New Projects

Well hello to all my friends. I just got back from working with Uwe Boll again on what might be his best film yet. It is so obvious to me after working so many times with Uwe, when he loves his story or when he is doing a movie to finance his next passion story. Dominic Purcell was great to work with and it seems we may do the next chapter of Dungeon Siege together.

My wardrobe fitting for How Sweet it is is this week and I can’t wait to work with Paul Sorvino and Burt Reynolds. I hope this summer will be good for all of us here on earth and the politics calm down.

We still haven’t closed anything with Starhunter yet but I am told it will be soon. Your support is so valuable to the making of this project, I hope we make something we can all be proud of and enjoy. (Starfield Audiences – blogconcierge)

I will keep you posted.

All the best
Michael Paré

How Sweet It Is

I will be doing a musical comedy in May with Paul Sorvino and Burt Reynolds. HOW SWEET IT IS is the title and is produced by Suzanne DeLaurentiis, How Sweet It Isthe same who produced the movie I did with Rod Steiger, A MONTH OF SUNDAYS.

My character is Mike Sorino. I play son of Paul Sorvino. Paul is a mafia Don, Burt Reynolds is a down and out producer who owes my father gambling money. When Paul finds out who Burt is he forces him to produce a show for him.


Hello again
If you think Starhunter would be a good idea please post on Starfield Audiences so we can get an idea how it will go over. Philip Jackson plans to re boot season two by weaving my character Dante through out the second season and hopefully doing a brand new third season. Global TV is a great venue for this kind of show but I want to know if there is an audience for it.
Michael is Dante Montana