Well I have been making movies for about thirty years now, I have made big budget and micro budget, big budget is better. Working for Tom Rosenberg at Lakeshore has been two fantastic experiences. But here I will talk about GONE. First when Tom gave me the script I knew it would be good but the lead role Amanda played was really a fantastic, multi-diminutional role. Imagine being kidnapped, abused almost killed then you escape and when you tell the police what happened they lock you up and say you must be crazy. Then when you are released and your sister gets kidnapped they threaten to lock you up again. A great script. I play the senior cop lt. Bozeman.


GONE – working with Amanda Seyfried

GONE’s release is very exciting. I am very grateful to Tom Rosenberg for giving me the role. This is another movie for Lakeshore which they know how to do so well. There are few special effects and the movie is completely dependent on story, direction, actors performance, especially Amanda, and of course production of music, editing and wardrobe and of course cinematography.

Yes I have worked in all genre’ of movies but straight drama, thriller is just great. Amanda was a real pleasure to work with, talented, charming, beautiful and consummate professional.

I hope the audience enjoys watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.

GONE starring Amanda Seyfried opens nationwide
in theaters on Friday, February 24.
Michael plays Lt. Ray Bozeman.
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