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BloodRayne- Exclusive Interview with Michael Pare
BloodRayne starring Kristanna Loken is Uwe Boll's game-inspired film with terrific action scenes and special effects. Michael Pare joins an incredible all star cast, which includes, among others, Ben Kingsley, Michelle Rodriquez, Billy Zane, Michael Madsen, Meat Loaf, Udo Kier and Geraldine Chaplin. This comic book super-hero battles to save humanity from the dawn of an advancing vampire army. BloodRayne hit theatres in January of 2006.

Michael tells us how enjoyable it was to work with Uwe again in Romania.

Start of Career
--Did you have any formal training in acting before you landed your first role in?
Michael Pare : Yes I studied for two years in New York with several different teachers. Then I auditioned for ABC's talent development program and Steven Cannel put me on The Greatest American Hero.
--Your first big break came in The Greatest American Hero. Do you prefer acting in television as opposed to movies? Please explain.
I have done a lot of television and movie's and it all depends on the budget. The more time and money you have the more time you can spend on the production. Also, in movie's you can gamble on a more select audience where on television you must answer to network executives.
Role in BloodRayne
--Tell me about your role in BloodRayne.
I had a small cameo role in BloodRayne. Uwe called me and it sounded like fun to be in Romania on a big budget with him. The movies I did with Uwe were much more artsy and thought provoking where BloodRayne is pure entertainment.
--If you can give just one piece of advice to an up and coming actor, what would it be?
Actors should study until they learn to enjoy the work or craft of acting then go for it and try to stay with the first big agent you get.
--How have the attitudes of Hollywood directors changed from the time you began your career until present time?
I think Hollywood is cyclic sometimes it is the directors with all the power sometimes producers or actors depending on the public.
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--What did the role of Eddie Wilson do for your career?
Eddie made me a movie actor.
--Is it true that you were chosen over Rick Springfield for that role?
No, but if I failed in the concert scenes I was told they would replace me with Rick.
--What do you look for in a script before accepting a role in a movie?
The story must be intriguing and the character must be someone I have a good understanding of.
--What's your opinion of reality television?
Reality TV has its audience but it is not mine.
John Carpenter, Walter Hill, Roland Emmerich and Uwe Boll
--You've had the opportunity to work with some great directors during your career. One example would be John Carpenter on Village of the Damned. Compare Uwe's style of directing to that of John Carpenter.
Uwe, John Carpenter, Walter Hill, Roland Emmerich all have absolute confidence in their story telling ability.
--What must be present between an actor and a director to get a great final product?
What must be present between an actor and a director to get a great final product?
--Uwe has told me on more than one occasion about your incredible culinary abilities. Has the idea of having your own cooking show ever crossed your mind?
When I quit acting I might consider trying a cooking show.
--Which celebrity cook would you relate your style of cooking to?
I like Emeril very much. He seems to really enjoy himself.
Michael's Official MySpace
--On a closing note, is there anything that you would like to say to your fans on
Look for me to have a much more significant role in Far Cry.
--Professional "Rock'n Roll" photographer. He is also a moderator of Michael's Official MySpace page http://www.myspace/michaelpare.
interview by Michael Strider
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