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dear michael,
just watched streets of fire again, and am blown away by how damn gorgeous you are...

August 29, 2007

Hi Michael,
You are coming here for the festival! Fantasitic!! It is very nice here. Have a wonderful day!

August 27, 2007
Miranda, Spain

Hope you meet him in Malaga. - WebConcierge

Dear Mr. Pare!
Reading the wonderful comments of director Eric Red about you is great.
Now after looking at your filmo it seems,that Mr. Red makes true,what he said in his comment to cast you in his future projects.
I hope and cross my fingers, that you'll actually play in 'Nightlife' directed by Eric Red.I already loved 'Bad Moon' a lot and I'm looking forward to '100 Feet'.
All the best

August 27, 2007
Susi, Germany

I loved the movie you were in "Eddie & the Cruisers 2" I loved it! The movie inspired me...Lovee it! By the way how many movies that you made?
p.s Write Back.

August 22, 2007
Cassel, Canada

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hi michael,
eric red is very perceptive in saying that you really like playing edgy and darker characters. i like your blogging style, someone like eric talks about you in his movie what you are like. you are an actor, not a blogger - your coming back on your blog only when you have time. it's more than enough for me.

August 22, 2007
hirorin, usa

Visit Eric Red's 100 FEET to support our Michael, he won't let you down with his performance. - WebConcierge

Dear Michael,
Eric Red's post is ... what I really wanted to hear.100 FEET will be a restart of your career, I bet. It's a great, great gift, a perfect gift for me. Guys, did you enjoy the vacation?

August 22, 2007
Sleepless in Seattle

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Hello dear Mr. Pare!
Seems,you're working at 'Alone in the Dark II' at the moment. Great!
Hope,all your new movies will be released as soon as possible!
And hopefully new projects are already waiting for you!
Bye and all the best

August 22, 2007
Franz, Germany

Hi Michael!
It's been a while since we have heard from you so I am assuming you are extremely busy with your new film. I sure hope you will have a few mins. to spare for a new blog later on in the month to let us all know what's been going on with your ghost story, which I am anxiously awaiting to hear! Did you go to Budapest or did you come back yet and how was it? I love watching all of your movies and I get so impatient when I can't buy your new movies yet! I especially am awaiting to buy Tunnel Rats! Take care and God bless you always!
Your BIGGEST FAN Geri Palmisano
August 20, 2007
Geri Palmisano, Stockbridge, Ga. USA

Dear Michael,
You still make me crazy. How long will it be so? Until I cease breathing and leave for another world? .... I love your work, anyway.

August 19, 2007
Carole, Richmond

love you know like i loved you then.....
you're work is incredible and an inspiration...
never stop....
Yours always!

August 18, 2007
Fatima, Canada

Dear Michael!
I write from Germany (sorry:my english)!
For a long time ago, I have seen "Streets of Fire"!
And since this day I love your eyes and your smile!
Thats all what I want to say to you!
Yours R

August 10, 2007
Ricarda, Germany

Dear Michael,
oh my ...BloodRayne II goes straight on dvd, what a "mottainai" release!!!

August 10, 2007
Jane, USA

US release date is 9/18. It is truly "mottainai" - I agree. - WebConcierge

Hi Michael,
BloodRayne II: Deliverance - you are fantastic! Pat Garrett from Brimstone used to be Tom Cody in another town. I liked your horseback riding, much better than in The Colony!

August 10, 2007
Ringo, New York, USA

Welcome back, Ringo, we had a nice time at the Cannes screening of BRII. - WebConcierge

Hi Michael! Well it's August and I am waiting for your latest blog! I can't wait to read what you will tell us next! I have been watching your movies on T.V. on the Sci-Fi Channel, but I can not record them so I have to go out and purchase them. I have been trying to purchase some of your latest movies but they are not out yet, can you tell me when they will be available? I have quite a collection now, but, I am sure you must hear this constantly, my fav is Eddie and the Crusiers! You sure do pour out your heart and soul in that movie! You should try to do another Rock N Rock movie, it's right up your alley, so to speak. Take care and God Bless.


August 10, 2007
Geri Palmisano, Stockbridge, GA

Cant wait for the release of Furnace. It will be great to see you in this movie Michael and I also have some friends who have small roles in the movie also. Does the club have any ideas on release dates for Australia?

August 9, 2007
Janelle, Sydney Australia

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Dear Michael,
Forgot to tell you --- of course, you are fantastic in The FURANCE.

August 3, 2007
K-Nine, USA

Dearest Michael,
I just had to tell you that your Web Concierge did a wonderful favor for me and sent me a fantastic book that contained pictures of you. They were all wonderful and I will treasure them always! I wish one of the pictures were signed by you, but I can not be a hog! I love your Fan Book you put out and will always hold it dear to my heart. You are a very special person to me and I will always watch your movies. Thank you to Medeline, she's a super Web Concierge. God Bless!

August 3, 2007
Geri, Stockbridge, Ga.

Dear Michael,
The FURANCE goes on DVD! Oh, NO ... I really like the music, the director and a variety of cast members.

August 3, 2007

Hi Mike,
I read your blog! Sounds very interesting! (did you get to rattle chains? Heh)
Anyway I have been thinking of you, and the proof is this fun poem I wrote.
I'd like to get together and drive about the town. We'll take the little bronze car, with all the windows down. The birds could then fly freely, and nest upon the dash. And certain population could throw in tips of cash. I tried to put this a couple of days ago, to no avail, but in those couple days, I have been getting tips all over! 10 cents from a girl, 3 dimes total found, a penny from a friend & maybe twice more. (It's really fun stuff)
Have fun Mikey,
Suzanne Boyajian
(I liked the photo you used on your blog, you are a very fun person. Love, Suz)

August 3, 2007
Suzanne Boyajian

Hi Michael,
I´m from Germany. Yesterday I watched your film "Philadelphia Experiment" from 1984 on TV. I have to say it was great. There aren´t many actors like you. I´m sure that I´ve seen more movies with, but I can´t remember all the name. But I think have to watch them all. Keep up the good work.
I wish you all the best in the world.

August 1, 2007
Peter from Germany

Michael, I don't know if you remember, I acted as one of the Hubcap kids in Tucson, Arizona (WORLD GONE WILD) you gave me the nick name King of the Hubcap kids and I was the one that got killed. I did not get a chance to say thank you for your pictures and I still have it you also wrote your address on the back of it. ....
I really enjoyed working with you, Kathy, Julis and Bruce.

July 30, 2007

Wow!! Finally a way to express my appreciation for you!! WEll for starters DAMNNNN!! your smokin! I have just spent the past hour looking for all the movies you have been in so i can see more of you! I just finished watching your EDDIE LIVES movie! My dad Used to rent it when i was 10 years old.. and I remember singing along with the movie, we rented it almost every month for a year! lol.. Its my favorite movie. Im 21 Yrs old now and still love to go back and watch it! I wish they sold it but I cant find it anywhere, only the first one! I do agree with everyone that there should be a third movie! When I was younger i thought you were the real singer of the music.. You were the perfect role for this movie.. your voice, your image, and how you move.. Glad to see your still making movies! I cant wait to see the new ones..
P.S. LOVE You in Black cutt off shirts! haha
July 29, 2007
GINA, From Minnesota!!! USA

i love the movie, i Love you were awesome actor..My late mom owned a video tape and she used to always listen to 'tender years' on there I love the tune, gawd i hope you make another movie it's gotta continue.. Come to Canada you'll never be lost!!
July 29, 2007
Ursula Dorion, Canada

Dear Michael,
Your official blog finally started at our website. Awesome! Thanks for your trust, Michael. Though we had your words from time to time, it is nice you directly talk to all of your fans!!
July 23, 2007
Kath, New York

Hi Michael,
You probably get tired of hearing this but my favorite movies are still Eddie and the Cruisers, and Philadelphia Experiment.
You are an awesome actor and my 13 year old daughter has just gotten her taste of "Eddie Wilson" and when you shed tears in those movies she almost lost it too! I can remember my girlfriend and I going to see Eddie II about 5 or 6 times to see it in the theater when it first came out. I hope life is findiong you healthy and happy and can't wait for the next film to come up.
Take care
July 21, 2007
Patti, USA

Love your movies. All time favorite is Eddie and the Cruisers I and II. Would absolutely love it if you made a number III. Also, you have the most amazing blue eyes and you are sooo hot!!!!!!!
Keep up the great work!

July 21, 2007
Brandy. USA

Good morning Michael!
Well I read your first blog and, no, it was not too long. I enjoyed reading it very much and I am dying to see this movie. Do they have a name picked out for this movie yet? You as a ghost, boy, this should be cool! A spooky Michael Whoa! This should be good! I truly love watching all of your movies, but this one should be quite different. I've seen you blow up buildings, shoot people, but a ghost, hmm, this I've got to see. I'll bet you have lots of fun making this film. I wish I could be there just to watch all of you do this. I love spooky films, I always have. Good luck with it Michael and have fun with it also.

July 21, 2007
Geri Palmisano, Stockbridge, Ga. USA

Dear Michael,
Really nice to read your first blog. Your story to get the ghost role is very interesting! I read the 2006/12 club news again. Now my jigsaw puzzle is completed by this last piece. It's 100 FEET!!!

July 20, 2007
Jane, Sydney

It is 100 FEET. We had to wait for GO. - WebConcierge

Good morning Michael!
I have written you letter to "Dear Michael" and I read them also. I have a question. I live in Georgia and I would like to know when will some of your newest movies come to our town? I live in a small community call Stockbridge and movies are just about all we have and I would truly love to see you at our local theater! Can you let us know when Tunnel Rats, l00 Feet etc would come to Ga.? I have to buy most of your movies but that's ok because I watch them over and over again especially my fav Eddie & the Cruisers l & 11, Do you think you'd every come to Georgia for an appearance somewhere? I would love to meet you, you seem like such a sweet man!
God Bless, Always

July 20, 2007
Geri Palmisano, Stockbridge, Ga. USA

Hey Michael, WOW!
Rock'n roll man! Can't wait to read it!

July 19, 2007
Bill The Guy - Houston

Hi Michael,
I've been a huge fan since your "Spacerage" days (Which mall did you film that at anyhow? Just kidding.) Being a science fiction buff, "Moon 44", "The Philadelphia Expt." and "Solar Force" were my favs growing up. Thanks again for the entertainment and I hope you will visit Toronto again soon. Keep up the good work! Cheers!

July 19, 2007
Scott Goodman - Mississauga, Ontario

Hello, Michael
Have been a Fan since Eddie and the Cruisers.
By the way, Part 3 would be awsesome!
My question is though, when are some of the Movies
you made recently coming to the Movie Theatre?
Would love to see Dark World, Seed, Furnace, and so on.
Wishing you the best.

Ocean Twp, NJ
July 19, 2007
Leslie, USA

You can expect 100 FEET in theatres. - WebConcierge

Dear Michael,
It's coming!!!!! It's gonna be fun and exciting!!!!!
Thanx, Michael...
July 16, 2007
Hannah, USA

dear michael
you are the best actor !!!
you are sooooo sexy !!!
i love you !!!
i come from germany ,... shit !
July 16, 2007
sylvia42, Germany

Have been a big fan of your Eddie & the Cruisers movies wil their ever be another one telling us more about the futher adentures of Eddie an his singing career
July 16, 2007

Hello Mr. Paré!
Great to see, that you were so busy making so many new movies. And they all seem to be very intersting-especially '100 Feet'.
But now after playing in so many dark and serious movies like 'Furnace','Tunnel Rats','Seed','100 Feet' and 'Bloodrayne II',it would be nice to see you in other kind of movie again-maybe a comedy or an adventure movie or a romance!
Wish you all the best and good luck for future projects!
July 15, 2007
Franz, Germany

hi, michael.
my ricardo, first all i want to tell you that you are a great actor and in my country you are very popular (Brazil). i miss you in the big screen. i live in Jersey and do you have acting worshop for beginers. thank you and god bless you.
July 14, 2007
ricardo, Brazil

Hello Michael Paré!
Here in Germany three movies will be released this autumn. I'm very looking forward to them! Hope, that really soon, we'll hear any news about future projects. I still hope to see you in a regular show again or in a movie based on a novel.I'm sure, it would be great to see you playing in a movie for example based on the novels by Nora Roberts or Janet Evanovich!
But a regular show would be wonderful!
All the best
July 14, 2007
Susi, Germany

Dear Michael,
Big news!!! Can't wait!
July 11, 2007
Sleepless in Seattle, USA

Hi Mike!
I just finished reading about your new films! You are so handsome. Such a sweetie. Have fun over there! Enjoy!
July 11, 2007
Suzanne Boyajian

Dear Michael,
Dear Michael, I just bought "Peril" and what a good job you played as a physco! I never imagined you as one but boy what a job you did! I have most of your movies now, but I can not seem to purchase Tunnel Rats, is it available for purchasing yet? I have worn out Eddie and the Cruisers so I am going to have to try to replace it. Ha Ha Wish me luck. I love you in both of those. You really outdid yourself in those two movies. What about a third one, do you think one will ever come out?
Sincerely, Geri
July 10, 2007
Geri, Stockbridge, Ga, USA

Tunnel Rats is currently in post production, not long before release. - WebConcierge

Hi Michael!
Russian loves you very much! How can I talk with you? You are very big actor!
Thank you for all!!!
July 9, 2007
Ludmila, Moscow Russia

I was reading through some the past "Dear Michael" questions looking at the Eddie and the Cruisers 3 questions. Has there been any new developments on this? Have you approached MGM/Sony about doing another movie? I know that at one time, you had a script or an outline already ready to go.
July 7, 2007
William, USA

Eddie III comes and goes in various ways. We always do our best for our Eddie - WebConcierge

Dear Michael,
I love all of your movies that I have been able to see so far. Some are not available around here but I have a fair collection. As with most my favorites are Eddie and the Cruisers series but you are a very diverse actor and I enjoy them all. Enjoy the California weather for me as I surely miss it. I now live in hot humid Georgia although I visit my family in Calif. often. I wish you lots of luck in all your future movies.
July 6, 2007
Debbie, USA

Hi Mike!
I was wondering if you could come see me. I am in a hosp. right now 1425 fruitdale ave. in san jose ( do you know the way...) It would be really nice to see you and I am sure it would aid to my recovery. The cookies are still reserved, even a new german(?) word. Ruger, the reward. Have a nice white, red & blue day, regardless. Godspeed Dear.
Suzanne B. (thanx!**)
July 4, 2007
Suzanne B

Our thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery - WebConcierge

Hi Michael,
Well, I just bought more of your movies and let me tell you, my hubby thinks I've got the hots for you, isn't that silly? I just love your acting! We both saw "Sunset Heat" and it was a little too hot for me, but in all the movie was great and your acting was fantastic. My daughter, Kim, buys the movies I pick out and before I buy them I read the backs, if they sound good I ask her to buy them. All of the ones that I have bought were great! I truly loved "A month of Sundays" I wished you were in it a little longer, however. The lady they picked out for your girlfriend could have been a little younger, don't you think? I can not wait to purchase "Tunnel Rats" I think my hubby will truly love that one because he was in Viet Nam himself. Will let you go. Keep up the good work. Take care & God bless!
Always Geri
July 4, 2007
Geri, USA

Hello Michael.
I your big fan from Russia. My name is Vera. Excuse for my bad English.My favourite movie "Sunset heat". I looked all films leaving in Russia.(only 45)I Dream to look "Eddie and The Cruisers"and "Eddie lives". With impatiense i wait for new movies! Good Luck! Bye! Thanks authors for an interesting site! Only there are not enough photos. It would be desirable to see them more!
July 2, 2007
Vera Shunaeva, Moscow, Russia

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