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Dec. 31, 2001
A Happy New Year! I wish you for the very best to come in 2002. Your website is wonderful! Every morning I visit here and read the message board. Then I know how many fans tell us nice words I really love to read. I'd love to see A MONTH OF SUNDAYS. ALl critics seemed liked it. I am a fan of Mr. Steigher, too.

Much love,

Dec. 31, 2001
A wonderful surprise! I received your autographed picture today. Thaaaaanks. It was quite ago that I asked your autograph and the Club said, it's not a promise 'cause it's not the Club policy. I almost gave up. This is my treasure, of course. And I tell you I really enjoy this site. It's great to know so many fans have the same thought of you. Your are a great guy! I hope much better things for you in 2002. A Happy New Year!

Ronda C.

Dec. 31, 2001
A Happy New Year!
I watched your A MONTH OF SUNDAYS on the opening day. I really loved it. Especially your role is very impressive as you told us before. This is a kind of role what I wanted you to play. You are so nice in that movie. You looked very relaxed. I liked the ending, too. Thank you for such a warm movie!


Dec. 28, 2001
I loved "Sanctimony"! You almost made me cry when you were talking to your partner about the case. You sure know the way to my heart. (You sounded so sad!) What a nice guy. Hope your new year brings you everything you want, happiness in love & every thing else. Take good care of yourself for me.

Truly yours,
Suzanne Boyajian in
Stockton, CA, USA

Dec. 25, 2001
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
God bless you!


Dec. 25, 2001
Merry Christmas Michael!!
I really expect your new movie.
Have a great year!!


Dec. 25, 2001
Merry Christmas!

Your faithful fan,

Emiko, Alissa & Yoshi form Japan

Dec. 24, 2001
Merry Christmas Michael! I have recently passed on the tourch to my sons. They watched Eddie and the Cruisers with me! There has never been nor will there ever be anyone who can compare to the magic you bring to the screen! I met George Clooney a couple of years ago at a party for his family. He's attractive and nice, but he will never have the power to move a persons soul the way you do. You are a spiritual magnet!


Dec. 22, 2001
May LOVE, PEACE and HARMONY be Your constant companion in this special season and in Your life.
I wish YOU and YOUR family a wonderful and thoughtful Christmas and a healthy, successful and happy NEW YEAR.
Thank you, Michael, for all Your movies.


God save you
Your Elke

Dec. 20, 2001
It's nice I can send you holiday messages to you through this site. Always I enjoy your fans' nice words on this message board. They express their love in a way I fully agree with. Keep up going because you have a great talent that no one has. Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!


Dec. 20, 2001
I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I saw "Burnout/ Houston Knights" last night and it made me so happy to see you smiling as you drove the pickup. What a nice guy. I think I'll watch "In the Dead of Space" today. The guppies send their holiday greetings too ^>^

Love Muchly,
Suz B. in Stockton CA

Dec. 18, 2001
I am very happy to reach your official web site. This is the best site I've ever known. I read all of the messages and am so happy to know that there are many fans who have the same thought about you. Season's Greetings and Best Wishes for The New Year !

Nel Gabbin

Dec. 1, 2001
This is the time again to tell you I am still alive. Your kindest personal message to me encourages myself to continue my everyday life as possible as I can. My family supports me of course but your handwritten words are my greatest source to make me go forward. These words are concerted with your roles on screen. Please keep entertaining us through screen. Have a wonderful time for holiday seasons!


Dec. 15, 2001
I think you would be a great addition to the cast of ER and it would be nice to see you on TV again here in the United States. Happy Holidays and a prosperous 2002!

Terry & Miss Bailey

Dec. 15, 2001
I have been a big fan of you for a long time since the Greatest American Hero. I am very happy to know that you have this marvelous web site. Your official site is Number One because of such a sophisticated web design and, more than that, elegance of the club policy, and the best is that we can hear your messages directly. Have a joy of holiday seasons!

Much love,
Christina Ingel

Dec. 14, 2001
The latest film I watched is SANCTIMONY. I remember your words from the Club interviews that you tried a new acting in this film. It works! You put a chuckle a bit into this crime story. I loved it! I recognize once again the unique atmosphere you have is peerless. Hope you have great Holidays.

Your big fan,
Natalie Sweeney

Dec. 12, 2001
You are so special. You are so nice. The only one we need is much more media attention to you. Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the coming 2002!

Melissa & Mark Schwartz

Dec. 12, 2001
I am a biiiiiig fan of you. I am sending my best wishes during the holiday season to you.

Andrea Keats

Dec. 11, 2001
Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!!! I am a huge fan from Brazil.

Ellen Castillo, Sao Paolo, Brazil

Dec. 6, 2001
As a co-founder of Hug-Ur-Kids Organization, I would like to thank you for showing your support by donating to our celebrity charity auction on 7th December. As a mother of 2 boys, I also thank you. I am one of the families that Hug-Ur-Kids Organization has helped, and have recently be reunited with my 2 boys after 2 1/2 years. Through support from people like yourself, we will be able to continue to draw attention to what is happening to these children.

Again, thankyou -

Dec. 5, 2001
Tonight George Clooney was a guest on Jay Leno's promot- ing Oceans ll, and I'm wondering.."Why all the FUSS over Clooney, even Brad Pitt"??? I ask you?? Well, beauty, charm & talent is in the eye of the beholder, I guess. I just kept thinking, "Why don't they bring Michael Pare on re "Sundays", instead"?? I heard SUNDAYS is opening this month in L.A. theatres. Am watching the Milw Cue Sect ea. week - hoping! Just got ahold of a FANTASTIC centerfold photo of you in Cine Tele Revue (French mag) from '80's, Mmmmmmm!! Now, THAT'S worth fussin over. Enjoy Russia Michael!! Ciao Baby,

Zig., Milw., WI.

Nov. 27, 2001
Thanks- you're a great actor,incredibly goodlooking,and most of all a caring, good person. Embarrassed-I didn't know of you until friend recommended "Philadelphia Experiment", because I'd recently read interesting book about it. Your acting was sooo great- my daughter and I thought you came right out of the 40's.
Impressed,I went to your website. We're going to rent "Eddie and the Cruisers" tomorrow. Please do the movie with Leslie Neilson! Hope you're having a happy life,and I hope your family loves and appreciates you. Move over Robert Redford and Harrison Ford!!! :]


Nov. 27, 2001
In 1992 I lived the movie "Hope Floats". After twelve years of marriage to my high school sweet heart I discovered he was having an affair with my best friend of twenty five years. Sandra's character was so like me it was unbelievable. That movie helped me understand that sometimes it not about how pretty, nice, or even exceptional you are. Sometimes people are just looking for something new and exciting. It was especially nice to have someone play the role of the husband that I could never hate.


Nov. 26, 2001
I liked the way you caught the girl on World Gone Wild (Nice muscles) I showed it to my friend the other day. I also liked the last hour. To me you are just a Great star. Flash misses you.

Take Care
Suzanne B.

Nov. 15, 2001
I loved you on Streets of Fire and even have the music video. I hope you are very happy and was glad to hear that you are to be in a video with Leslie Neilson and are back in the states. Be sure to stop and smell all the roses.

Enjoy yourself!
Suzanne Boyajian in Stockton

Nov. 12, 2001
I see soooo many movies and series w/other actors, where I KNOW you'd be better and WISH you were in it. THIEVES being one w/John Stamos. Also recently saw a video called BLISS w/Craig Sheffer & Sheryl Lee that fit you PERFECTLY. One that I call a real love story where the girl he marries turns out to be an abused by her father individual. To make it short, Craig helps her work thru her problems; even goes thru therapy w/her, but separately to same M.D. In the end, she shows courage, and tho separated briefly, comes back, and ends w/a rock solid marriage w/great sex, due to his loving kindness & gentleness. A perfect MICHAEL PARE type film. I'm gonna start writing networks & studios again. This is ridiculous!! Watch for my Fan Ltr to Garelick dated Oct. 4th. Love!

Ciao Baby,
Gloria Ziglinski (Zig)

Nov. 9, 2001
Just wanted to say hi from Australia!
Love your work!
Any chance of coming downunder?


Oct. 31, 2001
I visited this web site (this is my first) and was surprised how nicely it is operated. I knew the other sites but yours are so wonderful and the best because you are interactive with us! And information is most reliable. I am very glad to know that you had a wonderful birthday. I keep visiting here as #1 of the fan sites.

Nevile Campbell

Oct.31, 2001
I wanted a Sanctimony photo of you last night. I think the one I had got lost. I found it on the other website(!) and printed it today (!)

Love you muchly,
Suzanne Boyajian

Oct. 25, 2001
I am a big fan of you. It came to me when I watched Eddie & the Cruisers and then World Gone Wild, and then Houston Knights, and, and, many more. You are great in all of these movies and even in Starhunter. I hope to see you more on a big screen, hopefully in a romantic love story.


Oct. 21, 2001
Dear, Michael! I from Russia. Very much I love your films and you! Though your films show in Russia, but few person know you as the actor (unfortunately). And I have fallen in love with you at first sight (when has seen film "The Philadelphia Experiment"). I wish you all good. Excuse for mistakes - I badly I know the English language.


Oct. 13, 2001
My mom loves you so much. I was the first one to see Eddie and the Cruisers in my family and I got her into it and from the first moment she was hooked on you and your captivating portrayal of a 60's rock star overwhelmed by his own fame and surroundings. She is so funny when it comes to you and watches all of your films and it is really cute the way she is over you. She actually found this link and sent it to me and thought I would like it and I do. Please be well and good luck.

Barbara M, NY