Thank you all for the birthday wishes.

Dear Friends

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I do really appreciate them all. I am so honored the Streets of Fire and Tom Cody still is enjoyed by so many.

Thank you for all the support you give me and my work. I hope in the future to continue to participate in good , meaningful and entertaining productions.
God bless all of you and thank you.

Streets of Fire: Special showing in Tokyo on July 29, 2018, still shown nationwide in Japan

Happy Birthday 2016

Dear Friends
Thank you all for the Happy Birthday wishes, it means a lot as is very appreciated.
Thank you all for your support and I hope I can make a few good movies or TV shows to bring a little distraction to your lives and maybe a smile or two.
                                                                                     Michael Pare

Working with Bryan and Brad in The Infiltrator

What a pleasure working with Bryan and Brad. I play Barry Seal, he was a drug smuggler and DEA informant, kind of famous. Dennis Hopper did a movie about him. I put on 35 lbs (ca 15 kg) for the part.

Bryan Cranston and Michael ParéThe Infiltrator hits theaters everywhere on July 13th. Really a cool movie.

 - Michael Paré

TRADED Now Playing

Dear friends,

I hope you enjoy TRADED, it was really fun to make.

I play a semi-retired gunfighter who has started a new life as a small farmer and rancher who is forced to adopt his old professional skills when my daughter is taken by “bad guys” and forced into prostitution.

It is a classic plot with many great supporting characters. Directed by my dear friend, the very talented Tim Woodward Jr.

I never thought I would get a chance to do a movie like this and hope to do more in this genre.

PS I killed Trace Adkins yesterday, he died well. – Clay Travis

Michael Pare Kris Kristofferson

Me (Clay Travis) and Kris Kristofferson (Billy) in TRADED directed by Timothy Woodward Jr.

Best Actor for 4GOT10

Hello All,
4GOT10 is the 5th movie I have done for Tim Woodward, Jr. And without question the best and favorite so far. I play a corrupted county sheriff who at the end of his career decides to end it dirty but, rich. I got a call from Tim asking if I ever wore a cowboy hat in a movie and he sent me the script and I fell in love with the role.
I hope you find it as fun to watch as it was to make.
I won Best Actor for the role at the Burbank International Film Festival this year too!
I have at least two more finished and soon to be released, Abattoir, directed by Darren Lynn Bousman and The Infiltrator directed by Brad Furman.
Michael Paré

Tim Woodward’s movie 4GOT10

Filming of Tim Woodward’s movie 4GOT10 started on February 3 Wednesday. I play Sheriff Dan Olsen. Machine guns, bombs, hot chicks, big action and intrigue. What a great script! I just love it. Tim Woodward is a very creative director.

My dear friend Natasha Malthe has joined the cast of this new action thriller, yahoo!


courtesy: 4GOT10

Working with Kurt Russell

I am working with Kurt Russell today! We first met at Joyce Selznick’s house a long long time ago, when Joyce brought me to Hollywood. It was great working with Kurt Russell on “Bone Tomahawk” a great western on the line of Lonesome Dove.

Kurt Russell, Michael Paré

On the set of BONE TOMAHAWK