Yes, so I went back to New Jersey to work with my friend Eric Etebari who directed Snapshot, his second or third feature film. I play the president of the USA . Eric is very interesting and stimulating to work with. I can’t wait to see the results. Eric in a big way is responsible for me meeting Brad Furman, the director of The Lincoln Lawyer.

My dear Japanese friends

Dear friends in Japan, persevere through these hard times and trust the future looks brighter.
I so hope the planet will calm down and stop shaking you all so much. Nature is just unfathomable and there is no explanation for it’s action. My heart and sympathy are always with you all.

Starhunter: Dante may return

Recently my old friend Philip Jackson has asked me if I would be interested in weaving my character Dante into the second season of Starhunter for a re-release of that series and the intention to do season 3. what do my friends in “the club” think of this idea?