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Dear Michael,
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September 22, 2000
I have seen some of your movies and have been looking for more. Eddie and The Cruisers was by far one of my favorites and also Part 2. Just saw part 2 yesterday on I think it was TNT, I have seen both numerous times.I have to agree with the majority, you are a nice looking man. Hope to see you in future movies :^) You are a wonderful actor. Hope everything you do in life turns out great for you.


September 16, 2000
How are you? Hope, you are fine! With big interest I have followed your career since the beginning. For the first time I have seen you in "Eddie and the Cruisers". -WOW!!!- I was enthusiastic and at the same time fascinated of YOU and YOUR admirable actor performance. I love your movies and enjoy every minute of them. You are an excellent actor and you enchant me with your charisma again and again. After so many years you are still my favourite actor and you'll always be it.
God save you

your Elke, W・zburg/Germany

September 10, 2000
What an exciting meeting with the members here! For me it was the first time to join the Farewell-Michael-For a While Gathering after the last show of THE VIRGIN SUICIDES. It was very nice to talk about your film, your role and our love to you. I have never experienced the fan gathering like this before, your fans were all over the world. What made me very happy was that I listened to your "off-screen" velvet voice. It was one of the interviews the club did recently. Thank you so much, Michael. You are just wonderful!



September 10, 2000
We have been long waiting for this gathering. At last we made it. It was a fun, Michael. This was our first time that we listened to your own words. And we learned how many fans love your talent. It was really a gorgeous moment for us to share our love with your fans, while listening to your tape.

We love you!

Clara & Marlene from Berlin now in Tokyo

September 6, 2000
I got to know you when I began to watch "Houston Knights". What a wonderful show. I never missed it. In Mexico we don't have access to much of your work, so I only remember you from that show. You are the most handsome man I've ever seen, and I really loved both those characters that were La Fiamma and Lundy. I must say I love your partner, Michael Beck, and haven't found almost anything about him on the net. I hope I get lucky soon.

God bless you now and forever,
A "Houston Knights" fan forever with love,

Maru, Mexico

September 1, 2000
I am a huge fan of your work. I think you are doing a wonderful job! You are a great actor and you should be proud of your talents. Please keep up the fantastic work. Best of luck to you always!


August 28, 2000
You probably hear this all time, but your a wonderful Actor! Your performance in Eddie and the Cruisers I and Eddie and the Cruisers II Eddie Lives! was excellent! Do you think that there will ever be an Eddie and the Cruisers part 3? If there is you could be sure that I'll buy it! I already have part one and two, and their soundtracks. I didn't know that you lip sang through the movies, you couldn't tell at all! Have you ever thought about becoming a singer? I also saw your performance in Hope Floats which was an awesome movie! You certainly do have a knack for performing wonderful parts Michael!

Nicole - part I

August 28, 2000
I'm 17 years old turning 18 on October 5th. I don't make a big deal over my birthday or anything, but I read on the Homepage that your birthday was on October 9th, and I thought that I would mention that our birthdays are kind of close to each others! I hope that wasn't corny of me or something. Anyway do you have a favorite movie that you had the pleasure of performing in Michael? What are your favorite kinds of movies to perform in if you have one? I'm going to close this E-mail before I say too much.

Your Fan Forever and Ever!

Nicole - part II

August 28, 2000
Hey! My name is Brandy. I'm a huge fan of yours. I love and have all your movies. I think you are a great, cute actor.


August 25, 2000
THE VIRGIN SUICIDES! After a long run for 5 months, the last show is coming soon. We will gather at theaters to say goodbye to you on screen. As everyone said here and there, your appearance is very impressive and it definitely gives the film a taste and injects a special flavor in it. I love your performance! We will have a small party after the show. Farewell for a while, until we see you again on DVD.

K. G. Rubinstein

August 22, 2000
Hi Michael,  I have worked as an extra in "Star Hunter" and I hope to work with you some day on set. Hope you like New Brunswick and what it has to offer.
Though this town may be small it is full of kind hearted people, I like to say that I am one of them :o)

August 19, 2000
I've just been surfing the net and come across a site for your old TV series Houston Knights. What a blast from the past. I can't believe it was over a decade ago - you haven't changed a bit! Has there been any thought to a HK reunion movie? It seems Hollywood are into remakes and revisits - so why not it could be a hoot. Keep up the good work Michael.
Gayle, Australia

August 19, 2000
You come into the scene with your deep voice. YES, I agree. You are wonderful in The Virgin Suicides. You are so impressive!

Kunihiro G.

August 18, 2000
I loved THE VIRGIN SUICIDES! I loved your performance in this film! You are so attractive and so talented. I knew it before but again and again realize it. Keep on going!

Elizabeth, Tokyo

August 17, 2000
I heard that "Sanctimony" was released on video in Las Vegas and have heard about rave reviews. I also heard that "Star Hunter" is going well. Please tell us it has Monsters!
I really love you.
Suzanne Boyajian

August 17, 2000
I have been watching your movies for years. I think you are a very talented man. I hope to see more of your movies in the future. I really enjoyed your movie Philadelphia Experiment. The first time I had seen one of your movies was in my hometown London, England and have been watching your movies ever since. Today I live in LA and hope to meet you one day.

August 13, 2000
I have recently discovered Eddie & the Cruisers and they have become my all time favourites. I was disappointed to find Eddie 2 out of print as fewer people will be able to share in this movie. I didn't realize you had been in so many movies looks like I have a few video nights ahead!!!
Michelle - Melbourne

August 11, 2000
I just want to say that I love you Michael and I will always love you.

August 2, 2000
I hope you're well and have not to many stressed times...I send you greetings and thought of you, ... bye for my next message.

July 31, 2000
You are the most perfect looking Man I have ever seen. I love Eddie and the Cruisers II. You are so hot! I wish you were in my bed every night. I don't really like sci - fi space movies but if you're in it I'll watch it. Prefer to see you in leading "good guy roles". I can't believe I rented Hope Floats just to see you for 5min. Sandra should have left the other guy and you should have been the one she ended up with.
All my love,
Genda L. Hill

July 30, 2000
I have a copy of your movie Eddie and the Cruisers and have really enjoyed it very much. I have found copies of the songs on the internet and have learned them. Also, I have a partial copy of Eddie II copied from the television. It is also very good, however, it would be really nice if the producers would re-release the movie. The music was astounding, as was your performance. Both movies transcend generations and will remain timeless. I truly hope it will be re-released so I can have a completed copy. Please give your family a hug for me and take care.

July 30, 2000
Just a few words to let you know how much I have enjoyed your films. I am having an Eddie and the Cruisers day. I think you are wonderful. When are you doing something new?

July 27, 2000
I just wanna say how great actor you are and I like all your movies. I do hope you going on with that for a long time. And I also wanna say if I may so that you are a very good-looking guy and very cute.

Take care, See ya
Kachina Netherlands

July 25, 2000
Michael, you are the best and only actor that I've ever loved! Your portrayal of the moody rebel rocker Eddie Wilson was so good that I was able to feel his anger and frustration at the music people who turned down his songs. Keep up those brilliant performances. I love your beautiful face!

Jennifer S.

July 24, 2000
Hi, Michael. I think you are the best actor of all time. I really loved your portrayal of the moody rebel rocker Eddie Wilson. Eddie and the Cruisers is one of my favorite movies of all time. I also loved your character Joey La Fiamma in Houston Knights. I think you are incredibly talented since you are able to portray the roles your given w/ such true emotion that you have the audience being able to understand exactly what you're trying to say. Keep up the good work. I hope to see more of your beautiful face and beautiful blue eyes for many years to come!

Much love

July 16, 2000
You light up the screen every time you are on it. Best wishes to you for the future, and thank you for all of the hard work and the dedication that you have given to your craft.


July 15, 2000
Just caught Eddie II on TV... I must have watched that movie hundreds of times. I also own a copy of it. I must admit I haven't seen Eddie I yet, it's not in the video stores here. I've also seen you in The Philadelphia Experiment. I loved it. I'm watching for a copy at my video store to purchase. Keep up the excellent work!

A Long-time devoted fan,
Darlene Patten

July 15, 2000
You are honestly the only actor I have made an effort to see every work you've done. I saw Into the Sun about 7 years ago and it remains my favourite movie of all time. Your portrayal of an Air Force pilot was both realistic and touching. I appreciate finally having an actor that I can call my "favourite". Keep up the great work and remember that the impact a film can have on a single person sometimes has more meaning than over produced monsters that invade thousands of theatres. Keep making those original films, it makes you unique and wonderful.
Thanks for sharing your talents with us. You have a beautiful smile and a genuine reality. Take care and enjoy your career and family!

Barbara Wyss
Montreal, Quebec

July 11, 2000
I have been a fan of yours since I saw Eddy and the Cruisers. You have the most mesmerizing face and body I have ever seen. I so wish you were in my bed at night.

All my love to the SEXIEST Man in the world

July 11, 2000
Michael you are the sexiest most perfect man I have ever seen! I love your acting. Hope to see you in some new movies soon. You're the greatest. There isn't an actor alive who compares to you.

All my love and support,
Miss Genda L. Hill

July 10, 2000
You would think that a 40 year old mother would be more mature than to drool, but that is what i do when ever i see one of your movies. You are an excellent actor, i have enjoyed your work for a very long time and pray to be able to continue to see many more , till we are both 150 years old HA! HA !

Your friend forever,
Dina from Melbourne, Australia

July 9, 2000
Thank you for every smile in every picture of you I've seen... you look happy and that makes me happy. I don't know why a handsome great actor like you hasn't seen real success, but I think it's yet to come. I'm on a far country at the south end of America, and I'd like to share some time to talk with you, maybe see you smile and get a sight from your beautiful eyes...

Cesar A.

July 3, 2000
Thanks for the entertaining hours. Especially Eddie and the Cruisers 2 is a favourite. Keep up the good work.

All the best

July 1, 2000
I have all your movies and my favorites are the philadelphia experiment, streets of fire, moon 44, killing streets, and especially eddie and the cruisers. Too bad you didn't have better luck in big movies. However, you shouldn't feel bad because the big movies that come out today are pure garbage. My whole family loves you and your movies. Especially, my sister! She thinks you are cool. Keep up the good work.


June 30, 2000
Hey Mike! Hope all is well. Don't really know what else to write since every given word has been used up from other fans. You are one man that i adore and wish to somehow and someway meet or greet one day. I hope that you continue doing what you are doing with good health. Now you know you have our support so that's all taken care of. Well, just wanted to say a few words. Hope that you receive this.

All my love,

June 26, 2000
Hey Michael, I was just watching "Sunset Heat" and decided to look up your website. You probably don't remember me its been over a dozen years since we sat and laugh together on the set of "Marine Issue". Looking back on those couple of days and thinking of how down to earth and personable you were. I'm always on the lookout for your films. I'll say "I met him!" My friends think I'm shitting them until I pull out my well-worn copy of "Instant Justice" and show them the scenes we did together.

Wishing you the best!
Steve Heywood

June 25, 2000
Just wanted to tell you that I am a big fan of yours. It would be really great if I could see you on stage while I'm visiting in the states. I watch all you're movies when they are shown on German TV. Hope to see more of you in the near future and I really hope you'll make a big Movie Breakthru one day. Take care.

Michelle from Berlin/Germany

June 22, 2000
I first saw you when I watched Eddie and The Cruisers. I have seen that movie at least 50 times. I have seen everything I can find with you. I was a big fan of Houston Knights. My sister passed away 7 years ago. We always told each other good-bye, by saying words and music, a line from the Eddie movie. I think you are a terrific actor!!!

Ashley, Boardwalk Angel

June 20, 2000
I cannot express how much I enjoy you work. You are the compete package great acting ability versital and drop dead handsome. Can't wait to see your next movie!


June 15, 2000
I just wanted to say a few lines to let you know that I have loved your movies for years. The first time I saw you was in The Greatest American Hero as a student. I've been watching for your movies ever since. I can't wait to see you up on the big screen again!

Brigette Beaumont, CA

June 13, 2000
Happy Fathers Day, Michael. I want the best for you in this day. hey, congratulations for you lasts movies, they are really great, I really like them. You know, Michael I would to see you in movies with more romance. I have been see you in movies like Into the Sun, and your role like with the woman there was really good very romantic, well, this is just a suggestion because I really like to see you in a role like that.

Mariela ayala

June 12, 2000
It isn't often you can walk into a video store and rent the same movie and still thoroughly enjoy it. Eddie and the Cruisers I and II are still fantastic no matter how may times you see them!


June 9, 2000
I think your a great actor. I have seen some of your movies and they are all very good.

Your ever faithful fan,
with lots of hugs
Amy Clarkson

June 8, 2000
Hey Mike, Your own fan club.... Cool. I found this by accident but I still remember all the fun we had shooting Carver's Gate and Deadly Wake up in Toronto. Oh Yeah, in case you don't remember me (and there is little reason you should), I'm Bob - Set PA, Driver, Extra, Odd Job Guy, etc. I'm the one who shaved his head after getting the extra part in Deadly Wake then went back to work as a PA. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I still remember fondly all the goofing around we did on the set and I hope your career has taken off into a really unstoppable direction. Hope we can get together for a Sam Adams or Lagavulin next time you are in Toronto. Later...

Bob Walker

June 4, 2000
Michael,... how are you?


May 21, 2000


May 1, 2000
Last year i received Eddie and the Cruisers as a gift. It was this blast of Nostalgia. I remember my dad ( a musician) and my older brothers watching it when i was young. the film became a aprized possession, i lost track of it however. But i rented it again a couple of nights ago, and as soon as I returned I rented Eddie II. Music isn't made like this any more. Neither are movies. Your enigmatic presence made these movies important to me. Thank you

Ashley Gowen

April 25, 2000
It must be nice to know you have so many fans who support you and place to share that support.

Best regards.

April 24, 2000
You are excellent in The Virgin Suicides! I went to see you on screen on the opening day and the theater was full. Your performance is convincing. I eagerly look forward to reading your interview the club did.

Your #1 fan,

April 23, 2000
i love eddie and the cruisers. i have them when i bought from hastings. you sing great. i am your fan always. i love to be in your fan club.

Your ever faithful fan,
with lots of hugs
sandro brooks

April 17, 2000
Just want you to know that you're a great person and actor. You should do a lot more movies.

Wishing you luck,

April 17, 2000
I would like to know if you had any plans to stare in a sitcom soon. p.s. I just wanted to add, you are the sexiest man alive........good lord!!!!!

Shaunda Bradford

April 14, 2000
Hello Mr. Pare. My name is Reece Lujan. I am a 22 yr old college student from Oklahoma. The reason I am writing you a message is that I believe you are one of the most underrated stars alive. I have seen most of your films, with Eddie and Eddie 2 being the natural favorites. I wish you the best in all you do. Reece

May the Lord bless your soul, and
long live rock and roll!

April 14, 2000
I hear you're going to do a TV series! Good for you! And finally smart of the Industry! I'm listening to the Edith Piaf CD on the computer. I really like her! Who do you like for music...what type of music? Well, you KNOW I have Eddie and the Cruisers II: Eddie Lives! on CD by the Beaver Brown band with John Cafferty. I am constantly amazed by the wholehearted portrayals you give, and the way you attack every part as though it was the penultimate role! After Edith I will put the Eddie II CD on...then the La Femme Nikita CD.

Stay well...vaya con Dios, amigo...

April 11, 2000
we are college students. we go to the video store about once a week. Usually we get one of your great classic movies. i have been trying to get all of your movies but they are hard to find in my area. your the greatest actor of all time, thanks for posting.

Pat Matt Shawn

April 9, 2000
Wow! It's such an honor to make your acquaintance! I have all of your films and the one that I go to for that "Good Feeling" is World Gone Wild. It must have been a trip working with Bruce Dern. I wish you could do a sequel. All of your work is great. Someone told me a story that he read a bio on you and you take roles that push younger actors up the ladder. That is the work of sheer genius. God Bless-keep the movies coming. I loved the Cruisers and Streets of Fire-also a follow up movie if you ask me.

Enjoy your career-you make magic happen!
Lorraine P. Bate
Born in Galt, Ontario,Canada

April 4, 2000
I am your youngest fan and one of your biggest. I love your movies Eddie And The Cruisers I & II, and The Dangerous. I was just wondering why didn't Eddie 2 have anything to do with the old band? I got inspired by Eddie because my father had the original record and made me listen to it. Then i had to watch the movie. Oh and by the way I am 11 years old. I hope you make Eddie 3.

Scott Watson

March 31, 2000
I have followed most of your movies and have wondered why we don't see you more often on the big screen! You're an underrated actor who deserves to be seen more in the limelight. Not only are you are great actor, you're gorgeous to look at and that's definitely a bonus! All the best for the future and I hope to see you nominated for an Academy or Oscar one day.

Val Johnston

March 30, 2000
Hope you and your family are all ok. Have one question: is it you playing piano on the "Space! Space!" Dear Michael Fan Club opening page?

Vaya Con Dios,