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Dear Michael,
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Jun. 29, 2001
I would like to tell you how I like your acting,and every thing on you... You are one of my idols,after Mike Oldfield who is my favorite musician (I hope that you heir for him)...I'm sorry because I don't speak English so well...I'm from Yugoslavia...well...What can I say more except that I wish you all best...

Vesna Amarokgirl

Jun. 27, 2001
je vous ai vu il y a un an dans "philadelphia experiment" et j'aimerais bien un jour tomber sur vous avec votre femme et vous faire plaisir a tous les deux. au hasard de la vie...


Jun. 25, 2001
I watched The Debt awhile ago & the ending was SO Sad (!) Gosh, I woulda confronted you with the real monetary value & took my chances. (sad, sniff) But what a cutie, I adore you. I liked the look you gave the girl in Raging Angels when you were getting out of the limousine (wow) More about noticing you; I had to re-watch the cowboy way to make sure the guy didn't rescue the girl off a double bed (!) You are just terrific.

Truly yours,
Suzanne Boyajian

Jun. 25, 2001
I have seen the Eddie and the cruisers one and two and think you were the perfect person to play in it and I hope to see you in other movies

Dana Martin

Jun. 21, 2001
Just wanted to drop a line and let you know how much I enjoy your work..... You became my favorite actor right after I saw Eddie and the Cruisers (the first movie I saw you in) I am trying to get all of your movies... I am up to 40... I just got Peril and loved it... cant wait to get Sanctimony.... I hope to meet you sometime and tell you how much I respect you.
Well I wish you the best of luck in the future.


Jun. 21, 2001
I just wanted to say that I think you have accomplished a lot in your career. I think that you are a really great actor. My favorite movie that you played in was Eddie and the Cruisers. I really thought you were the singer. You are a very handsome man too. I still cant find the second part to the movie Eddie and The cruisers. I am only 12 yrs old but I think your really great!


Jun. 19, 2001
I'm from a far-away country from U.S.A. At first I just thought I was charmed by the looks of the man in the movies "Streets of Fire" and "Philadelphia Exp.", but after I watched The Streets. twice, something changed my thought. As I look into that pair of eyes, there're emotional signs flowing along with the characters he's in. Finally, I hope you're doing great, and wish to see and hear more about your new, new films, talented and charming guy.


Jun. 12, 2001
Just wanted to say I am a huge fan and can not wait to see Michael in more movies.

Tina Kucera

Jun. 12, 2001
I saw quite a different facet of your personality last week. The Colony came in. That was the most sophisticated pilot I've seen you in yet. Your character Alex ran the gamut from charming to paranoid to violent even shouting at your wife Julia because she somehow said a wrong word at a tender moment, because of your fear of inheriting a gene. Couldn't help smiling when she confronted you and you took her in your arms and casually said, "I was angry" and kissed her, like THAT was supposed to smooth ALL things over. You guys really slay me!! Julia wasn't the ONLY one who rolled her eyes. Ha! Too bad that pilot never became a series. Would've been great!!

Ciao Baby,
Gloria Zig., Milw., WI.

Jun. 11, 2001
Been a fan for a while... Just wanted to say hello!
Would love to see MP on a TV Series! Some suggestions: Charmed, Dark Angel, Sex and the City, Ally McBeal


Jun. 9, 2001
I thought I ought to say that I'm a 39 year old female who desires your autograph; hopefully over a hot fudge sundae(!) I mean I'd like to get to know you and all that. I was watching something on the Beatles the other day and they described Elvis as this "perfect man" singing songs... That's what you are to me, a "perfect man" putting care into all of his shows (especially after watching "Warriors" again ^>^)
I hope you're having a lot of fun.

Sincerely yours,
Suzanne B.

michael - i'm a musician (who used to act)- and while i like most of your work -eddie and the cruisers hits home with me the most. band movies are usually lame - but you captured everything a lead singer (like myself) should be! i've played the clubs on the jersey shore - dealt with the "record people" - and somehow the melancholy, the heartbreak - you projected in your performance - makes the movie like a dear old friend for me - thanks man - anytime you wanna jam with me....
ps-i took it as a great compliment when someone told me i looked like you-

joseph michael d'agostino

Jun. 7, 2001
The parts in the films you do, are emotional.... and you are the only actor, who can do it... You have the aura, to do that so real and gentle and full of feelings, ...and nobody can do it so as you! You are the only one, who can be sad, and can crying... so emotional, ...and that makes you so wonderful...


Dear Michael, ...
If beeen in last no here, ....but now I've got time to write you *smile*
I don't write much more poems, because *the* poem I've write to you is in the Gallery....
So I will only looking to you now, and send a very good night and sweet dreams to you in the US, ...but you've got now day and I will wish you a happy Day and a *whatever you want* evening and night... I think of you.. .By
(Sorry for these English, ...but I'm writing it, how I can)


Jun. 5, 2001
Dearest Michael,
I wish you'll be making a lot more movies. I promise to watch them all. Good Luck!

Stay fit and cool.

May 30, 2001
Hi Michael, last week I watched "Peril" and I like this movie. You play the role of Vincent very good and I think you're a very talented actor. I can't expect it to watch "Sanctimony". It would be nice to see you in a comedy or in a romance (with Sandra Bullock). One of my favourite movies is "Hope Floats", because the movie is really good, but it's a pity, that your role was so small. I'm a fan of Sandra Bullock, too and do it was a great joy for me to see my two favourites in one movie together .It would be wonderful to see you with Sandra Bullock in a other movie together, but in this movie you should have a happy end with her.

God bless you and your family!
Your fan Sue from Germany

May 29, 2001
i would like to see eddie and the cruisers three.... because i think michael pare is real wild....


May 29, 2001
i like michael pare's movies and i hope he keeps on making more,,,,, i also have a crush on him.....


May 28, 2001
Hi Michael and everyone else. This is Gayle again, just wanting to let you know that I still think about you everyday. Just saw Carvers Gate last night and I thought it was great. Love ya lots. I'm still looking for Starhunter on my local cable company. Can't wait to see it.


May 25, 2001
You are really my idol. I have just watched few of your movies but all I can say is that you have everything-talents, looks, perfect body, tantalizing eyes, killer smile and X- factor. Actually, "Point of impact" was the first movie of yours I watched. After that, I can't live a day without looking for other videos and info about you. Stay fit. Hope you will be making more movies.


May 25, 2001
Best of luck to you in all your current projects. Glad all is going well and you are getting better parts. Can't wait to see Sanctimony and here's hoping you get that comedy with Leslie Nielson. It will bring back fond memories of Women's Club!!


May 25, 2001
The "Last Hour" just arrived - rare one. I laughed my head off twice. In one scene you're both fighting over whose wife Susan is while the goons are shooting at you both and you yell, "G----n it, can't you see we're trying to have a conversation?" Hilarious! Then at the very end of this horrific gun battle when Lombardi brings Susan to the roof, and you surprise him on the elevator & toss him over. What do you do? After ALL that..you pull the rabbit out of the hat & present Susan w/anniversary gift. Who could deny you anything Michael? Precious! What WAS in the box anyway? A jade Penoir??

Ciao Baby,
Gloria Zig, Milw., WI., USA

May 25, 2001
hi michael pare. are you going to make eddie and the cruisers 3?

your fan nick grantsis

May 23, 2001
Michael I just wanted to say HI! My name is Wanda,I don't know if you remember me but we got stranded at an arcade over in Fenton one night. Glad to see that things are going so well for you. I look forward to your next movie.


May 22, 2001
I got the 103 page Japanese photo book & one of my favorite pictures is the one where you're kissing that lady.
The other one is where it looks like you're picking lint off the lady's shirt from "Raging Angels".
I liked also in "Village of the Damned" where you were fighting for your smoke:"You're going to make me crash" Hmmm, fun!
I hope to see some tapes from "Starhunter" soon. I'm pretty excited about it.

Forever Yours,
Suzanne Boyajian

May 17, 2001
hi my name nick and i like eddie and the cruisers 1 and 2. i have the first one. i need eddie and the cruisers 2 eddie lives.

nick grantsis

May 15, 2001
I am a huge(HUGE!)fan of Eddie and the Cruisers. It really inspired me and touched me. You played the role of Eddie Wilson with such a breathtaking realness. I rented part one and two over the weekend (I had not seen it in ten years at least.) and I just fell in love with you and Eddie Wilson all over again. Though the songs are sung by someone else when I hear "On the Darkside" or "Season in Hell" I envision you. Anyway I am saddened because I cannot find hardly any pictures of you as Eddie Wilson, but I will keep on searching. In the meantime I am going to buy both Eddie movies.

You are always in my heart!!

May 15, 2001
Just wanted you to know that "EDDIE LIVES!!!!!" I watched part one and two and I fell head over heels for you and Eddie Wilson. Though the songs are sung by someone else I can vision you anytime "On the Darkside" and "Season in Hell" are in my head(which is quite often). I think there needs to be a part three in which the original cast from part one, "Wordman","JoAnn",and "Doc" find out about Eddie coming out of hiding. That would be great.I love you keep up with the good work.
You're always in my heart!


May 14, 2001
Hi Michael!!I really hope you read this. You are and always will be my very first crush I ever had. I was about 10 when I saw you in .. The Cruisers and I never will forget it!! You are undoubtedly one of the best actors that I have ever seen.

Love ya!!!
Gayle-New Mexico

May 1, 2001
You are a great actor. You have the looks (you're one of the best good-looking guys in the movies) & the talent that could have won you an Oscar or be one of Hollywood's greatest actors had you been given good scripts & films. Your talent have been wasted in some movies. After your your Houston Knights TV series, you should have continued doing such shows, you deserved to be given another chance. I would love you doing more action and drama films.


Apr. 30, 2001
I love your movies, you are a very talented actor and one day you will be up on stage accepting an Oscar for your talent as an actor. I love all your movies you make them your own, you play the character as if you are the character and you bring him to life.
Michael you make your fans proud to be you fan and you, making us happy by making movies and letting as tell you that. Thank you.

Susie Wood From Winnipeg, MB

Apr. 25, 2001
Now that I know Michael Pare has done so many other movies, I'm going to have to acquaint myself to some of them. If Michael sees this, I'd like to tell him to keep up the good work and I hope he is happy and gets the success and recognition he deserves as.

Lots of Love and Laughter in Life,
Astartae (Jenny Johnson)

Apr. 23, 2001
Hi, I was about 13 when I first saw one of your movies. It was Eddie and the Cruisers 2: Eddie lives. I just wanted you to know that I have seen ever movie that you have did since then and I just loved each one of them. I would like to know if you still Keep in contact with the people that played in your band in the second movie? You where great in both of those Eddie movies. Keep up the great work.


Apr. 22, 2001
G'day Mr. Pare`
How are you today?
I'd just like to say that many people admire your spectacular effort in the roles you play in movies; stage plays; and T.V, and all of the effort you have put in over years has paid off to make you be, the person you are today. A HERO as many would say! :) Take Good Care of your family and yourself and Keep Up the Spectacular Effort!
'Hope to meet you in the future'

Sara Geremia, Australia

Apr. 21, 2001
Dear Michael,
I never miss a chance to see one of your movies. You are a fine actor who gets better and better. Your intense life force and charismatic presence always lights up the screen in a very special way. Thank you for all the terrific performances. You are one of my all rime very favorite actors.
May your star glow brighter and brighter in the coming years. Michael, you are Terrific !!!!!!!

Best Wishes,

Apr. 19, 2001
Dear Michael,
I just wanted to tell you that I thoroughly enjoy your movies I have watched Eddie and the Cruisers so many times that the box is starting to look like a previously viewed video store movie (!) I show it to friends that never saw your films before because it's the film I noticed you on. (It still impresses me to see the look you gave Dianna) I can hardly wait to see Star Hunter, a fellow fan in Toronto said she'd tape it for me.(Fun lady) Don't forget to stop & smell all the roses. ^>^

Love & Hugs,
Suzanne B.

Apr. 12, 2001
I liked your roles on "In the Dead of Space" and "The Virgin Suicides" (poor baby, gotta go to groups) My favorite scene in "The Dead of Space" was where you flared your nostrils while 'knife practicing' (^>^) and one of my favorite lines was "there's no light at the end of this tunnel, Renee" You were a bright spot for me when you talked on "The Virgin Suicides". The relationship you described sounded pretty accurate of that couple & true love Can be hard to find sometimes. (Encore!) I can hardly wait to see "Peril"!

Much Love,
Suz Boyajian

Apr. 12, 2001
Michael, I liked THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT and both EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS' movies. I loved HOUSTON KNIGHTS. I wish you would play more of that type of character and not so much of the sci-fi stuff. You appeal to all generations. I am a great-grandmother and am probably as great a fan as these teeny-boppers who idolize you. But I can't go some of that raunchy stuff. How about some more of the "knights" movies or television. You are so good, you should be in more quality work. We don't get your new TV show here so can't comment on that.


Apr. 10, 2001
Dear Michael,
Your flick 2103 The Deadly Wake arrived in the mail today. God, you looked great in there, nicely shaven, hair well styled! You & Malcolm McDowell were excellent! You DO manage to surround yourself w/top stars like, Casper Van Dien, Sandra Bullock, Luca Bercovici, Morgan Freeman, Catherine Oxenberg and great directors like Francis Ford Coppola in "Suicides". The love scenes w/Martine left me breathless!! You are one HOT guy Michael! I would like to see you on the big screen in the USA soon. Is Blackwoods such a film? Wake up Hollywood!!!! It doesn't get any better than Michael Pare.

Ciao Baby,
Gloria Zig., Milw., WI., USA

Apr. 6, 2001
Hello Michael. I've been watching your Eddie and the Cruisers films every day since 1986 the year I was born. I sing to John Cafferty songs all of the time. You sound just like John. I just want to say your my number one actor. Oh, I act like you all of the time and I use Joe West for my fake name. I hope it's all right.

John Priga

Apr. 4, 2001
I finally got the chance to watch the Virgin Suicides. You were seriously the bright spot in the movie. Poore baby, gotta goto to grups. "I thought you sounded pretty stable as it was. "You were right about the true love too. Those two really looked made for each other and true love is hard to find sometimes. "Three cheers to you honey" ^>^

Love Muchly,
Suz Boyajian ^>^

Apr. 2, 2001
Dear Michael,
I hope this message finds you and yours well and happy. I was very excited when I saw you had been given your own sci fi series. I've seen your movies for years and was glad that the PTBs finally gave you a series. I've not really looked into the background of the show to see who's writing the story lines, but they are wonderfully twisted. My daughter loves Percy, (she's nine), and my son loves all the action, although I have to explain some of the plot to him, (he's six.) Anyway, I just thought I would tell you how much we enjoy the show and all your other work, it's always nice to see a friendly Canadian face on the tube.

Take care,
Leslie, Parry Sound, ON

Apr. 1, 2001
Hello Michael,
I woke up early this morning and started watching Eddie and the Cruisers II. Great great movie. You are very talented and a wonderful actor. I have never written to a fan club before but I just wanted you to know this....

A friend in Michigan
Jordyn Lynn