Eric Red, writer/director of 100 FEET, tells:

Michael has amazing ideas for the supernatural character of the spirit and I think it will be a startling change of pace for him, channeling some of the classic Asian ghost story movies in his performance. You will be blown away by the performance Michael gives in “100 FEET.” In terms of his generating powerful emotion and presence without words, it far surpasses “BAD MOON.” In fact, I think the Japanese audiences will be particularly attuned what we are going after with his Ghost character because the great tradition of “JU-ON” and “RINGU.”
Famke is exceptional in the film, beautiful but playing a real, vulnerable, complex woman. The actress was unafraid not to look pretty when her character was going through hell, which only makes her more beautiful in the manner of actresses like Ms. Moreau. She and Michael have some amazing scenes together at the end.
I’m getting ready to start cutting the film, and the stuff we shot is terrific so I’m sure it will come together well. Michael’s the coolest guy to work with and I’ll put a role for Michael in every film I do. It’s going to be a lot of fun! I certainly will cast Michael as a good guy, hopefully next time. But I must say as an actor he really likes playing edgy and darker characters, so he hasn’t minded!
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6 thoughts on “Eric Red, writer/director of 100 FEET, tells:

  1. Eric Red has discovered what we have known all along. Michael can play any role. Give Michael something he can sink his teeth into and WOW!!
    You have a very special gift Michael, and I for one thank you for sharing it.

  2. Great comment of Eric Red.Mr.Paré is a very good actor!
    Good to hear,that Mr.Red wants to cast Michael in more of his movies….
    My fingers are crossed to see Michael in a new Eric Red movie soon again!

  3. Thank you, Mr. Red, for recognizing Michael’s remarkable talents in making his characters take on a life on screen.
    Meaningful and very welcome words about Michael, and the intent of Eric Red to incorporate Michael’s talents in his future projects offers his fans much to anticipate. It’s fantastic, and to Michael, I say congratulations, you deserve the accolades, and I hope rewarding for you to see the comments in print.
    Your hard work should be showcased, without a doubt, in creative and challenging projects.

  4. can’t wait to see this movie! I think Famke will be amazing and I am excited to see how Michael realizes the ghost. I’m crossing my fingers for a big theatrical release in ’08!!

  5. Hi Michael,
    Today, a chilly, rainy Saturday morning, was the perfect time to watch Blood Rayne II Deliverance, and there was never a dull moment, and you, being the strong, silent, good guy were always there when needed! Great job, I really enjoyed wild west plot and the Vancouver scenery was wonderful. Thanks

  6. Hi Michael, Well I watched 100 feet on the Sci-Fi channel and I really loved it. However, I wish you were in the picture of little longer. It was very interesting. I have a large collection of your movies and I am still buying more. Have a wonderful day and God Bless you always. Your BIGGEST FAN Geri

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