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Apr. 20, 1999
This is a first for me in writing a letter to a fan club. But my wife and I just watched Eddie and the Cruisers I & II again! I must say I've seen a lot of movies but none that has moved me the way this one does. You are a great talent and I look forward to seeing you in future projects. Since you and I are born in the exact same year I feel I can relate to your work even more. Keep up the good "I mean" excellent work.

Gary Hart
Southern CA

Apr. 19, 1999
I've been a fan for years! Also a major X-Men fan from before. They've been intending to make a movie out of the comics for quite sometime now (a couple of years or so now), my point is that you would just be the perfect Cyclops! Please consider... Hope to see you in the Academy© soon!

Jean Grey

Apr. 16, 1999
My name is Callie and I am one of your biggest fans. Having pretty much seen everything you have ever done and am always collecting your movies and I think you are extremely talented. I too am aspiring actress. Having years of training in music and theatre. I was just a young girl when I first discovered your movies, like 10, and am 25 now and they bring back an awful lot of fond memories. Especially EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS, all of my friends thought you were the COOLEST and you still are. YOU ARE MY #1 FAVORITE ACTOR OF ALL TIME and no one else will even come close to you and I hope someday to be as good as you. YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION. THANKS MICHAEL.


Apr. 12, 1999
I live in Quebec and I was wondering if you were somewhere in Canada right now. I wish I could see you acting (if I can). I really enjoyed Philadelphia Experiment: it's one of my favorites. I hope you will play in a big movie again: it must be so hard. But anyway good luck in your future films: I think that you deserve to be the main actor in a big movie.


Apr. 12, 1999
HOPE FLOATS is fantastic! Every time you appears on the screen, my heart is pounding. I love the scene that Bill takes up his daughter in his arms after the funeral, because your eyes are full of love to her. And when Bill goes away from her, I am moved to tears.


Apr. 11, 1999
Hi my name is Ivette I love Michael Pare ever since I saw Eddie and The Cruisers. I love both parts of the movie. I think You are great and very talented. I love your eyes and voice I think you are very goodlooking and most of all a very good actor. I just had to say I love you and I wish you the best in all you do.

Love lots of love,

Apr. 7, 1999
My name is Rana Martinez, I am a very BIG fan of Michael Pare ! I am 27 years old, and I would just like to say I think you are very talented! I just recently watched a "real audio" clip from my PC with Julia Brown, and I congratulate you on being married, and having a son, I had know idea! I myself have 2 wonderful daughters and adore them very much as you do your son! I do hope Scotti Bros. decide to make another Eddie And The Cruisers-as it is my favorite movie(both 1&2) and fav.soundtrack! Keep up the good work, hope to see you soon via t.v. or movie screen!

Rana Martinez

Apr. 3, 1999
The silent strength you portray in your characters has inspired me throughout the last 16 years to seek a similar attitude for myself. I feel as an observer of your work that you are a man out of your designated time. I imagine you to be a 19th or 18th century character, simple living, integrity and hard work. I endeavour that tomorrow provides you with everything you might desire and I wish to extend to you accolades for keeping my interest for all these years. And if I might add you are totally hot! God Bless you and your family!

Michele of Toronto

Apr. 2, 1999
I'm a 38 year old mother of 2 boys and I have never written a fan letter in my life. I've seen "Eddie and the Cruisers" more times than I can count and love it's moodiness. I am in the process of seeing each of your movies one by one. I have found that no matter the movie of the moment, there remains a continuity to each.... your natural & charismatic performances. Thank you for entertaining us.

Donell Witty
in the Pacific Northwest.

Apr. 1, 1999
I have been a fan of yours for the last 10 years. As a matter of fact, your picture is the wallpaper on my computer here at work. All the girls laugh, but they don't hesitate to come by my desk and take a look at it. I am in the process of collecting all your movies but still have a long way to go, You are one terrific actor, who puts his whole heart and soul into the character you play. My favorite movie is "Philadelphia Experiment." I look forward to seeing more of you soon.


Mar. 29, 1999
I love the mood of classic vintage you have. You are like Chateau Talbot Saint-Julien 1970 with deep but soft taste. You put this red wine flavor of supreme bliss into your every film. Tres Bien!

Francoise Mounier

Mar. 28, 1999
I am so glad to reach this reliable web site. MOON 44 was the start of my love. STONE you played in MOON 44 fascinated me. I will never forget your farewell eyes at the battle scene. I thought I covered all of your movies, but the club covers much more than I did. I am now reading the report of Sea Mother's Son which I understand was your first play. What a wonderful story! How nicely the Eugene O'Neill character goes with you! You are too good for action movies! Please keep going.

From Munich with love,
Julie Stockmair

Mar. 23, 1999
I'm a real fan of you I want to send you my salute from Holland. I hoop you stay making many movies because. I'm looking for IT.

G Y Almonte

Mar. 22, 1999
It is really YOU who makes the movies worth watching. Your portrayal of a righteous movie hero is the reason I watch any of your films. Every attribute which is visible to us makes you the perfect character, including your statuesque appearance and your resonant voice, and I wish to see more of you in the future


Mar. 22, 1999
After I went through with the Academy© events, you are still the BEST ACTOR for me. I strongly feel that you just need the BEST PICTURE.


Mar. 21, 1999
I have created the "Best Actor" with a scent of cinema for you. Determined not to be beaten by my smart brain, my friend has created the "Best Photogenic Actor" for you. We are celebrating our own 71st "Oscar©" Night. You are always our Best Actor!

Cindy and Carrol

Mar. 20, 1999
You are a precious gift from ... I should say, our time. You really have something special. When it is put into a movie, the movie becomes very special. I like your performing style. Please keep it and polish it.

Your #1 fan in Texas,

Mar. 19, 1999
I have had a crush on you since I was a child when I first saw Eddie and the Cruisers. I usually do not become fascinated with people like that but you have a gift. I have always wanted to see you in person it is a dream of mine. Like those people who see their favorite stars on talkshows. I would probably just have a heart attack though. I have a pic of you hanging on the wall. My husband and friends laugh at me. Now that I am an adult and still have this childhood crush. Physical attraction is not a priority of mine, but if I have ever been stumped by someone's looks, you did it. I was so jealous of Diane Lane in Streets of Fire. You are definitely the most handsome man I have ever laid my eyes on.

Just wanted you to know,

Mar. 14, 1999
The best rock and roll movies I have ever had the pleasure of watching were your EDDIE movies.
As a member of the senior citizen group, I have seen a great many so called "rock movies" but yours hit the mark. I have seen many of your films, but "Eddie II" is the only one I own.

Sing man sing.

Mar. 14, 1999
How long I have been wanting to write you! And I have found you here on this fabulous official site. Here you are loved as an actor I want you to be. You are really THE CLOSER type actor. I like your serious performance in this movie. You definitely steal the show!

- Your biggest fan,
Excelline from Ireland

Mar. 14, 1999
I am a junior high student in Brasil. If Tony is in my classroom, I will fall in love with him. Even now I can't figure out Tony and Eddie with moustache are played by the same person. You look so different. Still I like you.

Teresa Robinson

Mar. 13, 1999
I've been your admirer for more than 12 years and have seen all the pieces of your work. So I kind of feel I have the right to make an appeal you to do a funny film. You have done many different kinds of characters but I believe you haven't stared in any comedies other than "THE WOMEN'S CLUB". I don't think you have to intentionally stay away from action-oriented movies. I just want you to know that you have a tremendous sense of comedy. Please give it a thought. Wishing you all the best and looking forward to your new movies!

Your faithful fan,

Mar. 11, 1999
You don't know how long I have been interested in your personality, but there was no one to tell me anything. There was no magazines, newspapers writing about you. So I am very happy that I can(now) tell you how great you are. Maybe you are the most handsome man I have ever seen in my life, even only on TV. I hope this letter will be delivered to you.

A Girl from Bulgaria

Mar. 10, 1999
This moment of time -- it is within a chain of lives that have been continuing without a break. How to live, how to face children and a better half, how to do with society, as a human being. We are questioning ourselves and answering our own questions. So I can simply say to you, as symbioses on the earth, "Let's try to do the best, Keep thinking", I was very lucky to meet you -- it is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Lee Ou

Mar. 9, 1999
I liked the way that you played Eddie in the movie Eddie and the Cruisers. I liked the part when you was in the bar and the song. Just A Matter of Time came out and you lip sang it but you did a great job in lip singing in that movie.
Not that much people could lip sing in a movie right but you did and that's why I like that movie. The only movie I saw from you was Eddie and the Cruisers 2.
I didn't get to see part one. But what I saw in part one is good enough which means I don't think I have to see the first part. I also liked the part when you represented for New Jersey in the movie because I'm from Newark New Jersey and thats why I like it so much well thats what I wanted to tell you and also keep up the good work.

From Your #1 Fan

Mar. 8, 1999
How nice you may read my mail. I wanna be as cool as you. I thought I was Number One STREETS OF FIRE guy in the world before I visited this site. Now I know I am the second best. I will win the No. 1 rank back in the near future. You are just cool! Oh,I am a 19 year old Greek guy majoring internal medicine.

Cody-Wannabe a.k.a. Suskia

Mar. 8, 1999
Thanks to Miss Jo Campa. When I went to see her at a theater almost 10 years ago, I found you! You were so brilliant. I was crushed on you and will be forever.

Your number one fan,
Clara Kuntz

Mar. 7, 1999
You are a wonderful actor. I saw the movie Eddie & The Cruisers. It was really good. Keep up the great acting. Oh and I plan to see more movies that I haven't seen of you yet. Hope you see this letter.


Mar. 6, 1999
Hello, I would have to be your biggest fan. I am a 23 year old Aussie who has been inspired from your work and when I'm sad one of your movies is the only cure. Yes, Eddie & The Cruisers is my favorite movie of all time. It always inspires me to carry on with dreams to become an actress so I could meet you. I used to model and do commercials but quite for some reason I still can not justify. Maybe I was scared I wouldn't make it so I began to travel. First all over my country and then America, Mexico and Hawaii. I love your country very much. The people on the East Coast far more my cup of tea. The West Coast was full of wankers. If you have travelled to England or Australia you would know what that word means.

Belinda Tanner

Mar. 5, 1999
I went to Washington D.C. a few years ago and watched "CRAZY TIMES" at the Library of Congress. My poor English ability prevented me from understanding some words in the story, but I was touched with your performance. The sepia tone adds the atmosphere in those days of the 50's to the scenes.
What I believe fits you best is a movie that good old days are expressed in a nostalgic way, though I love your sci-fi and action films, too. I want to see you in such a heart-warming comedy as Frank Capra did.

With love,

Mar. 3, 1999
I am very glad to know that you may read this message...
You saved me when I was in trouble. A few years ago, unfortunately I met with a car accident and was desperately depressed. Then your movies encouraged me and gave me a power. So, I want to say "thank you". You are great for me!!!
I wish you continued success and I will be supporting you forever.....

With love,

Mar. 1, 1999
I like "Streets of Fire." The life of Tom Cody is my bible. I mean, his life is just cool!! I've seen that movie more than 200 times so far. I want to be like Cody. I want people to call me "He is a man of few words, stoic and recluse." But it's very difficult for me to behave myself like him. You know , I talk a lot!! Anyway, my character is exactly the opposite of his. I wish you ever-lasting success!!


Feb. 28, 1999
I should appeal that I am an Italian and belong to the generation of your parents. I have been watching movies for more than 50 years. It was very hard for me to find a star with classic flavor until I found you in Il Sole Buio. You have that rare thing - the one that takes me back to the golden age of movies. I wish you success.


Feb. 28, 1999
In this Y2K-minus-one-year I luckily met you in "Into The Sun" when it was aired on TV. Since then, I have been renting videos whenever I found them, though I was not a movie freak before. I read that you recently appeared in the Broadway play. I wish I could live in New York. It is extremely hard for me to go to New York but I will try if the play comes back. Please keep carrying me away by your marvelous performance. I will keep supporting you with love.


Feb. 28, 1999
My name is Jackie Moore. I am from Sevierville, TN, and I am 23 years old. You are the greatest actor I have ever had the pleasure of watching. I have loved everything I have ever seen you in. Ever since the first time I saw "Eddie & the Cruisers", I have been captivated by your very essence. I have a copy of at least 20 (maybe more) of your films. I will never get tired of watching you. It thrills me every time I hear of one of your new movies.I just wanted to let you know that I deeply appreciate all the hard work you put forth for your fans. You truly are a wonderful person. Keep it up (PLEASE!!)

Love always,

Feb. 28, 1999
How wonderful that my e-mail will get to you. I used to run into a theater showing Eddie II on the way home for 14 days every day. It seems like just yesterday. Since then I have watched you in various movies and never ever get tired of your roles. You look like very different actors in all of your movies.

Tachino Okae

Feb. 28, 1999
The Black Marble Shoe Shine Stand is on my MUST list. You have a great resonance chest, meaning that your voice will fit well to read a stage play dialogue. For the first time in my life I applied for a passport. I am looking forward to seeing the play in the very near future. The only problem is an airplane!

Acrophobia More Than Bowie

Feb. 27, 1999
Given this golden opportunity, I am going to knock on the door to you. I admire the natural quality of your performance. You have something we don't have - no matter how we study hard. Please keep refining it. It should be easy for you 'cause what you have to do is to just give off that innate talent.

Pier Hortobagyi - acting teacher

Feb. 27, 1999
Did you know that I once fell in love with Tom Cody and then David Herdeg, and then Joseph LaFiamma? I was worried about myself, "How fickle I am!" You are responsible for my happy worries.

Chi The 22nd

Feb. 27, 1999
Tom Cody is my hero forever just because you played the role. Cody embodies the aesthetics I want to pursue in my life only because you performed the character. Luckily I met my Ellen Aim. We had a sweet baby to raise for Cody's bride but our daughter May was too quick to live. We want you to know she always smiled at you.

Eugene Ando
P.S. I was moved by your Eugene O'Neill
in Sea Mother's Son.

Feb. 27, 1999
You are incredibly photogenic. I don't use this term only in the physical sense. To be photogenic definitely reflects the heart and soul of the roles you portray. Even standing in silence, you can create an amazingly fabulous scene. It is luxurious for me to have this cinematographic excitement.

A lot of love,
Hiromic Micra

Feb. 27, 1999
I'm a Japanese woman. I've been your fan ever since I met Captain Paul Watkins("Into the Sun") for the first time. I was charmed and spellbound! I've watched your films again and again. Needless to say I love them all and am surprised at your talent as an actor. You always make me so happy. I'll continue to be your devoted fan.


Feb. 27, 1999
I met you on your "Concrete War". Since then I have been captivated by you and your films. Nothing makes me happier than seeing you on a big screen. Please keep making many fascinating films for us. Please take care of yourself. I'm always rooting for you ... from the bottom of my heart.

Love, Your loyal fan,

Feb. 27, 1999
If I were a 20th century Shakespeare, I could find better words to describe you. The only words I can think of are: classy, elegant, exquisite, spiritual, sensitive, speculative, intellectual... Every time I watch your films I feel that these words flow from you. That's because I am desperately addicted to you. And your eyes ...


Feb. 27, 1999
I saw quite a few of your movies and I like them a lot. I liked Strip Search, Eddie & The Cruisers. Merchant of Death was my favorite of them all. Keep up the good job.

Your fan,
Marion Taylor

Feb. 27, 1999
Time and space are easy to jump when I travel in the movie world where you are. You bring them with you across the sea over the Galaxy. You are the wing of wind to carry a sea breeze that keeps blowing from the dawn of the Earth. Every time I see you on screen, you take me to the time when we were born in the ancient sea. I must thank you for the power that you give me - no one else deserves to have it.

Yedo Kalos Eidos

A Very Special Thanks to YKE ----web site concierge

Feb. 27, 1999
I think you look like a god-shaped statue. Though you have very strong visual impression, you don't bring your own image into the movies. You look so different in each movie. You are very clear-colored actor who can be any-color hero. I think it's great of you.
For me, your image is overlapped with the universe. Because it's so clear, mysterious but veracious, and even infinite. I think an actor has to be the parent of the unlimited imagination like you are. Please continue to spin our dreams into your movie yarn.

Your faithful fan ,
Emily Ban
the Web Site Concierge

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