Working with Kurt Russell

I am working with Kurt Russell today! We first met at Joyce Selznick’s house a long long time ago, when Joyce brought me to Hollywood. It was great working with Kurt Russell on “Bone Tomahawk” a great western on the line of Lonesome Dove.

Kurt Russell, Michael Paré

On the set of BONE TOMAHAWK

7 thoughts on “Working with Kurt Russell

  1. Sounds fun! I liked in the last outlaw that they listed a horse wrangler in the credits. I hope you got to ride one in this. How fun! Suz

  2. Awesome!! Kurt is such a good man ! Not too many left in Hollywood. You’re one lucky guy..big grin.
    I just caught the tail end of you’re movie Eddie and The Cruisers II on the MGM channel . I see that was from 1989,
    the good ole days!!! I miss the movies from back then. Keep em coming. You’re a good actor and you put great energy into your rolls. You’re easy on the eyes also..giggling God bless you and yours.

  3. Holy moly, they are finally making it! I was worried with so many delays and cast changes it wouldn’t be made. Great for you michael! They need to get you on the big screen more often.

  4. Can’t wait to c the movie. I hv 3 of ur movies the Eddie movies & streets of fire glad to c ur still cranking them out good luck

  5. Michael, glad to see you doing well! Wow, that is so cool! Kurt Russell! Miss you on facebook, and I don’ t really use twitter. Hope you come back to FB. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  6. your proformance in the original ph exper was awsome loved nancy to am looking at the sequel now hurts to look at u as a bad guy thanx for everthing

  7. Look forward to seeing you in this one and I’m going to view “The Last Outlaw” shortly. I was somewhat unaware of it as a matter of fact. I have to second the emotion on your absence from Facebook. Being a long time Veteran of FB, I thought you’d blocked me or soemthing! Pete STILL in Vegas and loving it…

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