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May 28, 2002
Hello Michael, Surprise, you have a fan in Belgium( Europe ). It's too bad that our national television broadcast centers don't show any movies of you, still a miracle happened : last friday they showed a movie starring you...(Instant justice ) , seeing you again on the screen brought me back to those wonderful years of the 80' when I was a teenager and you were my dreamboy. Thanks for being born and lots of success !!!!!


May 28, 2002
hi michael all the way from australia!!! I am 24 years old and I have to tell you that ever since I can remember "Eddie and the cruisers" has been my all time favourite movie. I know every word and what can I say but you are gorgeous!!! I introduced my boyfriend to the world of Eddie and the Cruisers and have to say he's a huge fan also. You are heaven on earth, and we can only thank god for creating someone so pleasing on the eyes!!!


May 23, 2002
If your eyes ever reach this E-mail, I would be happy, so I hope that you check the site and get the time to read this. I have been a fan since the Philadelphia Experiment and Streets of Fire. But I think the fondest memories of my childhood, would be sitting in my Grandfathers den, watching movies that he recorded from T.V. or the video store. I must have been 10 or 11, but one of the movies that I watched during that time was Eddie and the Cruisers. How influential, how deep and promising that movie was for me....Eddie Wilson...a jersey boy who grew up to take over the world! I couldn't think of a better person to play that role, then or now. Thanks Michael,thanks for being you....


May 22, 2002
You make me so happy whenever I think of you. I adore you immensely, loved Starhunter, wait hopefully for any new movies you have out, and wish I could meet you. You seem so nice & are so nice looking (!) Enjoy yourself!

Love muchly,
Suzanne B. in Stockton CA

May 20, 2002
how ya doin mike johnny from boston here your a great actor i loved eddie and the cruisers both of them and i really loved the philadelphia experiment i had to wonder where ya went for part 2 though part 2 was crap without you in it anyway my girlfriend and i watched the cruisers when we were teens and to this day i think she likes you more than me lol goodluck mike i hope to see you with all the movie greats one day take care lataaaaa

johnny lord

May 15, 2002
Hi Babe! Haven't sent any word since December. Been busy! Did you miss my humor? How ya doin Michael? Sanctimony FINALLY surfaced in the USA on HBO. Wow. Now am searching for Sundays, Blackwoods, Homeroom, new stuff. Till then, I re-watch what I have already collected. Love the new photo on the web site in the yellow jacket, and shaven too. Lookin good Michael! Am leaving for China in October. The anticipation in hi-gear. Will send you a card. I too hope for new & better scripts, productions & breaks for you THIS year Michael!!! Look for a short ltr from me at D. Garelick's.

Love & hugs

May 13, 2002
Michael Pare-superstar!!!!!!!!!!!

andrei tscherbakov

Apr. 23, 2002
Hello from Russia! Michael Pare-pupsik!!!
I love you!!!!!!!!

Elen Shmeleva

Apr. 20, 2002
Starhunter will debut across Canada on the Space Channel in May. I'm looking forward to seeing a series shot in my home province of New Brunswick. Also, last fall I enjoyed seeing the Greatest American Hero for the first time since the 1980s. I'm sure I will enjoy your Starhunter role too.


Apr. 20, 2002
Just wanted to let you know you have a new fan! My son Ryan, who is eleven, watched "Eddie and the Cruisers" with me. Then he had to see "Streets of Fire". Now he want s to see more of your work. Sounds like he takes after his mom and knows a good thing when he sees it!


Apr. 18, 2002
Dear Michael, I watched Into the Sun yesterday and I remembered you, my Shotgun. When I was a teen, you were one of my favorites. Now I'm a grownup, and I still think you are the best. I was so glad to see you again. I send you all the best wishes for your career and happiness,

Soh Hyun Park in South Korea

Apr. 18, 2002
I have been wondering for a long time if you grew up in Montreal, I went to westmount high and knew someone by I believe the same name as yours. I met him in grade 9 that's when I started at westmount high. Too bad if you aren't, but thats ok, love your movies and you.


Apr. 17, 2002
There has never been a movie as good as Eddie and the Cruisers. The overall tone of the film gives me goosebumps. However, I didn't care for part 2 very much. You went from the hangin with sal and the cruisers, to hangin with rick diesel and Rock Solid.

Danny Loos in Kansas City

Apr. 14, 2002
I wanted to tell you this, it's from the bible: The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.
I like that one. I actually do dream about you too.(I pray to sometimes) Nice dreams, a lot of times I'm protecting you(!)^>^ (It's kind of funny because I'm short; but I'm determined!) I hope things are going well with you. Take care.

Love Much,
Suzanne B.

Apr. 7, 2002
I hope you're coming out with a new movie soon. I saw Starhunter at a friends house and really liked it. I first saw you on Greatest American Hero and have followed your career pretty closely, so when are you going to do a western? I think you'd make a great Doc Holliday or possibly Bat Masterson although I did like your science fiction films. Keep up the good work and take care.

Your fan,
Doug Herrick

Apr. 7, 2002
I hope you wishes are coming trough in this year (bigger budgets, better scripts and better productions)... Wishes are things, they come or not... but i wish, that they come to you... Good luck for you and they come :-)
Bye and *** for you ...see you soon and muchos besos i abrazos for you


Apr. 6, 2002
Hy Michael... I hope you have this year bigger budgets, better scripts, and better productions. How you wish it... :-) I've not been here for a long time... but now I wish you dreams come trough.... Very Luck and more for you and have a good Time in the next .....
Wish you...all.

Muchos besos i abrazos

Apr. 6, 2002
Last time I sent you a message was May 2001. It's almost one year and I'm glad that you have some film assignments which I am looking forward in seeing this year, although in our country your films always ends up in VCD or cable TV like HBO but never in cinemas. Perhaps our country is mostly besieged with Hollywood stuff. As always, I wish that you'll be given a big break, a good, great script that you really deserved to have because you can really act. I am proud if you appear in cameo or shorty roles that are important and would leave an impact to the viewers. I am proud of you.


Mar. 30, 2002
Happy Easter full of Peace,Harmony and Joy for you and all your beloved ones!


Mar. 23, 2002
I have been a real Rock Guitarist for many years,who has had many dreams and disappointments with music. Since your movie EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS came out many years ago, it has served as an inspiration to help keep some of my dreams alive. So much of what Eddie said, and believed has rang true in my own mind, that sometimes its hard to believe that it was only a movie and not somehow real life. Anyway thank you for making a great movie which has become my all time favorite and had a positive effect on my life. It makes me think that actors should perhaps think seriously about what types of parts they choose to play considering it really can effect peoples thinking for the good or bad. Thanks once again, may Eddie continue to always live on!
Keep up the good work.


Mar. 19, 2002
hello michael how are you doing? well you may be surprised that i am on your website but i wanted to say hello and let you know your fans from lake fenton high school have not forgotten you. greetings from tammy hicks nichols, cathy cross bishop, sue sedlak, janet webber wallace, kathy pierce trout, kathy appleton brown, vicki woodruff webber.
God bless you michael.

tammy hicks nichols

Mar. 12, 2002
hi michael sup nmh i have to say that eddie and the cruisers is my fav movie in the whole wide world i love all the songs i have the moive and the soundtrack my fav two songs are "on the dark side" " tender years" is my moms fav song its mine too. all i have to say is that im a huge fan of yours i loved all the movies that you were in you are my fav actor in the world its true im not lieing lol. thankx love what your doing keep it up. take care alright love your # 1 fan rachel gillingham your # 1 fan bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye for now.

rachel gillingham

Mar. 12, 2002
Top page! You look so happy there! It's very nice to see you on this web site, which helps me finding a new face that I can't find on any other fan site of you. Thank you for letting me that you are sunshine always.

Your #1 fan of many #1 fans,
Claris von WX

Mar. 11, 2002
I managed to put the alternate photo on the homepage here as wallpaper on my computer. Now whenever I turn it on, there you are(!)(yay)
That was an excellent cliffhanger at the end of the first Starhunter season. If you end up filming the second season in Calif. maybe I can make it down to the studio, get a personal autograph, joke around with you (^>^)(Yow!) It would be such fun to meet you!
You take care over there before I get carried away here(!)

Much love,
Suz Boyajian

Mar. 4, 2002
Mr. Pare, thank you for bringing Eddie Wilson to life. I was hooked when the film first came out. I'm still a Cruiser fan and probably always will be. I couldn't wait for part 2. Will there ever be a part 3? Also where can I get souvenirs from? I would love to have a Cruiser jacket. I would like to see Beaver Brown in concert also. I have both videos, tapes and a CD, but want more. I'm not a teenager any more but I certainly feel like one when I hear the Cruisers. Hope to hear from you. Thanks again and remember "It's the music that counts, not the hype"

Bob Barrett

Mar. 3, 2002
Part I
I've absolutely loved Eddie and the Cruisers 1 and Eddie Lives 2 ever since I was a little girl! I went over my fiance' Robert's house and I brought the both of the movies over his house. We only got to watch Eddie and the Cruisers because it was a little too late for us to watch Eddie Lives. I left it at his house so we could watch it tomorrow though. I actually watched Eddie and the Cruisers again this morning. It was the first time Robert had ever seen Eddie and the Cruisers and he also liked the movie. He can't wait to see what Eddie Lives is about. I teased him a little and told him about the part where you only have a towel around your waist because he knows that I think your quite good looking.


Mar. 3, 2002
Part II
You and I have something in common... we both have birthdays in October. Mine is October 5th and I know that yours is October 9th. My friend Aileen's birthday is on October 9th. I was operated on your birthday on October 9, 2000 which is when I turned 18 years old. Well, I'm go! ing to close this message so I don't say too much.


Mar. 1, 2002
I knew after seeing Eddie & The Cruisers that you were a class act and every move I have seen of yours since has proven that to be 100% truth. You have played a large range of characters and you made them believable. You're not just Eddie to me, you are one helluva fine actor. Keep up the good work!

Love from (probably) your oldest fan (53),

Feb. 26, 2002

With Love,
Christy R., Ohio

Feb. 23, 2002
Hey Michael, We thank you for all the work you do and hope to see more of your work. We have been looking to buy or rent all your movies and looking for a list of them all. We have enjoyed all the movies that we have had the chance to see.
Thanks From 2 normal Men Rudy the Moose and Dan the Frog

Moose and Frog

Feb. 18, 2002
I finally got to see Starhunter, I really hope it gets to go for a second season.(My message is posted on the starhunter page) I missed A Month of Sundays in LA, kind of far from here, so I'm waiting with baited breath to see it on video.(Bait, bait) I think you're just the bees knees as far as guys go; so Nice! I'd send a hug here but I don't think it would go through the monitor! (^>^) You have fun over there!

Love Muchly,
Suzanne B.

Feb. 14, 2002
A wide variety of your roles always amuses me. It's a fun. Last week I watched SANCTIMONY. I liked the first scene you are running. The other day I saw A MONTH OF SUNDAYS. You are so nice in these film. Though it was a small role, you added some gorgeous air to the heartwarming movie. Keep on going.

Much love,

Feb. 14, 2002
Happy Valentine's Day!
Some time soon I hope to see you in STARHUTER. You look quite different in every movie. I must confess I fell in love with you twice, without knowing that a very attractive actor was you.

Your number one fan, Hirarin

Feb. 13, 2002
The very thing of love for me is you who convey comfort through screens. What a wonderful coincidence your birthday and John Lennon's are the same on October 9. I was at the charity peace concert last year Yoko joined from New York. His LOVE always reminds me of you.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Your big fan,Hiroko, Japan

Feb. 12, 2002
It was interesting to find that your birth year is different than I thought it was. But still my second wish was answered the next night (!) So cute! I was wondering if you would be my Valentine? Or if you had a spare autograph on you? (even) I love your movies, I watched the Women's Club last night & thought it was just a riot. I hope to see Starhunter pretty soon so I can find out what all those nice Starhunter pictures here are about, I really like sci-fi but you actually have a hand in Making it, must be exciting.

Enjoy! xoxox!
Suzanne B.

Feb. 11, 2002
You keep captivating me since Eddie & The Cruisers. I was a teenager when I saw it. Now I am an actress on Broadway, though I have small roles yet. Some time soon I hope to work with you here.

You have a wonderful web site. This is the best!

Anita V. Connelly, actress

Feb. 1, 2002
Thaaanks, Michael. I received your autograph today. I didn't expect my request for my mother really works, 'cause I was told the waiting list was so looooooooong. She has the best memory of Eddie on big screen when she had a first date with my late father. I am the second generation to carry on the family history with you.

Love always
The Hursts

Feb. 1, 2002
You have such a wonderful fan site like this - most reliable and attractive. And I really love this concept of fan message board. It's neat! The best part is: you are interactive with us through your club. It's the only one in the world! I am very happy to be with you.

Your #1 fan, Linda from Canada

Jan. 27, 2002
It was great being able to finally access the net and find some info about you. I have seen most of the movies you have starred in that were released in Australia and will admit that Eddie and the Cruisers is my all time fav. I crave to see more movies made with you in them. You are the best actor to ever hit the screen in a long time. I place you in amongst my fav actors like John Wayne. Keep up the great work and may you be given many scripts to look over and I can't wait to see you on the big screen again.

Debra Coates

Jan. 25, 2002
I loved the movie Eddie and the cruiser 1 and 2. You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen, and a very nice smile. Hope to see you on the big screen. You are a terrific actor.

E. Haynes

Jan. 21, 2002
Just got done watching Eddie I for the millionth time...bought it on DVD today...and I STILL love it as much as I did in '83.

As for Michael...I only have one word to say...YUM
Okay, maybe two...Marry Me??? ;)

Hey, a girl can dream!!


Jan. 19, 2002
Deadly Heroes and Killing Streets rule! Excellent work!

Buddy Lembeck

Jan. 10, 2002
Hi Michael, I loved your role in A MONTH OF SUNDAYS. Yes, it's me, one of the box office. I went to see the movie on the first week with my husband as the club (I bet you have the best fan club!) brings our attention to our contribution to the box office. It seemed to me the audience liked the movie very much, 'cause they looked happy after. I think this is a new part of you and again I loved it! Wishing you the very best throughout 2002.

We love you.
Elizabeth & Joseph

Jan. 8, 2002
A Happy New Year! Thank you so much for your message to us. I believed the Club says, you are reading our messages and that's what I keep posting some words for you. It's so nice to hear from you again. Last year I decided to buy EDDIE I 'cause I could not stop watching it. It has the nicest "jacket" I've ever seen. It's all over you. I hope 2002 will be the best for you and your carrier.

Much love,
P.S. I love this message board!

Jan. 8, 2002
2002 New Year's wonderful gift was our Newsletter. I received your message with the greatest joy. This is the very moment I feel very happy. I breathe the same air as you do on this beautiful planet. A Happy New Year!

Your loyal fan, K.B.S.
Keiko B. Sawano

Jan. 2, 2002
i've only seen Eddie and the Cruisers (pts 1 and 2), so i'm not to familiar with your work. but i really liked the shows, thank you and everyone who participated in them. as for the gushy fan stuff: great "lost little boy" eyes, you really do have a way with capturing the soul of a person.