Hello Everyone

Sorry for the long silence. I have been in the process of finding that next project. My dear friend Brad Furman has been working very hard trying to cast me in his new movie but movie making now is very complex with many factions weighing in on the smallest decisions. I am waiting to hear even today.
Snap Shot the movie Eric Etebari directed is almost finished but I have yet to see it.

How Sweet It Is (trailer) also is still in the editing phase but I will see the director this week and will get an update.

Joe Piscopo, Paul Sorvino and Michael
courtesy: Factory Entertainment Group

For all you loyal fans that have joined Starfield Audiences, I thank you. The reboot could be a lot of fun and I feel a more open dialogue with Phillip Jackson and feel we will work together well.

At this point in my career it is important to work with people that want to work with me. The audition process is really the beginning of finding the true nature of the character there fore it is important the director and producer know me and my past work. While pursuing the role in Runner Runner my three audition tapes might have been by different people until Brad said that is it, that is what I need. But then other players might have different feelings about the character.
No matter what happens with Brad’s movie whether I do it or not he has proven a rare and true friend and fellow artist in this process. I never thought I would have a friend so true this late in my career and life.

Please forgive my neglect, I just am always hoping to have something great to announce to you all.
Albert Pyun is still working on Road to Hell, he tells me Cody is no longer described as a serial killer. I hope to see it soon. Cyborg the rise of the slingers is still being promised to go soon. We shall see and you will all be the first to hear.

Please know I hope and pray Japan’s geology will calm down and we can all relax again.

Best to all of you and thank you all for your loyalty and support

Michael Paré