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Dear Michael,
Do you ever have musicians come up to you today saying Eddie Wilson was their inspiration? Just to let you know, I have watched "Eddie II" a number of times and think your performance was great.
June 30, 2004
Jim from Cleveland, Ohio
Yes, a lot .......... Website Concierge II

Hi Michael!
Just finished watching Streets of Fire again, as at looooooong last it has finally come out on DVD in the UK this week. Still brilliant after all these years. Don't see many of your new movies as they don't come out in any form in the UK but here's hoping! Thanks.
June 26, 2004
Glyn Davies, United Kingdom

Just wanted you to know I just finished watching Eddie and the Cruisers II. I watch it every time it comes on, you were wonderful in it. I haven't seen you in years so I searched the web for a fan site. Big fan. I will keep an eye for past and future projects, thank-you.
June 24, 2004
Candace from Ontario, Canada

Hi Michael!
I think your acting is not peckable (impeccable) and that you have plenty of subway fare (savior fare) (Heh **) I think that your appearance is just stunning, cool lips, neato eyebrows, nice fingernails, delightful muscles, the cutest feet & hair. Just superb. And the looks you get on your face are So pure! You shouldn't be shy ever cause you're such a good example. I like you tons & if you ever need someone to say hi to I'm here for ya. (**) Enjoy Lots!
June 24, 2004
Suzanne B. Stockton, CA

Michael: Im the Sea Jesus with the sea weed on my head at C- Street where you were catching all the waves on your classic long board keep it up, surfing is a great sport for the mind and soul. See you again charging down the line of a big wave. Aloha
June 23, 2004
Mahalo René, USA
P.S. If they ever make a movie about Dick Dale in his earlier years you would be perfect for the roll surfing and rock and roll.

I just wanted to tell you I think you are a great actor, and i miss seeing you on a regular tv show. I was a teenager when Houston Knights was on and I loved it!!!! I wished it would have lasted A LOT longer! My husband has several episodes of Greatest American Hero taped, so I watch that and look for you every time! Well, good luck, and i hope to see you star in a tv show of your own!
June 21, 2004
christi, usa

Dear Michael Paré!
Happy Father's Day! Hope, you'll have a nice day! Best wishes!
June 20, 2004
Your Sue

Dear Michael,
Happy Father's Day! We all believe that being a good father (and you must be) and your career will go together, and go on better.
June 20, 2004
Yedos Kaleidos, Manamin & Gregory

Dear Michael!
OOpps, forgot to mention, just watched Moon 44 for the first time in 8 years. Still the same buzz. Regards,
June 19, 2004

Dear Michael,
I'm sure your sick of hearing about eddie and the cruisers, but I just wanted to tell you how much your movies have inspired me in my life. My family watches your eddie movies all the time, Me and my sister have a rock band and when we make it big we would love to get the chance to meet you. Our band site is I don't know if you really get to read these post, but if you do would you please sign our guestbook. Thanks
June 15, 2004
fan 4life

hi there mike.
there was an original script to streets of fire that came up for auction on ebay but unfortunately i was pipped at the post. if you had a spare one, well here's my email address. that would be great. big fan of yours as is my daughter. best wishes.
June 14, 2004
david and charlotte

Hello Mr. Michael,
happy Father's Day. I really hope you enjoy that day with your son and forget about the job for a while, we know that you are a hard worker but that day will be so special for you, so have fun and don't forget bout your fans we will be here supporting you today and always. Have fun.
June 14, 2004

Dear Michael,
Just thought that I would drop a quick line. I have not seen very many Michael Paré movies save for Into the Sun and Moon 44. I however did absolutely love into the Sun. I saw for the first time when I was 13 years old and I have watched it many times since. It is funny as well as action packed. Well, Just wanted to say that I think that Michael Pare is a great actor and that I am interested in seeing more of his movies.
June 9, 2004
Jared Keller, Canada

Hi- my name is Alicia, and I'm in a band called the Wag. As I'm sure you know, John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band did the music for the soundtrack of Eddie & the Cruisers. My band is opening up for them on Friday, July 23, at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ. cc Please visit our website at to purchase tickets, as well as listen to our music! I look forward to hearing from you. -
June 7, 2004
Alicia, USA

Hi Michael,
I got to see the trailer for the Fate movie & thought it was pretty cool. I hope fervently that it comes out in theaters because with Steve Austin in it it could make you lots of funs (!) yow!yow! I think you are just the sweetest person around & thought the scene with max arguing with his wife & trying to get the gun in Starhunter was just a Riot! You are so hilarious. I think it would be such fun to meet you. I hope I get the chance eventually & maybe help you locate a catfish. (heh **) Have lots of fun!
June 5, 2004
Suzanne B., Stockton, CA

Ok, I know you probably get this all the time, but what is the deal with Eddie and the cruisers? I went on the internet to find pictures of Eddie Wilson, and got nothing. The only pictures it is relating me to is yours. If Eddie died in 64, how did you get the rights to all his music? I know there is no way anyone can lip sing that good, and on the movie, I know your not lips singing. I just really believe that you are Eddie:-) Its just to much stuff man, but I will keep researching!
EDDIE LIVES!!!!!!!!!
May 31, 2004
Charline, USA

Dear Michael,
You're a great actor and I hope, that we can see you in new projects really soon. At the moment, I'm reading a great novel, *One for the Money* by Janet Evanovich. The rights for making a movie were already sold to TriStar and my friends and me think, you would be perfect for the role of Joe Morelli and Sandra Bullock would be perfect as the other main-character Stephanie Plum. It would be a dream, if you and Ms. Bullock would play the roles. All my best wishes for you and your family!
May 24, 2004
Your fan Susi, Germany

Dear Michael,
Dear Michael, Roses are red violets are blue sugar is sweet and so are you. And i think you should be proud of your music. Because you made it. And if you have time i would like to have lunch with you, sometime. And a ride in your blue car. I think you are very handsome, and i like you too. ... I like your movies. And your music. I would like you to meet my 2 cats, Nutty and T0to.
May 7, 2004
Michelle lynn schueneman, usa

Dear Michael,
Saw Eddie II again today. I am a native of Santa Paula, California (Philadelpia Experiment) and think of you there. Thanks again for all the fun and excitement you project with your craft.
"Forever Fan"
May 4, 2004
Cindy, USA

Dear Mr. Michael Paré,
Even though I'm only 18 I have seen some of your movies and I have become a fan. I saw both the Eddie And The Cruisers movies and loved them. you are a great actor and I hope that come out with another move soon. I live in Ontario Canada and I have the first Eddie And The Cruisers movie on DVD but not the second one. I hope it comes out again soon I would really like to get it. I love all your movies. Keep up the great work.
April 30, 2004
Krista, Canada

Very nicely designed site to look at. Need to know more information about current doings, including where to get these almost impossible to find newer video/dvd releases of your films. And some information about upcoming films and doings would be good. Private live, however, should remain respected and private!
April 30, 2004
W. Stevens, San Francisco

LOVED Eddie & the Cruisers I and II. Also loved you in the cop series that you did for TV sometime back. Do you live in Canada, or do you make a lot of your films there? Sorry I missed Cold Case Files.....hope to see you in more films. Also, wouldn't an update of Eddie & Cruisers be cool! Love Ya,
April 30, 2004

Michael you are the dreamiest guy on this planet, I loved you in both the Eddie and The Cruisers movies, the soundtrack on those films are awesome. My son is born one day after you and loves starhunter, I let him stay up and watch it , he will be eleven this year. I just wanted to let you know that you have a lot of fans here in Australia, You are still one hot babe, Can't wait to see your next film....with kindest regards to you and your family...... love from Teresa (my son grant says hi) xxxxxxoooooxxxxoooo
April 29, 2004
Teresa, Australia

Dear Michael,
COLD CASE! After I watched this episode, I understood why CBS used your scenes in the preview. You are very convincing in GREED. Someone said about your "winning smile," I totally entirely fully agrees with her. You really steals the show!
April 28, 2004
Love-Me-Tender, TX

Dear Michael,
I am a long-time fan and first time writer to you. I have been a fan since The Philadelphia Experiment. I loved you in Eddie and the Cruisers I & II and have made my husband a fan of yours as well. John Cafferty's music in Eddie I and II was fantastic but your acting is what gave both movies their soul. I just wanted to say that I think you have great talent and it is a shame that Hollywood has not recognized that. Maybe you feel the same way too. I hope that you will be doing more movies and maybe something sci-fi again. Who would you like to work with actor/actress or director? I think you would be great in StarGate or something similar. You are one of the few actors of my generation who takes it seriously and I feel has the staying power for a long and healthy career. I hope to see more of you. Peace and Love,
April 22, 2004
Chris from KY, United States
Michael was originally cast in STARGATE for the lead and left when Kurt Russel and James Spader came in. ...........Website Concierge II

Dear Mr Paré,
I am writing you this letter to advise you to play Eddie Wilson again. I admire the songs and life that Eddie lives. Eddie married to an artist and have child or two. But later you learned you have an older daughter or a son that you did not know when Eddie were living in Canda as Joe... This child sing like Eddie. I think you should add something and i beleive this would make a great movie....
April 22, 2004

Dear Michael,
Hi Babe! Haven't left a message for awhile. I keep looking for your newer movies, but I can't seem to find Homeroom, Red Serpent, etc here in Milwaukee. BUT, I did get to see you in Cold Case Apr. 18th. Great Michael! Way to go. It was a cameo role, but nice to see you again. You looked great with your winning smile as usual. How I wish you were in a place so that you could answer your Email messages, that would be so encouraging for the fans. Newer projects seem to surface in Canada before the USA. Hear you are located in L.A. now. Good.
April 22, 2004
Ciao Babe, Love Zig, WI

Just read my previous message and I see it came out not as soulful as I wanted it to be. THAT movie - oh, THAT VERY movie - it was so unexpected for me and touching and funny and sad and echoed my warmest and most consoling memories. It would be unfair really if it could have been me to miss it. Maybe (but not for sure) I will show it to my daughter some day and say: "This is the story I want you to watch." Having read other letters to you, I can say I'm glad so many people care about you and wish you good. Michael, my dearest friend, be happy! I will care about you in my mind.
April 21, 2004
Muse from Non-Blonde Country

Dear Michael,
I have just seen your recent work - can't believe I could have missed it - and I couldn't really help writing to you what a GREAT STORYTELLER you are! Take care of yourself and lots of love,
April 21, 2004

April 20, 2004

Hello Michael,
I am an Germany Fan for You. I like your films and you as Person. Sorry, my english is not so good, but i hope you can understand me. I like your eyes and i love you. you are my dreamboy. I wish i can more pictures of you find. You are an very interest person.
April 18, 2004
Greetings from Germany Loredana

Dear Michael,
I am a disabled vietnam veteran, and wanted to tell you that you are an excellent actor. Your performance in the Eddie and the Cruiser's movies is excellent. My dream was to be an entertainer, and I did perform for a while. Watching the Eddie/cruisers movies and listening to the music really brightens my life. Thank you again and best of wishes and luck to you in all your endeavors.
April 18, 2004
John M. Swain, MO

Dear Michael,
i'm only 18 and i first saw your video eddie and the cruisers when i was 6 i loved it and when i saw the second one eddie lives i was like wow, my friends and i can do all the beats to the music and we know all the words to the songs. My dad just loves the movies and we own both too, i think you were so hot in the movie and so cool, and you sounded so good when you sung yours truly
April 17, 2004
kristena, united states

dear michael,
we love your work very much. I myself can relate to eddie and the cruisers, cause i have lived through the same experience. Thanks for your great talent and keep up the good acting!
April 17, 2004
glenn and sharon, USA

Dear Michael,
happy Easter-greetings from your German fan Wolfgang from Freising near Munich; I wish you a very long life and all the best for you and your family - and, Michael, you must do very good films the next twenty years, too. O.K.?? I have found my great actor in TV and Movie, some years ago - five years ago: "Y O U"!!! I thank god for your existence! Michael, I must write it too; I love you, Michael, excuse!! What else can I do for you, than to write these lovely words to a very great actor?!?!
April 13, 2004
Wolfgang from Germany

Dear Michael,
I am a 21 year old husband and father from Oregon. You've been my favorite actor and I guess "hero" since I first saw Eddie and The Cruisers when I was 10 or so. Since then I have collected all of your movies realeased on video/dvd so far, and have even turned my Wife into a huge fan. I am very glad you decided to move back to the states and I hope you land a huge movie deal cause no one else in the industry deserves it more than you Sir.
Take Care of Yourself and God Bless
April 13, 2004
Wm. Cody Pittman, USA

Happy Easter, dear Michael,
Love Heike from Aschersleben/Germany
April 11, 2004
Heike Lange, Germany

Hi Michael,
I read all the other letters you have gotten and didn't want to be too repetitive. I don't usually get star struck and have never written to any other actor, but I just felt compelled to write to you today. I am 40 something and felt kinda dumb about writing to an actor that probably won't even read this, but on the off chance that you do, just wanted to say hi and I love you as an actor. will watch the upcoming cold case cuz I watch that show anyways and drool some more. Tee Hee!!! Be at peace Michael and take care of the craft and gift that god has given you.
April 9, 2004
Love, Di, USA
Don't worry, Michael reads fan mail. ...........Website Concierge

Wow what a "MAN"...Yum Yum....Meow....Goose Pimples all over! My hubby was watching tv and I melted like butter watching you play Eddie.......You really have the body of Michael Angelo and the looks of David,,,,,, Liquid sex for sure...... Elvis,,,,,, You have been truly blest....You have sparked a fire in me that hasn't been there since Elvis.... This Grandma is seeing the light again......LOL! Whomever you are married is one lucky woman. Take care...
*******The Stars are shining bright in Dallas Texas!
April 9, 2004
Hilda, USA

I just wanted to add my two cents about what a great actor you are. Every movie I've seen with you in it was great. I have never seen a bad movie you made. I don't know what it is that you bring to set but it is awesome. I've been a fan since the Greatest American Hero and I'm still being amazed by your ability, presence. Your eyes always make me believe the part you're playing. You give great eyes. Keep your fate hooked to the stars. Peace & Love to you and yours.
April 9, 2004
Cypher, Brooklyn, New York

Dear Mister Michael Paré!
Happy Easter for you and your beloved ones.Hope,you all will have nice and harmonious Ester Holidays! Best wishes
April 9, 2004
Your fan Sue

Dear Mister PARE,
I've just seen PETER JACKSON's THE RETURN OF THE KING and think you would have been a perfect ARAGORN ! I hope to see you in a DAVID LYNCH movie, a big quality blockbuster and a JAMES IVORY movie.Your talent (totally natural) deserves the best projects and the best movie directors ...
Enjoy your life !
April 7, 2004

Dear Michael,
Love the new web site. It is a pity we don't get all the american series. I am still waiting to see Starhunter I think it is cool. Hope you have a good easter and like the other Australian fans it would be good if you made a movie over here! Take care.
April 5, 2004
Robbyn, Australia

Dear Michael,
I think you did an excellent role playing Eddie Wilson. I saw the original movie and Eddie lives. I love the music ! I would like to see a reunion with Eddie and the cruisers. A cruisers fan
March 31, 2004
Mary, USA

Dear Michael,
I started watching COLD CASE. How nice I'll see you in a coming episode. I hope it'll be very soon. I can' wait for "Greed is Good." If I am correct, the title comes from the famous Gekko's speech?
March 30, 2004
HK loving Texan, USA

Hi Michael,
I was told by my grandmother that we are related probably like 3rd cousins if not further i was just wondering where you are originally from and such hope to hear form you soon...
March 30, 2004
Karen, Canada

hi michael,
a nice new website! you guys did a great job! and a great news of COLD CASE. i loved the show and will love it more when you show up there. i didn't know that you've moved 'cause i only stopped by at dear michael. anyway congratulations!
March 23, 2004
ellen, new york

Hello Michael,
Congratulation for you new Web side, and congratulation for the character your doing in the Cold Case. Thank you for doing a great job for us. You know all the fans in this web are here for you to watch your great talent. Have fun and have a great day!
With love,
March 23, 2004
Mariela, USA

Hi, Michael,
i must always write to you again, to an excellently actor - so I've seen "Sanctimony" and "Blackwoods" with you - these movies are full of bizarre scenes....
Ich habe now the most of your movies at home and I have a great Michael-Paré-depot. of films, and so on, photos, videos....
I love you, Michael, excuse.
May the happiness be with you....!!!
March 20, 2004
Greetings, Wolfgang, Germany

hi mike. i bet you must get really pissed off with keep being reminded of eddie and the cruisers etc, god i dont blame you, dont get me wrong, great movies for there era and even now. I am 41 and remember the wanderers and the warriors, remember swan, michael beck, what ever happened to him, at least your still going. your characters that you play, but you yourself have always been a big, yeh lets do it in my life and even my daughter thinks of you as part of the family, she says to me, dad he feels like i know him so well like eeees my brother, none of my friends have heard of him, and i have to tell them who he is but now they want to see his films. mike love you lots take care.
March 19, 2004
the mcglynn family, england

Hi Michael,
Just wanted to say 'THANKS!' for all of your movies, but especially for your Eddie Wilson portrayal. Eddie and the Cruisers I & II are probably two of the most entertaining movies in my collection. I never get sick of them and, although John Cafferty wrote the music and sang the soundtrack, you sold the songs with your performance. I have no idea if you can play the guitar and sing, but you certainly gave a great impression of being a first class muso. I don't understand why you aren't offered major movie roles but, you're in a group of very talented actors who also miss out, whilst we're pretty tired of seeing the same faces on the big screen. - Oh, yes it would be great if you could make it to the land of Oz to make a movie or two - right here in sunny Queensland.
Thanks again Michael
March 19, 2004
Celia, Australia

Dear Michael,
I am writing to you from Terrigal Beach Australia, I have been following your career since 1983. I love your craft, you are a powerful actor in a league of your own.I hope someday you will bring your talents to Australia and make a movie here.
Yours sincerely
March 17, 2004
Jane Stewart-Kemble, Australia

Hello Michael,
I was Just wondering is there going to be another eddie and the cruisers movie anytime soon
March 15, 2004
Gloria Clark, Usa
We hear that the industry keeps talking about another "Eddie." ...........Website Concierge

Dear Michael,
hello, here ist your German fan, again.... I wish you a happy life with your family and many success in movie-making and I would tell you, that my hobby, "YOU" will be bigger and bigger, and I hope, that I can see you in my life everywhere personally ......
So what can I say, I "love" you, michael and I'm being proud of myself to have "YOU" as my hobby!!
March 7, 2004
Wolfgang, Greetings from Freising/Germany

It is so good to see you still out there making movies and stuff, but I grew up watching you as Tony Villacona on The Greatest American Hero. I thought that you had the Eddie Wilson look back in 1981... Is there any chance of a reunion movie with the original cast? I would hope that whoever has the rights to this old show, would restore it and bring that puppy to DVD! I hope that you will drop me a line and I will write again real soon... I love you.. I even have a homemade version of the red suit and it was a hit at the Halloween party back in October!
March 7, 2004
Pamela Parrish, Columbus Ohio USA

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