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Sep. 30, 2002
I love the movie Eddie and the cruisers 1 and 2
was that u really signing
if it was you have a good voice
hope to see you in more movies

Anelle Free

Sep. 29, 2002
Mr. Pare, it is with a delighted heart that I am able to say that we here in Florida are finally going to see Starhunter. I think it will start in Oct. on the cable. You have always been a favorite actor of mine and I am hoping that things will open up for you. Seeing you on screen is indeed a wondrous feeling. The Eddie tapes of course were for me my introduction to your talent. They are still one of my very favorites to watch. When one door closes another one opens. May the new doors lead to happiness.


Sep. 29, 2002
A Happy Happy Birthday to you!

Cathy Lin, China

Sep. 28, 2002
Hello Michael,
How are U doing? I hope th@ U R doing great. I have been unable 2 e-mail U, cuz I've been out of state. I went on a vacation...but I'm back. I got back this morning. My mom was here I took her 2 UR website & she said U R still hot. I have 2 say I agree with her. Well just wanted 2 say I LOVE YOU. Talk 2 U soon.

Love Always,
Ms. HunnyPot from Palmdale,CA.

Sep. 27, 2002
My name is Wolfgang and I would like to send you a message from Germany and I love you and your films - you are the greatest star for me and I love you so much as your films.........I hope, to see many films with you in future.
All the best for you and god bless you..............!!!!!!


Sep. 22, 2002
I'm certain my neighbors are tired of hearing me play Eddie And The Cruisers II by now, but I don't care I love the music. I can't imagine anyone else playing the part of Eddie, you do such a wonderful job of portraying him ... was Eddie for real or just a fictional character?
I would love to have the music sheets to the songs in Eddie and the Cruisers Two, are they available?
I wish you wonderful success in your acting and movie career, I've seen a number of your movies and I think your a very talented and creative actor...

Best Wishes
Jim Pierrot

Sep. 21, 2002
Hello Mr. Michael, I really hope you enjoy your Birthday and don't work to much that day. Happy Birthday! From a big fan of you.

TQM Love

Sep. 19, 2002
It is really a disappointment that you are not in Starhunter second season. I believe whatever happened to you has a meaning of life. So I accept it. What is great to me is you are there for me and I will be here forever for you. You are just great!

Isabel, Paris

Sep. 18, 2002
Hi Babe!
Finally got to see Blackwoods. A friend from Canada sent me the video. The storyline was intriguing & different. You looked great as the police officer in the back woods country. Still have those GREAT eyes Michael! Now searching for Two Faced, Sundays, Red Serpent & Homeroom. Hopefully Starhunter will come to the USA. I chuckled when the waitress asked you what happened to the dead girl's family. You said they moved to WI. That's where I live! Sent you a short note to Shapiro & Associates June 5. Will send you a card from China next month!!

Love & Hugs

Sep. 12, 2002
I just wanted to let you know you have a big fan in the Netherlands and for a very long time now. I really appreciate your presence on this earth. What can I say? I dream better when I've seen your eyes and smile (on the screen that is...)


Sep. 10, 2002
I was just wondering if there was going to be a sequel to Eddie Lives? I think that would be really cool. You played such a great part of eddie wilson. I can watch that movie over and over again.

Kerri McCloskey

Sep. 8, 2002
Hey Michael,
It's Ms. HunnyPot how r u doing? I just wanted 2 let u know th@ I Love U very much. U r very cute. I can't get over th@. I know th@ all I ever say is th@ but it's the truth. I LOVE YOU MICHAEL PARE. Talk 2 u soon. Take care, & God Bless u in everything u do.

Luv Always,
Ms. HunnyPot

Sep. 7, 2002
I wanted to let you know, that to me, you are profoundly sweet and ( hence sweetheart ^.^) I truly like you tons. You are the best. I hope your hunt for movies to make is going well in California and I am just ecstatic that you could make it out here. (ray!) I did like you on The Dangerous and thought the way you ran that lady down on Empire City was, well, exciting (can I kiss you now?) I think you are delightful.

Love much
Suzanne B.
Ps nice eyebrows

Sep. 6, 2002
Hi there Michael, I would just like to say that you are a great actor, i like the films "MEN OF MEANS" and "BAD MOON", but i really like the films "EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS" and "EDDIE LIVES",. I am a great rock 'n' roll fan my self so those films were just excellent. I live in the U.K so i have never seen the "JOHN CAFFERTY and the BEAVER BROWN BAND", but i will travel to R.I. oneday to see them perform. Thank's again Michael for the great films you have given us.


Sep. 6, 2002
Great to have you back in the U.S.A.! I think you would be fantastic portraying a fireman, either as an add-on, recurring character on ER, or on a show of your own. (Only, those darn ER writers aren't allowed to hurt your character! ) That show definitely needs a gorgeous hunk like you to bring back discouraged viewers. No one could play a big, strong, adorable firefighter as well as you. I can just see you carrying a baby and two toddlers out of a building, and what woman wouldn't want to be rescued by you? Please think about it.

Sandy Mouat

Sep. 5, 2002
Hey there Michael, its Ms. Hunnypot. Well I haven't left u n-e messages lately, but I'm back. Just wanted 2 say I LOVE U. I'm feeling a little sad cuz my fiance is not romantic. Every time I hear "Boardwalk Angel" from the Eddie & the Cruisers movie, I wish something romantical like th@ would happen 2 me. Where a guy wold just take me in his arms & sing 2 me & do what the song says. Well I will let u go 4 now. Take care talk 2 U soon.

Ms. HunnyPot from Palmdale

Sep. 1, 2002
Hi Michael,
I just wanted to say that I love your work my favorites are Eddie and the Cruisers and Eddie and the Cruisers II Eddie Lives! I remember when I saw Eddie and the Cruisers for the first time I was 12 or 13 and I watched it with my Dad and I loved it! I been looking for Eddie and the Crusiers and Eddie 2 for the longest time I recently just found Eddie and the Crusiers on DVD and was so excited to find it in the store finally but I have yet to find a copy of Eddie 2 any idea where I can find one, or if they plan on re-release it to DVD anytime soon.


Aug. 22, 2002
Mr. Paré, When I was 18 I went on a tour of universal studios, It was on a weekend so we were able to go through the Streets of Fire sets. I knew who you were from "Eddie". So I was very excited About seeing "Streets". It was great of course. Since that time I've always thought You would be the best choice to play The Batman. This has yet to happen, and may be the reason why the Batman movies are crap. Here tell there is a Batman vs Superman movie in the works, and has yet to be cast. Give it some thought. It would be great to see your jaw line in the cawl. The best of health to you and yours. Keep up the great work.

tim schimd

Aug. 21, 2002
Hello Michael,
My name is Sandra Paré Comeaux. My maiden name is Paré. I am from Louisiana but I have a few relatives in other states. I have seen many of your movies and I love your acting. Let me know where you are from. We may be related.

Good luck.
Sandra Paré

Aug. 20, 2002
Michael, your a great actor. "Eddie and the cruisers" 1 and 2 is my all time favourites. I think if it wasn't for you and your passion that movie wouldn't have been as great as it is.

Ps. i love the hair!

Amanda Jane

Aug. 18, 2002
Michael, I've loved you for years. I had my favorites, Eddie and Eddie 2, both stolen during a break-in to my dorm room. I've been unable to locate another copy of the sequel, but I've got the first one in my hot little hands once again. Hope to see you in a new movie soon!!!

April Solberg

Aug. 17, 2002
Hey Michael It's, Ms. Hunnypot. Just wanted 2 say hi & tell U that U R the most attractive man I have ever seen!!!
No joke Michael. U R smokin. Take care, God Bless you.


Aug. 15, 2002
Michael, just wanted 2 say that you R fine!! I recently saw "Village of the Damned" U R soooo CUTE!! I just wish that U could been in the movie for a longer time. Well good luck on UR next movie.

Love Always,
Ms. Hunnypot from Palmdale, Ca.

Aug. 13, 2002
Michael, I have been Ur big fan for about 10 years AND be still now! I hope you will have wonderful jobs in the near future and I will see all of them! You have been making me really bright anytime. Thank you! And I am sure I will see STARHUNTER & Ur new HOMEROOM sometime in Japan.

My Love To U and Ur family!!

Aug. 12, 2002
You looked great in both Eddie and the Cruisers. My mom even liked you.I love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Aug. 10, 2002
My name is Yaroslav, 25 years old. I'm a doctor, teacher, ecologist and archaeologist (4 in 1 person). I'm not absolutely your admirer, but I am very grateful to you for your work. It is interesting, whether do you love music? Whether do you ever listened Russian or Ukrainian music? What do you think about it? To send a couple? Whether the truth, that soon you will work at new film in Moscow? I hope, that all will develop successfully and happily in your life. I wish the most strong health to you and your family.

Best wishes.
Yaroslav, Ukraine

Aug. 9, 2002
Mr. Pare, my name is Jennie. I think that U R the most handsome man alive. I'm 25 year of age,& the 1st time I ever saw 1 of UR movies was when I was maybe 12 or 13 years of age. I have to be honest with U, I wasn't the 1 that wanted to watch UR movie, my mom did...but after that, I was blown away by how cute & handsom U R. Oh, the movie I watched was "Eddie & The Cruisers." I love the songs in that movie my favorite 1's R "Boardwalk Angel" & "Tender Years". Don't get me wrong I know U didn't really sing them but... U look so good pretending 2 B the 1 singing. In my head, I see U singing those songs. U look so Adorable. You will always look the same 2 me as the 1st time I ever saw U. Well I hope 2 here from U soon. Take Care Good Luck in all Ur career moves.

Love Always one of Ur biggest fans,
Ms. Hunny Pot
P.S. U would look good in any kind of movie, that U would make.

Aug. 3, 2002
The first vision of you etched in my mind was when I was about 8 and I saw Streets of Fire and I fell into a state of nostalgia for some odd reason. I know it sounds bizarre but for as many times as I've watched Eddie and the Cruisers, I relate for some odd reason. Anyway, no point to this other than you make me feel sparkly. Even now at 26. My entire family adores you.
Keep shining Michael ... xoxo ... Krissy :)


Aug. 2, 2002
there's no enough words to describe you...i jst dunno why I still like you or love you for all this time... I like u since I was a kid and up to this moment I still like you...jst wish that most of your flicks be shown here in the Philippines...Stay as you are...being nice and wholesome and not to mention...gorgeous...more power and GODSPEED...


Aug. 1, 2002
Hi, I havn't written in awhile and was wanting to say "Hi" I hope I get to see your new movies pretty soon. A month of Sundays sounds pretty interesting. I hope you are taking good care & are stopping to smell all the roses (^>^)

Love Much,
Suzanne Boyajian

Aug. 1, 2002
Hi Michael! YOU are the best!

Lots of love,

July 27, 2002
I recently watched both the "Eddie and The Cruisers" movies. I was wondering, did you actually sing the songs for the film? Your facial and neck muscle intensity looked like you were doing more than just lip-synching. Also, I have enjoyed both of those movies immensely over the years and wondered why I have not seen you in more films. After surfing the internet I came to realize that you have been busy and I hope to locate more of your films to view.

Hope see more of your work in the near future.

Cheryl from Minnesota

July 24, 2002
Hey Michael - I just watched Streets of Fire for like the 100th time! Its my favorite movie. I loved the fight scene with Willem Davoe. Kind of sad you didn't end up with Ellen Aim at the end. Do you keep in touch with your co-stars from that movie? It would be great to see a Streets of Fire II where your character Tom Cody ends up with Ellen Aim after all!

Best of luck to you.

July 13, 2002
Hello, Michael. I've been watching your movies for years and I can't quit. I think you are one of the sexiest actors alive. My favorite movies you played in are Eddie and the Cruisers, Eddie part 2, & Streets of Fire. I wish I could find someone like you.

Sexy Crissy

July 11, 2002


July 10, 2002
Michael, you is beautifult. I love you. I livin in Brazil.


July 5, 2002
Hello Mr. Michael, how are you these days? I just want to tell you that you are the best actor I ever known. I just watch Eddie and the Cruisers again, and honestly I really love how you acted in that movie. TQM

Love Mariela A

June 30, 2002
It's because of you that I begin to like watching action movies. You are without a doubt the most spectacular actor and the most gorgeous I've ever seen. Because of you, I'm so glad I'm a girl. You lighten up my everyday and make me wish I could find someone like you. All in all, you bring meaning to my life.
Thank you for being who you are!

Love you,

June 25, 2002
Your are tops, We just don't see enough of you..I want more,more of your Beautiful face...Look forward to seeing more of your movies...Love ya...You are a great actor...

Joye thegoldlady from Oklahoma.

June 19, 2002


June 15, 2002

linda guenther

June 6, 2002
Hi Michael. Just a short note to let you know what a big fan of yours I am. Eddie and the Cruisers and The Philadelphia Experiment are my favorites. Your new t.v. series is great. I look forward to seeing you on the screen.
Take care.


June 1, 2002
Hey man I just want you to know that I've been a big fan since you were on The Greatest American hero, and I've been known as Eddie ever since I saw that flick when it first came out, you were the best in that man, not to mention the fight in Streets of Fire, Philadelphia Experiment, like I said I've been a fan for a long time.

Fast Eddie