Ready for Michael Connelly’s The Lincoln Lawyer

A director Brad Furman called me and asked if I would read a script he is shooting this summer with Matthew McConaughey and Marisa Tomei; he has a part for me.
I read the script which was based on a novel by Michael Connelly, who is one of my favorite authors in this genre, the part is small but pivotal to the plot and I would be working with Matthew.

BLOODRAYNE 3 in Croatia

Well here I am in Zagreb shooting the final chapter of Uwe Boll’s Bloodrayne trilogy. Working in Croatia was a unique experience, because it was my first time there. The country is very beautiful. We shot in the old city and in the mountains above the city. Beautiful nature and historic city. Nikola Tesla is from Croatia, it has a long history of very accredited universities a great looking opera house and many museums.
The movies Guns of Navarone and the Dirty Dozen were filmed in Croatia. Also many smaller action movies, Albert Pyun shot Captain America there.
This was my 12th movie with Uwe Boll, who I consider a real friend in this industry. As you know from the pictures I played a Dampire vampire in BR3. First I am sprayed with Bloodrayne’s blood when she is shot and I swallow some of the blood and then I am bitten by Rayne. I become a dampire because I drink her blood not because she bites me.
Uwe has in the past done a few experimental pictures with me and had some interesting results in SEED and TUNNEL RATS that were done only with an outline and no formal script. Working like this regardless of the commercial success is very exciting for an actor and I can only thank Uwe for giving me the opportunity to do it.