Finished Shooting 100 FEET

Hi there,
Well recently I finished shooting 100 Feet, a movie by Eric Red. Eric and I worked together a few years ago on his movie “Bad Moon“. That was a great experience, fun stimulating and we made a very good movie I think.
So at the AFM of last year I was promoting and seeing a rough cut of some movies I had made when John Fallon, an internet journalist and film critic, came up to me and said Eric Red was looking for me. I said take me to him.
Five minutes later Eric came up to me and said he was making another movie, well before he could say another word I asked if there was a part for me. He said he was making a Ghost story and I said let me play the ghost? He said he wrote the Ghost with me in mind. We didn’t talk money or anything but story, who else was going to be in it and where he could send the script.
He sent me the script and I read it, called him and told him, I loved it and we set up a meeting to talk story, character, motive, backstory, my relationship with Marnie (to be played by Famke Janssen) my relationship with my partner (to be played by Bobby Cannavale). We would have to go to Toronto to get a few life casts made for the ghost effect and 1 week rehearsal in Budapest.
I knew what working with Eric was going to be like and it was all I could hope for. He wouldn’t want any of this bullshit some actors fall in to like “I want my character to be likeable or redeem himself.” I was going to be very real and display some of the darkest sides of humanity. Clinging to all the negative emotions that bind us to this plane of reality.
Budapest was the most accommodating countries to work in of all the ex-Eastern block countries I have worked in. The crew were skilled and the production was really looking at the big picture of Making a Good Movie as being the ultimate goal.
Famke was a real professional, putting the movie first and playing her character to the “Hilt”. She was photographed beautifully by Ken Kelsch, Eric’s chosen DP. Ken is a great guy with like 30 movies he DP’d a lot of them for Abel Ferrara.
I can’t wait until I see some cut together footage.
Well I never BLOGGED before, so I will quit this first attempt and try again in the middle of Aug.
I will try to do this once a month.
Michael Paré