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June 30, 2005
Jessie Ann Riojas, TAHOKA, TEXAS

Dear Michael,
I really admire the excellent work you do and how determined you really seem while acting. Your role on the first season of Starhunter was incredible, and Dante Montana was one of my favourite characters. Thank you for sharing your awesome talents with the world!
June 27, 2005
Sarah Harvey, Canada

Sir, i just want you to know that i found "eddies" ideas on music to be words of "wisdom" to me as a musician. I also found your ability to pronounce that in your acting, really without words, to be very well done. i have seen most of the movies you have done, but i only own eddie 1@2. it seems that that series of films is the main topic here. you are a wonderful actor sir, but for some crazy reason im am drawn to these paticular movies and to be honest i use the philosphy "eddie' used. Its a joke among my band when i start to get "harsh" with them they just say "ok eddie" and we all laugh. Sir, i wish you well on your endevors in the future.
June 24, 2005
Jeff Payton, Leroy Texas

Hi Michael,
I am not going to go on and on about how wonderful you are and sound so repititious. I am sure it is constantly said on this website. I honestly am not real familiar with all of your work. I have seen a few of your movies in the past. Recently, I re-introduced myself to Eddie & the Cruisers I & II. When I saw the first one years ago, I thought it was good. Now, at age 42, I find myself very intrigued by part II Eddie Lives and also the CD's from both movies. I listen to them over and over, (the music is so feel-good) and I feel you are an absolute dynamo. I know John Cafferty does the vocals, but I can't seem to imagine anyone else but you as the lead singer. You just fit the mold that well. Let me suffice to say this. Not only are you extremely talented as Eddie Wilson (you play the part perfectly), you are also one of the most gorgeous men I have ever seen. Your wife is very lucky. Best of luck to you always.
June 21, 2005
Karen, FL

Eddie, I know you are still alive somewhere. Thanks 4 the music, I'l be waiting. Rock 'N Roll forever, Love, Fer (Buenos Aires)
June 13, 2005
Fernando (Cruisers member, guit player), Argentina

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June 4, 2005
munit, ethiopia

Hi Michael,
I wanted to write and thank you for entertaining me, with your work for more years than I care to admit. I have laughed, cried and felt deep empathy for some of the characters you have played. This is a credit to your acting skill and ability to make them real my brain knows its only make believe, but my heart reaches out to them. In your films you have helped me relax and unwind during my years as a nursing student, and again as a mother of young children, both of which cause many sleepless nights. May your god bless you and yours and keep you safe and may you continue to be a ray of sunshine to you fans in your work Love Jessie x
June 2, 2005
Sheila, Scotland

Hi Mike,
I noticed you have medium brown hair in some photographs. On the dark side (!) I hope that we will meet, in just a matter of time (kiss!) In case you were wondering I just got Eddie 2 on DVD. It's an import from ebay and I finally found one when I stopped looking for it under your name and looked under Eddie & the Cruisers 2. (Yay!) I hope you're doing well dear and that you're having a lot of fun on different movie projects. Love Muchly,
May 31, 2005
Suzanne Boyajian, Stockton, CA

Dear Michael,
I guess I cant say im your number one fan, but I just cant tell you how wonderful I think you are. Well at acting. To be honest I have only seen eddie and the cruisers both of them and I have all the words memorized. my dad and I watch them all the time I first watched it when i was 6 years old. I love john cafferty. I listen to him everynight.In eddie and the cruisers I think you are really cute!lol.And when you cried when wendel newton died I cried too because you are just so sweet. I have the fisrt movie but i taped the second one and it cuts out some parts and I really cant find the second one anywher but im not gonna stop looking.thanks for listening bye!
May 30, 2005
Kaitlyn Mckibbon, Canada

Dear Michael,
I've heard you recorded an album of your own in the '80s. Is there any chance you would be willing to release it to your adoring American fans? I'm ready to plunk down the money for it, just as I hope to see you on the big screen here, soon. We are also heartbroken that the DVD of Houston Knights is not scheduled to be release in America. Don't you like us, too? We love you! By the way, you have a new 5-year-old fan. My little girl thinks you are the livin' end, and zooms the screen whenever your face appears!
May 29, 2005
Sandy, America, Northern California to be exact

I love the movie eddie and the cruisers, both of them. you are so hot in them i lllllllooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeee you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 18, 2005
amanda, US

Hi Michael!!
I want to say your a great actor!! IM YOUR # 1 FAN!! Whens your Birthday? [October 9 - from website concierge] I really like your movies I 1st saw you on The Greatest American Hero back in the 80's. then I watched you on Houston Nights with Michael Beck and then I enjoyed the Philadelphia Expertament. I thought that was an excellent movie. I really enjoy Eddie and the Cruisers 1 and 2. And John Cafferty is from my home state Rhode Island. I saw the movie Hope Floats and that was a good movie. I think your one of the best actors I've ever seen. i want to now more about you becuase your the greatest. I just bought the movies Eddie and the Cruisers 1 and 2 on ebay becuase i couldn't find it any where and it was a lot of money but I dont care because it's a GREAT movie. and I am going to buy the movie THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO because ur a good actor. Thanks,
Your #1 Fan
May 2, 2005
ROSE, Rhode Island

Hi, Michael, I take a look on your website quickly, take care of you ; I like youuuuuuuuu!!! Greetings from Wolfgang.
April 18, 2005
Wolfgang, Germany

Hi! I'm a huge fan of Michael for almost 20 years (since I saw Houston Knights) and I really like your site. Congrats for the video interviews you put on line, they're really great. The only thing that's missing on your site, IMO, is a big, nice gallery. I'd really like to find high-seized, good quality, Michael's pics. Is it on your mind currently? Keep ruling that wonderful site. Best wishes
April 5, 2005
Nat, France

We are preparing for a gallery.- website concierge II

Dear Michael,
Last night I watched you in Eddie and the Cruisers part 1 and 2. They are my favorite movies that include music...I'm a music lover! Even though I've seen them when they first came out...I still love watching you in both parts. I just want to say that besides the music...your voice is to die for. Plus the fact that it was based on a 60's setting...I gotta say look good in leather. I wanna tell you this also...they could not have chosen anyone else better to play the part of "Eddie" you did a fabulous job, you fit the role to the T. They will always be two of my favorite Michael Pare movies of all time. Take care.....and keep going!! Your biggest fan in Canada
April 4, 2005
Valerie from Canada

Dear Michael,
I have been watching you ever since I seen you in Eddie and the cruisers. I have both of them on vhs and the soundtracks to them. I also have them on dvd now. I wish you w0ould make another movie like that one. I loved you in. you were so hot and sexy. i think you are awesome and I wish you had your own series on regular tv each week as that there is nothing on tv on monday and friday nights. I hope that you and and your family are doing well. thanks.
April 4, 2005
wanda in ga, usa

Dear Michael,
I was 14 when i watched "The Philadelphia Experiment" 3 times on the big screen. I wagged school with my buddies on every occasion, we just couldn't get enough of that movie when we were kids. It would most definately be in my top 10 movies of the 80's. So It was about time they released it on dvd in Australia! last night i watched it with my kids for the first time in twenty years, they were poking fun at the special effects lol!..what do you do? they have been spoiled. Someone should pick it up and make a big budget remake with you in a starring role, Michael! that would so great IMHO. Kind Regard's.
April 2, 2005
Mick. from Australia

Hi Michael, I had to write and tell you that I caught the tail end of "Deadly Heroes" with Jan-Michael Vincent. Our local ABC affiliate showed it as a late-night movie around 2 a.m. EST. What I saw, action-wise, was completely awesome! One question: is this movie available on DVD?
April 2, 2005
Jim from Cleveland, Ohio

"Deadly Heroes" not available on DVD; in UK, yes, but in PAL.- website concierge II

Hi, at present Cold Case is airing in Australia, and I have only just realised that Michael makes a guest appearance on one of the episodes. Was wondering how far into the series Michael comes into it? Im hoping I haven't missed it. Kind regards
April 2, 2005
Janelle, Australia

Michael appeared in #18 "Greed" but Episode # may change.-website concierge II

Happy Easter! Hi Mike,
I got the Greatest American Hero DVD and loved the interview you did on it. I liked when she introduced you and your eyes were dancing. So cFute! Yow! I hope you ate plenty of chocolate on easter and that you pull a nice trick on someone for April 1st. Have tons of fun! Enjoy!
March 29, 2005
Suzanne Boyajian, USA

Happy Easter! Happy Easter, dear Michael
love, Heike
March 27, 2005
Heike Lange, Germany

Happy Easter! Dear Michael,
Easter is the gift of peace.
Easter is the gift of peace.
Easter is the gift of hope.
Wishing you a beautiful Easter!
March 25, 2005
Eli Fukuoka, USA

Happy Easter! Dear Michael Paré,
Happy Easter!Hope you and your family will have nice Easter Holidays! Best wishes Your fan Susi
March 25, 2005
Susi, Germany

Hi Michael,
I just had to write. Last night I watched Eddie and the Cruisers, Eddie lives for about the 20th time. It remains fresh and eternal. But the reason I am writing will make you smile. I am a 57 year old woman with many problems in her life. But when I popped in that video and watched you, I had to laugh out loud because the first thing that popped into my head was the following thought:. "Thank God, I'm not dead yet".... Honestly, that's the first thing. When you have the weight of the world on your shoulders and you think to yourself, I'll never feel "that way", again and there on the screen is the most amazing looking man and his eyes, and his face and that charisma, well, I'm trying to make this as clean as possible.
March 24, 2005
Love, Melody, USA

(... continued)
I can only say "Thank You" for giving this old broad a smile. This sentence speaks volumes. Believe me. I wish you and your family much success. I continue to watch your movies, I loved the Philadelphia Experiment. They should have cast you in the sequel. I remember watching you in Greatest American Hero. I remember saying to my husband "Oh my god, who is that guy". My husband stopped listening to me after a while. You must get lots of love letters. This letter is one of admiration and gratitude for giving this lady some naughty thoughts (when she never thought she'd have another one) Be well, Michael, and I hope you continue to prosper.
March 24, 2005
Love, Melody, USA

Dear Michael,
I have been a fan of your's since i first saw you as "Eddie". I think i was 13 or 14 at the time, and you made a huge impression on me! To this day, i can watch "Eddie and the Cruisers" over and over, and still get the same goosebumps i got when i was a teen. Not only are you a gorgeous man, but a talented actor, and i really enjoy you! Thanks for the years!
March 22, 2005
Sheila, Santa Rosa, Ca

Hi Michael! We are watching "Eddie Lives", just now. My boyfriend wondered where you are and wants to see you in a movie or whatever you plan. I had an artist boyfriend back in the 60's in the Heights in Manhattan, NY. He looked very much like you. Devastatingly handsome. We look forward to seeing more of you. Warm regards,
March 22, 2005
Olivia, USA

hey michael.....just wanted to drop something short and sweet......i think u are one of the sexiest men on earth......i've had it bad for u ever since i seen u in eddie and the cruisers part were so buffed up...those tight jeans....have mercy! the beginning of the flic..when u did that skit on stage..."adam and eve"...... ...i've had melting thoughts about u ever since...... sorry to be so blunt......but thats just me.....even today.....years after that are still extremely handsome and oh so sexy.......I WANT U..xoxo
March 21, 2005
Angelina, u.s.a

Dear Michael, I met you several times when I was younger, during the filming of Eddie and The Cruisers. My father was an extra on he set and an employee of Tony Marts. I have a personal request. How could I obtain an autograph from you wishing my father a happy 50th birthday. I know that he would absolutely cherish it. Thank you so much for your time. Love
March 18, 2005
Michelle, USA

We closed the waiting list for autograph request; we do our best otherwise.-website concierge II

Hi Mike, I can't tell you how mush I still enjoy you eddie and the cruisers & cruisers 11 .You played a awesome role in both movies, but my best yet is still cruisers 11 it was awesome. I'm 54 years old and I have seen a lot of movies in my day, like james dean etc, And I must say, you stand right there with them. I'm into old rock & roll movies& more so into the cars of those eras, I own 2 of them 65 ford & 65 chevy corvair. May God Bless you and your work. What are you up to these days. Any movies lately??? Hope to hear from you soon. Sincerly RoG
March 18, 2005
Ford 65, U.S.A.

"BloodRayne" with Kristana Loken and Ben Kingsley will be coming soon.-website concierge II

iGuapo, guapo, guapo...! Michael: You are so wonderfull! You are more than words... Kisses...
March 17, 2005
Venezolana..., Venezuela

hello mike!!
I have been living in Japan since july 2001, I came here to fight in the Chito-ryu Soke cup 2001 world championship Karate tournament and won a bronze medal for Canada! I live in Kumamoto with my wife and son, my son is now almost 3yrs old. I worked with you on a few episodes of Starhunter as a stunt man and extra and spent many a night with you sipping on cognac and smoking Romeo & Juliet! I remember you told me to move on to bigger and better things! just wanted to thank you for all the friendly conversations and encouragements! Don't know if you will really read this but if you do, feel free to contact me! if you have the time that is! If you are ever in Japan you and your family are more than welcome to stay at my home! I just purchased some land at Toshiwa Sweden Home Resort in Aso and plan on building, some time this year! Thanks again
March 14, 2005
Rene, Japan

I just wanted to say that I met Michael when I was about 5-6 yrs old. My father was a bouncer at Tony Mart's, where Eddie and the Cruisers, was filmed. My father and uncle ended up being cast as extra's. Mr. Pare was very nice to me and my family.
March 13, 2005
Michelle Dorofee-Jones, USA

Hi Michael,
I was just reading all the great messages to you, and wondered how you must feel knowing that so many people are captivated by you and your talent. Their words portray a true caring for you, even as a person, not just an actor. I, too, am one of those fans. Anything I could say to you has already been said, and it's great. Do you really read these posts, I wonder. I hope you do, because they will keep your spirits high when you are down. Long ago I was hooked by "Streets of Fire" as so many were and still newly are all the time. Someone here said that your characters, especially Eddie Wilson, are so real. It's true. I can bring up Tom Cody in my mind so easily, ... just as easily as I can Eddie. With these kinds of fans, Michael, you'll always be on top. Take care,
March 13, 2005
Puppet, USA

Hi Michael, I have been a fan of yours since Eddie and the Cruisers. She wish you woud do some made for tv movies or even sci-fi movies. We miss you. If you are ever in GA, look me up. You have the looks and talent so go for it.
March 8, 2005
Janet, USA

Hey Micheal! I always wondered what happed to you. I was surprised to learn that you are a trainded chef as I am. My favorite movie of yours is "Streets of Fire." I thought that you were destined for greatness as well. I would venture a guess that you did not "suck up" and dance to Hollywood's anti-Christ agenda. Good luck to you and your family.
March 7, 2005
Daniel E. Galey, United States

Streets of Fire was one of the best movies I have ever seen. I loved it. You should do a sequel!!
March 4, 2005
Jim Munsey, USA

Director Walter Hill wrote us, "I'd be happy to make a sequel with Michael Paré ..." - website concierge II

March 3, 2005

In UK, Eddie was released on DVD in NTSC mode, not in PAL. - website concierge II

My husband, Blair, was an electrician on "Streets of Fire". He was working a spotlight during a concert scene and was electrocuted. His co-workers had to dislocate his shoulder in order to save his life. Through all the physical/psychological horrors he endured, "Streets" is still our favorite movie! I worked in post-production music at Universal at that time and had great fun with all the music we did. We're sorry that "Streets" didn't get the recognition it deserved! We just bought the movie on DVD for a friend who has always wanted to see it! We take the CD/cassette with us on every vacation! We love your work.
February 28, 2005
L. Blair, US

In US No in a sense but Yes in Japan. "SOF" gained the award of "Best Movie of 1984" by Readers Choice on a connoisseur movie mag. - website concierge II

Dear Michael,
You have incredible talent. I've seen all of your movies, many times over. I miss you. I'll be looking forward to seeing you again. Hope you're happy and have a good life. I am and always will be one of your fans. With deep respect and love,
February 28, 2005
Dorothy Ann/Shirley, NY ;-)

February 28, 2005

Dear Mr. Paré!
Since some years I'm a big fan of you and I like all your movies. Hope to see you really soon in new projects, it would be great to see you in a regular show again. One really good movie is Hope Floats. You and Ms Bullock played great. It's a pity,that there aren't any plans to make a sequel to it. This time, Bill and Birdee should have a happy end with their daughter Bernice. All my best wishes for you and your family!
February 27, 2005
Your fan Schimmi, Germany

I had the pleasure of working with Michael on "Starhunter" during the first season playing his enemy bounty hunter Maks. Michael was a true pro and a blast to work with I hope we get to see him in something worthy of his talents soon.
February 21, 2005
John Muggleton, Canada

I am hoping Eddie and the Cruisers part 2 will be released soon on dvd. Is there a date set for this, what are the chances etc?
February 20, 2005
Brad Geiger, USA

We are working hard on "Eddie II" and do hope it will work ... website concierge II

Dear Michael,
Happy, happy St. Valentine's Day!
February 12, 2005
Your #1 fan from the island of rising sun

Dear Michael,
On Valentine's Day, I pray for love and peace for people all over the world and for your blooming career.
February 12, 2005
C.C. Tank, Texas

Dear Michael,
Lately hasn't been too good for me at all, but then I slip on your movie and my sorrows drift away. I can't help the smile that comes to my face when I look into your eyes or see your heavenly smile. Although all this is not real I still have my false intentions. I wish sometimes I could get to know your just to see the real you and not some character on a t.v. screen. I want to know what makes you happy and what makes you sad, what your eyes truly hold and what your smile really says. I want to hear what every word means and what you voice carries in the wind, but until that day where I am real to you I guess I'll keep to my false hopes.
February 7, 2005
Shelley True, Canada

Hi Mike,
I hope you have a nice valentines day. Somebody as sweet as you deserves a nice valentine and I hope you find one. Been thinking nice thoughts of you, dear. Enjoy!
February 7, 2005
Suzanne Boyajian, USA

Hi Michael,
Gosh what must it be like to have so many people love you!? That must be a great feeling. I'm almost as old as you are so I have been a fan for a long long time. I have seen all your movies except for 2 I can't seem to find undercover and red serpent but I will keep searching. I think you are a beautiful person. I think you have beautiful hands LOL besides the obvious... I wish you the best thanks for bringing such joy to our lives! Keep up the good work! Take care and God Bless you!
February 2, 2005
Love, Mickey USA

Dear Michael,
I really love you, Michael. Whenever I see you on screen, sure, it's like dating. My parents are both your fans since they met. Actually, their start was when they went theater for Eddie. Without you, I won't be here on this beautiful planet. Through the club I knew you care for us all. Your messages I receive via the club are very sweet. It's like I am dating you. I am very proud of being a member of this wonderful club. Keep on going, Michael!
January 25, 2005
Jill xxx Hern, Seattle

Hello, Michael Kevin,
you're always still yet a part of my life since 5 years and I thank god for giving us such a lovely, charakterful, wonderful, very good-looking actor and guy - you and your films will always have a great place in my life.....your are exceptional and a very good actor. Michael, i like you very much. All the best for you and your family in Amsterdam. Be clean, boy!! Your's, Wolfgang
January 25, 2005
Your fan Wolfgang from Freising near Munich in Germany

Dear Michael,
I am #1 Houston Knights fan. Pasta-loving LaFiamma you played is my favorite of the favorites. I joined the DVD campaign the club did for Houston Knights. I am so happy SONY listned to us. The report how SONY responded to the club for a couple of years was exciting. Though I was a very small part of it, yes, the process was quite thrilling as Julia said.
January 20, 2005
Kate-Houston Knights Guardian, TX

Dear Michael,
The inside story how to get Houston Knights released on DVD was quite thrilling. Sony's response to the club was very interesting, too. Well, I know Lundy listened to country and western music a lot in the show. Now I forgive you, Lundy, 'cause I will soon reach HK on DVD. xxx
January 19, 2005
Julia, Houston, TX

Dear Michael,
Hi Mike! I hope your new year is coming along nicely & that you have fun, exciting parts coming up. I really enjoy watching you act and think it would be a blast to meet you. I know God has great plans for you Mike & I hope you take delight in doing what he wants. God always pays off so know that you're not alone in trying to do nice things, most people eventually respond. Keep up the good work, sweetie. Enjoy!
January 19, 2005
Suzanne Boyajian, Stockton, CA

I totally 100% agree with you, Joe. I dislike to sniff around "friends" for your off screen life.
January 19, 2005
Catherine, Seattle, USA

Dear Michael,
I am one of the visitors who questioned which birth year was correct. Your fan club gave me correct info. More than that, I was favorably impressed by the club guys ... they replied to my question - it is "our policy to upload correct information about Michael but for us it is more important to support his career than these off-screen questions like his birth year." It's true. Michael, you are lucky to have suchs a wonderful fan club!
January 18, 2005
Joe M., USA

Dear Michael,
A few years ago, I watched Eddie and The Cruisers for the first time. It's one of the best movies I've ever seen. I love music almost as much as Eddie Wilson. He is a genius, no way around it. Everything he does makes so much sense. He was truly incredibly ahead of his time. You play the part great. When I found out Eddie lived I was speechless. I watched Eddie and The Cruisers II: Eddie Lives as soon as I heard there was one. I only wish I could meet someone as amazing as Eddie Wilson. They are outstanding films with an outstanding actor and team!
January 15, 2005
Cody; MO, USA

Dear Michael,
your captivating eyes has me tied in knots your kind smile has my heart pounding a little fast, your heavenly voice has me tongue tied but dont worry it will pass, you are just a proximity infatuation in my world i can never even dream of having you, in my world though i silently wish that dreams, my dreams will eventually come true, you captured my heart and took my breath away you stole my love and yet you dont have it, your my deepest desire but your also a bad habit, not in a bad way just the fact that its not real that i can never be inside your secure embrace, i could never hear you heavenly voice i could never watch the moonlight dance across your face, my wishes always seem to burn with the stars for my dreams will can never come true, they will always remain false hopes of one day knowing and falling in love with you.
Love Your biggest fan
January 11, 2005
Shelley, Canada

Dear Michael,
It is nice to visit here to learn how many fans love you and how nicely this club is organized to support your career. Also, I learned how wonderfully you trust the club and care for your fans. It's a wonderful surprise! That's because I am here with you and for you. The world is going wild meteorologically and ethically. I believe love will save the world - love to your presence, love to people, love to this beautiful earth!
January 11, 2005
Christina, New York, USA

Dear Michael,
We pray that the adverse weather in California is not affecting you and your family, and that you are safe. 鉙叱EE示鉙叱EE示..
Blessings in the new year.
January 11, 2005
Frances Frog, Holland, Michigan USA

My Dearest Michael,
I am embarrassed to say how long its been, but dedicated to you as I am here I write yet another letter. The look in your eyes captures my soul and the gold in your heart moves me, how I wish i could be a part of your world but wishes are only another word for dreams, My wishes seem to burn with the stars cause if they came true you would know me, we could dance on the shores maybe just once in a make believe Jersey, Your presence is desired but yet your still not here I still feel pride, knowing my words reach you, with all the love you have you must be a happy man, If only my dreams would come true.... I would like to know you the real you, the man or maybe little boy inside, I would like to hear your voice, for only a little while. There my Michael just for you and hopefully you will take the time to get back to me again.
January 11, 2005
Shelley, Canada

Dear Michael,
I just would like to say that I hope you are doing well and that I love your movies such as Eddie & the Cruisers 1 and 2 also Streets of fire although I don't have that one. I think you do a terrific job in all of those movies, also if it's all right for me to say you looked very handsome in everyone of those movies. Happy Holidays!
January 1, 2005

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