Go See The Lincoln Lawyer

It is now #2. If it stays in the top 5 another week it would be wonderful.

19 thoughts on “Go See The Lincoln Lawyer

  1. I really really enjoyed LL. Much to my delight, LL’s story telling is a fun. And you are GREAT! Some critic says,
    Ladies and gentlemen, Eddie Lives!
    It is so nice to see you on a big screen in a positively reviewed good film like LL.
    Hugs and hugs and hugs…

  2. yes, i read that one by brendan m. leonard. i’d love to quote this part:
    Michael Paré, the star of Eddie and the Cruisers (1983) makes a triumphant return as Detective Kurlen in The Lincoln Lawyer.
    the companion for lincoln lawyer on the opening weekend was my friends; this week i’ll be with three of my family.
    congratulations, michael, for the triumphant return in lincoln lawyer!

  3. strong performance as detective kurlen
    LL is a perfect date movie.

  4. What a nice surprise to see you in "Lincoln Lawyer". Great movie –
    loved it. Bob didn’t make it but I would go back and see it whenever
    he’s available to go.
    Take good care Michael

  5. A good story well told, it’s a damn good movie.
    And Michael, you made "a triumphant return" in The Lincoln Lawyer.

  6. Lincoln Lawyer – one of the best movies in years!!!
    Michael, you did so well. Your scenes are something very special!!!
    Joey, Nebraska

  7. we’ll be gathering again this weekend…
    the club gave us that EXCLUSIVE photos of your surfing…
    let’s get together for chatting after Lincoln Lawyer.

  8. lincoln lawyer is a funny, well-written, tight thriller – my best one this year.

  9. Exciting story, entertaining.
    Michael, you play your part to perfection. Loved Lincoln Lawyer!

  10. Flawless performance, Michael!
    We rode on Lincoln and drove fast with LL. We’ll be back again next week to make LL #1 at the box office.

  11. hi michael,
    saw lincoln lawyer, excellent story-telling, strong performances, smart direction… you are shine in the best supporting actors. applause!!!

  12. You did excellent work in Lincoln Lawyer. Critics had to admit that and one said, "Michael Paré makes a triumphant return as Detective Kurlen in The Lincoln Lawyer" – this is what I really waited for so long. Go, go, Michael!!!

  13. Just saw the Lincoln Lawyer and I must say you did one hell of a job. I really enjoyed the movie. As a true fan of your movies I think I speak for everybody when I say that Eddie and The Cruisers 3 needs to be made. Its been 22 years since Eddie lived and the fans (myself included) are chomping at the bits to get a third installment. I think that would be a perfect project for you and Uwe to tackle next. I really enjoy his movies as well and it seems like you guys have a great working relationship. Good luck with all of your future projects, and weather of not there is another Cruisers movie or not I will still be a huge fan.

  14. I have rediscovered Michael Pare!! I only watched this movie because you’re in it, and I’m glad I did! Really great movie! I always thought you deserved soooooo much more and I’m very happy to see that your career is going to skyrocket now!! Happy for you and your family!

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