Baby,
Gloria Zig., Milw., WI., USA

Aug.28, 2001
Hey Michael~ You're really hot!! You're simply AMAZING in "Eddie & The Cruisers" great actor!! Keep up the good work!! ;)

Lots of Love,
*Sunshine Razo*

Aug. 23, 2001
I was intrigued after watching Eddie & the Cruisers for the 1st time in years as to where you were. I just wondered what you were up to now that it has been so many years...Of course I can't stop watching it now that I have started again. You are incredible..Take care

Suzi..Ms August 1992

Aug. 21, 2001
I let you lovely Greetings and more on this side.... Just a matter of Time... Muchos besos i abrazos para ti...


Aug. 20, 2001
I liked your message to us. New movie, huh? I can hardly wait! See you then!

Suzanne B.

Aug.15, 2001
hi michael I love your movie it my desire I think of you to that I love you so much good bye

monique annette pretty weasel

Aug. 11, 2001
This will sound like the rest which sucks! But I have been crazy about you sense the first time I saw you, I think a part of yourself came out in the movie Eddie and the Crusers, a part that shows that dreams can come true if you put all of yourself into it. I wish I could have someone like you in my life but I know that can't happen, so I wish you the best in your life and take care.


Aug. 8, 2001
Hi Michael ! I think you're a Babe !! I loved Eddie & the Cruisers, and the Sequel! their my favorites ! I'm from Guatemala, Central America, you should come down here.

Take Care, Big Hug and Kiss !!

Aug. 7, 2001
In my July 5th message I mentioned your adventure in C.America on Ambergris Cay. Well, I'll soon be embarking on a NEW adventure to China Nov. 20-28, 2001. My friend & I sent our final payment in today. Now I'm getting excited. Will send you a card from the Great Wall or Tiannamen Sq & souvenirs from there. I KNOW you enjoy adventures too. By the way, I loved Peril. It was different. I think you had fun w/it. But, why are they always killing you off? What is that? Still trying to get ahold of Sanctimony. Can't wait! Take care of yourself, don't overdo. Like your voice message!

Love ya! Ciao Baby,
Gloria Zig., Milw., WI., USA

Aug. 6, 2001
I will not regale you as many have done I will not say you're the finest man under the sun I will not bore you with words of love From a person you've never met nor much less thought of I will merely remind you of what you should know That as an actor & person, your talents greatly show I will also take this time to say one last thing May your dreams & aspirations continue to take wing

Thank You for sharing your talent & dreams with us, your fans.

Aug. 2, 2001
Have been a fan of yours since 1981, I was 11 then. Dreamt then of marrying you when I grew up. Now 20 years later I finally found your fan club on the web. I am very happy to finally read about you. In the mean time I got married and have a 9 year old daughter. I wonder what she will dream about in 2 years...
You'll always be my special dream hero.
Thanks for fascinating me. I was so wicked, yet you could make me dream my dreams.

Carolyn Kam

Aug. 1, 2001
Hi Michael I thought U did great in Eddie and the Cruisers. I hope U make lots more movies. Good Luck.

B.B from Texas

Jul. 31, 2001
i love you and think you are great. i love eddie and the cruisers. i finally found the tapes your a very gorgeous person.

love you always,

Jul. 29, 2001
hi micheal
just finished watching your eddie &the cruisers movies, bought them not long ago, your a true legend.

erin xoxo

Jul. 29, 2001
Hi Michael, I've been a *fan* since I saw you in "Eddie & the Cruisers" years ago. Have tried to keep up with your work ever since but I don't feel Hollywood 'utilizes' your *talents* like they should...their loss! :-)I know you grow tired of hearing it but...your 'voice' & 'your eyes' have always had me mesmerized, lol! Be good! ;-)

Love & Laughter,
"Bec"Southern California

Jul. 27, 2001
Saw and bought both Eddie & the cruisers movies. Dude, you are fine!!!! Eddie #3 ??????????? Listened to the tapes this morning and love "Tender Years". I can still see you in that black T-shirt. Wow!!! Also, the Philadelphia Experiment. Seeing you in the Greatest American Hero made me want to go back to school. Please make some more movies. Oh yea and wear black!!!!!!!


Jul. 25, 2001
You'll never know what you've done for me, what you've done for my soul. The gift you've given me thru your fine example & honesty that comes to us thru your work.
Just listen!! I'll carry it w/me wherever I go. You've made me hope for something better, to reach for something more. You've taught me to fly - to free the "me" inside, helped me to hear the music of my heart. You've opened the door to something I've never known before. Everywhere I go, I think of where I've been. Tonight when the shadows find me, I'll be thinking of you and your MAGNIFICENT gift of "LOVE" thru your POWERFUL example as an actor and person, Dear Michael Pare.

Ciao Baby,
Gloria Zig., Milw., WI., USA

Jul. 24, 2001
I got to see Peril. You really don't need any encouragement to have fun do you? (Hee,Hee)
I liked the part where you were playing with the crutches, and where you gave Morgan Fairchild the eye. (Ho,Ho)
I thought that movie was just a blast, are you sure you didn't write that part for yourself? ("Write, produce & Direct" Oprah show) ^>^

Have a Great day,
Suzanne Boyajian

Jul. 21, 2001
What can I tell you, you don't know already from other fan?
You are a great good actor, please go on acting just for our own pleasure.
Thank you for being what you are.

Depaifve Veronique

Jul. 20, 2001
Hey Michael. I've been a fan of yours ever since I saw Eddie and the Cruisers. The sequel was even better. I'm in a band right now and a few of my friends, who're also fans of the Cruisers, say that I look, play guitar and sing like Eddie Wilson. I'm not sure what to think about that...I'm rather modest when given compliments by others.
Right now I'm trying to talk the guys into playing a couple of Cruiser songs such as "Dark Side" and "Runnin' Through the Fire." So far they've been skeptical about trying it out.

Eddie Hamilton

Jul. 20, 2001

We have conflicting taste in song that we put on a set list and they come up with lame excuses to NOT play a song that I think would get the crowd going. Anyway, every movie I've seen you in, I think you've done a good job playing the parts. Keep up all the good work.

Eddie Hamilton

Jul. 20, 2001
Hey Michael.....it's Eddie again. I just wanted to say that the Eddie Wilson character you played was and still is an inspiration to how I want to play as a guitarist and a singer. The way you (as Eddie) brought out the most important points of how music should hit an audience strikes home with my own beliefs as well.
From the movie:
"I was in a desert one time. Nothing but sand and silence...but if you know what to listen for it ain't silent out there. I heard music I'd never heard before.


Jul. 20, 2001
You reach out and touch something like that, people will listen. They'll listen because you've got something to say...not just something to show. That's what I'm after, kid."
That says it all right there. I hope that contract goes through for Eddie and the cruisers III.... because I know I'll be rushing to see it.


Jul. 17, 2001
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your work. You are a brilliant actor and have that rare combination of raw acting talent, being very photogenic, and having a really awesome voice. I'm in my mid twenties and though I was very young I think my favorite role of yours was as Tony Villacano in The Greatest American Hero. I tip my hat to you Mr. Pare and hope that your acting career continues to get better and better for you.

Michael Faill

Jul. 16, 2001
I hope you're doing well. I liked on Moon 44 where you were testing the cuffs, and when you said "I think you're mistaking me for someone that takes you seriously." What a riot. That film must have been fun to do. I also wanted to mention that the photo on page 27 of that Japanese photo book just killed me. What a great look on your face. I hope Starhunter is fun for you to do & can hardly wait to see tapes of it. I agree that I miss seeing you on TV. What a blast that would be!

Suzanne B.

Jul. 13, 2001
Hi! I'm Joey from Philippines. How I wish that STARHUNTER, the series will be shown here. I really miss watching you in TV. Hope you will be making more movie projects.

Stay cool.

Jul. 10, 2001
Just wanted to say hi. We never really spoken to each other but I saw you in Venice Beach and just wanted to let you know you made my day. I've never met a celebrity that close before and especially one I think the world of like you so I just wanted to say thank you for brightening my world and letting me know there are good people out there in the world.

Thank you,

Jul. 5, 2001
Another video arrived. You are a TRUE ROMANTIC like I knew you would be Michael. What more thoughtful, meaningful gift could you give a woman than a honeymoon on Ambergris Cay in C. America? The terrain, the setting, the adventures planned...from scuba diving to air boat, to dune buggies and exploring the unknown...and YOU in the bargain. What more could any woman want?? You know.. I almost DID make it to Belize w/friends in early 90's. but not enough $$$. The water looks so green, like the Indian Ocean. What an interesting, exciting experience. I woulda been absolutely ecstatic. Lovely!

Ciao Baby,
Gloria Zig, Milw., WI., USA

Jul. 1, 2001
Hello Michael, I'm from Indonesia, I really like your acting and you're a very cool guy, I hope you want to visit Indonesia someday and I love to meet you.