Dear friends,
Now that I am becoming familiar with social net working.
Road to Hell seems to be gaining momentum recently, I still have not seen it, but it will receive it’s second best picture in these independent festivals. How Sweet It Is will screen in Santa Monica before the AFM, I have yet to see it also. Uwe Boll’s movie Bailout: The Age of Greed, which is another of Uwe’s pet movies will be screened also I believe. I know some people feel no movie can do honor the Streets of Fire but I am hoping Road to Hell will get enough notice that major studios will take another serious look at me as an actor and leading man. It was an interesting concept, that any participant in war will be damaged in his spirit some how and the only chance of surviving your private demons is through the love and forgiveness only a family can provide. War, killing scientists chemically as well as emotionally and psychologically damage a man and that study is what attracted me to the movie Road to Hell. Thank you all for your loyalty and appreciation of my work.

Road To Hell

Michael Paré and Clare Kramer, Road To Hell